How To Make Your Own High Efficiency Refrigerator

Solar panels hold a wealth of benefits, both for individuals and for the world at large. Solar heating panels stem from a great trend in modern renewable energy, using the sun to create power. Solar energy is clean, quiet, renewable and best of all, free. The conversion of sunlight to power is direct and effective in hotter climates, so why not take advantage of this great resource. For the majority of people who run a family home, it is possible to save around 15% on fuel bills by buying a high efficiency water heater. By purchasing a good quality unit, you may be able to save even more money as you may find that it will only use half the power of a standard water heating system.

However, in recent months, new innovations by DIY enthusiasts have managed to bring down the capital outlay for do-it-yourself solar panels. For less than $200, you can easily create a standalone power system using photovoltaic cells. Now, time and time again, I have seen and demonstrated that DIY home solar panel installations, especially smaller installations are ‘doable’ and satisfying – and give a great boost to the economic viability of your system. Thousands of companies need electrical energy and they are supposed to pay the one who can give energy to them. In fact, I did exactly this, and I got back the money I spent to set up my solar panel in less than 3 weeks, just by selling the surplus energy produced by my solar panel.

Lately, BP Company made some inspiring progress on its products. Its current development is in the form of multi crystalline technology or also known the string ribbon process. This evolution is believed to lower the cost of panels that are made from this substance at the same time retaining its high efficiency with the use of Silicon. Patented, twisted high efficiency blades and extremely efficient aerodynamics design optimize angle of attack all along blades at different wind speeds and create the highest lift to drag ratio, blades are made using the latest advanced thermoplastic engineering and precision injection molding technology.

Many consumers prefer a poly crystalline solar cell. This is because it’s both affordable and highly efficient. When it comes to durability, its lifespan is comparable to that of the expensive mono crystalline type. It is said that its benefits can be enjoyed for around 25 years, or sometimes even more. Solar Cell Efficiency in a Nutshell. This “Best Solar Panel For Home” System isn’t something that you go and buy in a store – you need to have one of these recommended guides that explain how to assemble Solar-Panels without having to be an expert. Choosing a guide is probably one of the most important actions you need to take; check what others say about it, does it provide clear information, videos, illustrations etc.? In any case, here are several tips & benefits that may help you to know more about this subject.

Now, new technological devices may be able to use the heat that the solar panels produce to create more green electricity. This new technology could possible make solar panels significantly more efficient. Where as photovoltaic technology is less effective at high temperatures, the new heat-conversion process is actually more effective at high temperatures. Even without the solar panels, this is a well-designed backpack with more than enough pockets for gear; ideal for a short camping trip or bicycling outing.

Reliability and long lasting are the main attributes of BP solar panels. They produce both polycrystalline and monocrystalline panels. Polycrystalline are cells that are composed of more than one crystal with smaller crystals. While monocrystalline panels are only made up of a single unbroken crystal. An easy way to save money for having a solar panel is to make it on your own as the needed components are easily available at affordable prices. That way you cab easily save forty to sixty percent of cost, as compared to prevailant commercial prices.

4. Integrated solar-wind hybrid power generation. This type of panels has lower Watts which can be used for smaller electric appliances. You can have the panels at 85-210 Watts at the cost range of $340-$690. Think about it, if there was a way to cut your electric bill in half or maybe even wipe it out completely, just by using the sun’s power, wouldn’t you want to know. When you learn how to easily build your own super-efficient solar panels the savings you will gain is unreal. If you had determined that you needed 10, 100Watt, solar panels to run your home, with the standard cells you could feasibly expect to build your panels with about $850 worth of cells. To build the same system in the with high-efficiency cells you’d still need 9 panels, and the cost of the cells would suddenly increase to about $3825.

The result: greater energy production yield for all wind speeds and lowest ownership cost. The CPV is one more example of the many practical applications that have space research. This technology is used for years in the panels of the satellites and spacecraft, where plates are required to obtain maximum solar energy in the minimum possible surface. United States (U.S.) was a pioneer in the creation of these cells, while from the 80’s decline was its drive to focus on the aerospace industry. The second type is the catalytic wood stove. Using catalytic combusters, not converters, the catalytic stove incinerates the smoke from the fire at lower temperatures. This type of secondary burning is more efficient than advanced combustion wood stoves. However, they are more expensive. The catalytic combusters break down due to wear and tear over time, which lowers the energy output; at least until the combuster is replaced.

Manufacturing costs can be reduced as a result of using a low temperature process similar to printing instead of the high temperature vacuum deposition process typically used to produce the first and second generation cells. Reduced installation costs are achieved by producing flexible rolls instead of rigid crystalline panels. Without getting into the different grades of solar cells, or talking about how you can save money by choosing grade B cells, let’s discuss how to correctly balance these two aspects of building a solar panel (or a number of them).

When it comes to choosing the right solar cells, my suggestion is always to stick with your standard polycrystalline cell. These types of cells are readily available on the do-it-yourself markets, and as far as efficiency is concerned most are rated at 16% – 20% efficiency. To translate that into a number that is more usable. A single 3″ x 6″ (80 mm by 150 mm) will produce 1.6 Watts to 2.0 Watts of power. 5) New retail solar cells are more expensive. You can get slightly defective new cells and even used ones. Don’t be scared off by terms like “defective” or “irregular”. These are often cosmetic flaws that haven’t passed the manufacturers standards and usually function just as well as any other new cells provided the defect is not too severe. Investigate and test before writing them off.

You can run your home solely on solar power and you will have no problems with black outs or late payments. You will have free electricity as long as the sun rises. Many people believe that you can only use solar power in the day which is untrue. When you generate electrify using solar panels you can easily store the electricity onto batteries to use later. You can even get solar powered lights that can power your solar panels at night. If you decide to build your own solar panels you will not only be saving thousands of dollars each year but you will be doing your bit toward the environment. Solar power is clean free and renewable while using this you will not be depleting the last of the earth’s natural recourse while frying your eggs.

Solar heating panels you will find are stationed on rooftops, as that is generally where direct sunlight hits. They have a grid like pattern on them, also known as solar cells, which are embedded on the dark surface. These solar cells convert sunlight to energy, to your home. You can reduce your home electricity bill if you make your own solar panels and use solar energy to power some of your home appliances. Thousands of people around the world build their own solar panel to reduce their home electricity consumption. You can approach your solar energy needs, two ways.


How To Get 2000 Kwh Per Month Using Solar Panels

Over the last couple of years solar power generators have become more and more popular due to our hard economical times. At present the average cost per watt produced by a prefabricated panels is in the region of $4.80. If you wish to produce 200 watts a day of energy, your entire system will cost you in the region of $980. 200 watts will not be sufficient to run an entire home, but will be able to reduce your electricity costs. Of course you will want to take advantage of tax rebates and cash incentives as well as local tax incentives in order to reduce your costs. The government are offering 30%, whilst some people in some areas are able to reduce their costs by up to 75%. If you are able to reduce your costs by an average of 40%, then your cost per watt will be around $2.88.

For example, a solar panel that outputs 100 Watts for two hours will produce 200 Watt-hours of energy. Isolation values are also tied to STC and are based on location. They can be found in data tables for most locations in the U.S. and the world. The actual number of Watt-hours a panel produces will very likely be less than this theoretical value due to many factors that affect the efficiencies of the system components. There are standard factors used to correct for real-world energy losses, but our present focus is the basic electrical principles.

If you are someone who is choosing to not go fully off-grid (which is perfectly reasonable by the way!) and you haven’t invested in any batteries to store the extra solar power, then some days you’ll be selling your solar energy to the utility company. In the U.S., by law electric companies have to pay you whatever rate you would pay them. On other days, you don’t produce enough solar power for homes and you may be buying energy from them. Either way, over the duration of a full year, you want to aim at having your energy bill end up around the zero mark. In other words, you want to have just the right amount of solar power panels, not too many and not to few.

Let’s have a cursory look at what panels are generally available and what they can do for us. Single solar panels (technically called ‘solar modules’) are available in power ratings from as little as one watt up to 200 watts and above. Whilst the former may cost just a few dollars, the 200 watt giant is likely to cost you over $1,000! Solar panels for home use almost always have charging voltages of 16-21 volts to charge 12 volt battery banks, and whilst a 5 watt panel will yield.40 of an amp of charge, a 200 watt giant will yield around 10 amps. This article is addressing the independent off-grid home owner and so 24 volt grid-connect panels are not discussed here.

Areas that are not connected to the power grid can benefit from an renewable energy source such as a homemade solar panel. You no longer need to use gas lamps or candles in your holiday house or cottage. People living in areas that are connected to the power grid will no longer have to pay for electricity thus you can generate your own 24 hours a day. Some areas in the U.S. are well known for frequent power outages and by using renewable energy sources you will no longer be affected by them. Whilst the solar energy will never run out you can benefit from it for decades to come and never worry about using excessive energy again.

A lot of DIY guides are available online for as low as $40, you just need to get one that has a great tech support and positive customer feedback. The DIY guide should not only contain basic information on how to build solar panels but detailed illustrated diagrams and videos to accompany you throughput your project. We’ve followed Earth4Energy which is in fact the most popular guide available at the moment, you even get information on how to get all the parts at the lowest cost or even get them for free.

To exemplify, let’s start by assuming you need a solar panel system that can generate 2000 kwh per month. From the beginning, you should know that 2000 kwh per month is a quite a lot of energy, and you would need an impressive solar system to provide it. Although we use this number just for the sake of the exemplification, in case you do consume 2000 kwh per month, our advice would be to take some energy reduction measures and to remain connected to the electricity grid, just in case the solar system cannot keep up with the demand.

Nominal Voltage: The nominal voltage of a panel could also be called the “conversational voltage.” When we talk about the voltage of the panels and the other components of the system, we’ll most often use the nominal voltage. Nominal voltage actually refers to the voltage of the battery that the module is best suited to charge; this is a leftover term from the days when solar panels were used only to charge batteries. The actual voltage output of the panel changes as lighting and temperature conditions change, so there’s never one specific voltage at which the panel operates. Nominal voltage allows us, at a glance, to make sure the panel is compatible with a given system.

Unfortunately, what comes up first are the websites making claims such as appear above. Now, I am quite certain that you, being the astute person that you are, will take these claims with a large grain of salt. Please do not misunderstand me in any way, I am not suggesting that you cannot make a solar panel, or that you cannot build a wind generator. Because, given the proper instruction and diligent study, you most assuredly can. All you need is common sense and some reasonable ability with standard tools and you will be able to handle the job.

In addition, you will also require a controller. The controller regulates the power stream from the panel to your batteries keeping your batteries charged yet stopping over charging. A number of controllers are easy but others have LED displays indicating the amount of charge etc. The more fancy features the more costly it will be. Your panel dealer will be able to suggest a controller that will satisfy your needs. I chose a controller developed by Specialty Concepts. It is straightforward but does the job. And the people at the company are a big help in aiding you to select the best model for your panel. When you get in touch with them, they will want to understand which size panel (wattage) you own and what the voltage is. Check them out at I also got my controller from the individuals at Sun Electronics in Miami.

To answer this question we need to know one thing: solar cells create energy saving substitute conventional energy. In other words, thanks to using solar power, one can save energy by electricity demand. In this way, you save not only energy, environment, but also your money. Green energy allows you to minimize your electricity bills. In one word, solar cells help to save energy and money by generating sunlight to electricity. This type of alternative energy is renewable and can be used in unlimited amount until sunlight and sunshine is over forever.

A February 2009 study by the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory of over 37,000 installs showed that although the costs have decreased dramatically over the past 10 years, the average cost works out to between $8 and $10 a watt installed. This means that a 3kw system for an average home will still cost you around $25,000. Granted the new solar tax credits and state incentives will take a good bite out of that but I am still at a loss as to why these systems are so expensive to begin with which puts them out of reach for a large part of the general public.

So, what is the truth about Earth 4 Energy? Does it add value? Yes, you can produce a renewable energy system for about 20% of the retail cost. But the truth lies in renewable energy itself. Renewable energy is just not that plentiful and cheap as fossil fuel. Most likely, you will end up spending the same or a little more for renewable energy than you will just buying power from the power company. So, unless you live in South Dakota or the “roaring 40s” donĀ“t buy Earth 4 Energy to save “loads of cash” on your power bill.

3 Solar Panel Battery Wiring Samples

The sun is the primary source of energy on Earth and sunlight can be converted directly into electricity using solar panels. Now this choice would be a no-brainer except for the fact that a solar panel system can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Many systems will set you back a cool $50,000 or more. Let’s imagine that you bought a solar panel with a certain maximum output voltage and certain amperage. Now you need to hook it up to a battery. All batteries have specific amp ratings. You will need to determine how many panels will charge your battery adequately. This is what most people think of when they think of solar power for their homes. Problem is, these panels are much more expensive due to the cost to produce them.

We will be searching for WHOLE solar cells, although you can save even more money if you use broken cells – depending on how damaged they are you can still use them, but with lower output. Your household appliances take alternating current. The energy stored in the battery needs to be converted from DC to AC when connecting your appliances. This is achieved via an inverter. A medium sized homemade system with 1KW output should be able to power your lights, TV, DVD Player & Computer. Your system is scalable so if you wish to power more appliances you can add more solar panels to increase the power output.

95% of all solar cells are made up of the semiconductor silicone (SI). As light hits the cells, the semiconductor absorbs the light and electrons on the semiconductor are excited creating an electrical reaction in the form of a DC charge. The DC current can then be used immediately or routed to batteries for storage. Materials: Several 6V or 12V single crystal silicon solar generating panels (10-50 blocks, according to the demand of the usage) Two 6V or 12V maintenance-free storage batteries One 220V inverter Above are all we need.

The time of year has a major effect on the amount of sunshine we receive, so winter lighting requirement tends to be the starting point for designing a system. Clam-shell chargers – clamshell chargers have their solar panels enclosed in folding cases to give protection to their solar cells and to make them easier to carry. They are very common and come in different sizes and voltages depending on the use they are intended for. They can be used with different mobile devices as they have different plugs and adaptors. Some can be plugged directly to electronic devices to charge their batteries while some are designed to charge batteries separately.

Inverter: Converts DC battery output to AC (alternating current) to power your appliances. Solar panels are great for running accessories while you’re at camp without draining your vehicle’s batteries. Their ability to provide power essentially comes down to the type of regulator they use, so spend a little extra on one with an MPPT (maximum power point tracking) regulator, as they work much more efficiently. If you’ve been RVing for any amount of time you are already aware that a good portion of the devices and accessories in your RV operate off of 12-volt DC power. 12-volt DC or Direct Current is electricity supplied by the RV batteries. DC electricity flows in one direction, from negative to positive. 12-VDC electricity is stored in the RV batteries and supplies power for components, devices and appliances that operate off of 12-volts.

Next thing you need to buy is a battery box which will get you a safe place to charge up your batteries. Then after that, you need to buy DC input model. This will help you to produce power. Battery – Depending on how much power you are producing you may have to use multiple batteries. The battery or batteries required will have to be deep cycle, such as a marine battery. It’s best to only drain your batteries to about 80% capacity before charging back up. This will keep the batteries alive for a longer time.

LED lights come in a myriad of different colours and you can even find strip lights that change from one colour to another. Because they’re so cheap to run, using LED lights around the home is a great way to provide enough light to get around and avoid having to walk into pitch black rooms, without having to fork out thousands on energy bills, which is what would happen if you kept your conventional bulbs on all the time. Monocrystalline solar cells are usually black and octagonal in shape. This type of solar cell is made of the highest and purest grade silicon which makes them expensive. But they are the most efficient of all types of solar cells and are almost always the choice of solar contractors when space is an important factor to consider in achieving the power they want to attain based on their solar system design.

Multiple solar panels can be wired together to generate enough power for the needed output. The most important factor when choosing the right panels is the semiconductor material. Crystalline panels produce power more efficiently and have a longer life span than other semiconductor materials. They should stock refrigeration equipment powered by solar or wind energy. The solar refrigeration equipment they offer can be used in homes and organizations like health centers located in areas where grid power is not available.

Watts are a measure of the power of a solar panel. This system is very flexible, you can increase the solar panels and batteries to obtain more energy, so that your computer, televisions, refrigerators and even air conditioning can be carried out through the solar energy. Solar lighting can be put to good use anywhere that the sun shines. The cost often compares very favourably with a new mains power connection or the installation of a generator, and in addition to this the power produced is totally silent and free.

The availability of 12V accessories is simply going nuts in the 4WD industry right now so plenty of people fit up a second or even third Adventure Kings AGM battery to keep up with the demand for amps from their camp lighting, fridges, winches and entertainment systems. Physical dimensions – The physical dimensions of a solar charger usually determine their efficiency. Size is a good indication of power output. After you do all this, you will require closing the lid of the battery box and for this you can use a bungee cord. This is how you can build your own solar generator. Now place the panel in the sun for about five to eight hours and your batteries will be charged up.

DIY Solar Panels

Over 4 million solar units were sold in 2007 and this was in a market where solar panels are expensive. Most people have two body types in combination, meaning their body reflects the characteristics of two distinct planets; for instance, Solar and Mercurial, or Martial and Jovian. You will have to decide, unless you get some channeling on it, which two planets influence you and which of those two is dominant. It usually only takes a few minutes reflection after you have read all of this material and processed it. We have included some links to pictures of some classic examples of each type to help you along.

Electricity is a little harder problem to overcome the avenue that I have chosen to overcome this problem is solar panels. They are expensive so I add one at a time to the roof when I can afford a new one and hope to eventually get enough to stop my meter or run it backwards. If you Google solar panels you will find a wealth of information about how they work. I chose this method over generators as I will eventually run out of fuel, they are noisy and you have to run them outside alerting your neighbors or other prying ears you do not want. Wind energy is not an option for me in my suburban setting however you may want to look into that as well. The first unit I recommend is a portable unit that does not hook into your home. It has its own battery pack in a self contained unit with one or two panels outside that you can position. This way I can power the basement refrigerator getting it of the grid and keep the unit charged while it pays for itself.

There are seven main body types. Less than 10% of the population is influenced by one of the three outer planets. We have listed them because they help explain the appearance and characteristics of some people even more precisely. An example would be the famous Russian monk, Rasputin. His Plutonian influence was revealed by his mesmerizing eyes, high forehead, and the fact that, while controversial, he still maintained a loyal following. We will discuss each body type and influence thoroughly using examples to eliminate confusion.

I was curious; why didn’t the third party websites I had reviewed for information about competing solar companies mention SunPower? Naturally I had to investigate further. Come to find out, SunPower is dominating the solar technology world because they have a superior technology and their design is patented, which keeps the other companies from being able to compete with them. Their panels are up to 50% more efficient. It made sense that the solar industry would shy away from promoting SunPower because SunPower has an upper hand on all the other companies to date. SunPower an American owned solar manufacturer with a 25 year warranty, deep pockets, and superior technology still had one draw back; it’s more expensive than Solar World.

As soon as sun hits the modules, they start generating electricity and the charging light on the cell phone glows green. There are no moving parts, no noise, and no mechanisms to wear out. The four topics we will discuss are: what defines each body type, what foods work best with each of them, what is the best way to use exercise or other healing techniques for each body type, and some hyperlinks to pictures of people that present good examples of what each of the body types looks like for your comparison to your own.

As previously stated, the photovoltaic cells have become much better at collecting power from the sun, even when the sun is not directly shining on it. More advanced systems have been developed that actually store more energy on the sunny days, for use later. Most packages available are easy to read, easy to follow, fully illustrated instructions to build and install your home power solar system and most internet packages explains the secrets to finding the inexpensive solar cells. When going for a portable solar generator there are a few things to consider. First should be the type, size of efficiency of the solar panels. Larger panels will be able to charge a battery quicker but they may be bulky too. You want your generator to be compatible in terms of size with the devices it will be powering. It should be easy to carry round on a belt or in a backpack.

In just under 20 years the cost of producing solar energy has been cut in half. A Solar Panel, the big panel with those black squares (photovoltaic cells) has been continually redesigned. Like most everything else, the size of the solar cell is shrinking as the energy efficiency increases. Thus each cell has become cheaper to produce but more productive. Berkeley, California is leading the way to enable it citizens to save electrical cost and meet environmental needs. Here is how their plan works. A property owner hires a city-approved solar installer, who determines the best solar system for the property, depending on energy use. Most residential solar panel systems in the city cost from $15,000 to $20,000.

2. Figure out the size of the solar panel you’d like to make, and that will vary on the solar cells you get. Your home would use solar energy just like it would use normal electricity. Instead of collecting electricity straight form the grid, it would collect electricity from your solar panel. The panels put energy into your house just like the traditional way, but it just doesn’t cost any money. Over the course of the next week, in my spare time, I put together my very own solar panels. The process was relatively painless for a DIY project and I recruited my youngest son, which made the process a breeze and a lot of fun. The guide was very informative, set out in a manual type of format, that included a lot of clearly drawn diagrams and photos as well as videos from the vendors site.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive equipment in order to make a homemade solar cell. The most you should be spending on materials is $200, if that. Sheet plywood, copper wire, pvc sheeting and plexiglass are the most important components to building your panel and can be easily obtained at your local hardware store. It’s easy to find a great solar energy provider in New Mexico with their New Mexico Solar Energy Association. This group actually allows you to view a solar installation and works much like the BBB of solar power.

Solar power is the answer, build your own solar panels, can’t be that hard and it isn’t. In any kit, you will get complete assembly instructions so that you can easily build your panels. You can do this work yourself, or you can also hire a professional electrician to advise on the electrics. The effort required to assemble one solar panel kit will leave you greatly impressed with how easy it is and encourage you to build many more. By generating your own solar energy we are producing less toxic fumes and using fewer chemicals that are the by-products of the energy sources we use today. Solar energy generators and small solar panels need very little maintenance to keep them working in peak condition for many years.

It is very easy to market your solar panels to a hungry and growing client base. Start by promoting them to your family and friends and neighbours. Where possible ask to put up a sign on the gate of properties where you have solar panels installed. Advertise in your local classifieds and remember to include information on tax rebates as well as maintenance plans. Its reasonable simple to buy photovoltaic cells and connect them together in a housing to make a solar panel. These systems are a big investment with an expected life span of 30 years minimum so make sure that you do your home work and buy a quality system. And don’t be fooled into believing that ‘only a few specialist companies’ make panels’ as some salesmen will have you believe. As the saying goes, ‘Buy cheap, but twice’.

Solar cookers: You may not have heard of a solar cooker, but it’s actually the most common implementation of solar power. You can think of it as a slow cooker powered by the sun. It’s much more flexible though: you can bake, boil, or roast with the solar cooker. They aren’t expensive at all, just nested cardboard boxes. A small box will cook for a family of five with no fuel other than the sunshine and no smoke or emissions. A light-weight version could be used, perhaps make a Frizbee, and as you play with it, it gains energy, and then you plug it in to charge up you iPad? Ha ha ha, don’t laugh, people would buy it. Okay so, maybe this is how ideas and new concepts are born, just discussing technologies, challenges, and ways around them.

Solar energy is the suns energy. Believe it or not, the suns rays have the ability to create energy that can be used for everyday tasks. Obviously, some special technology, mostly solar panels, have to be used, but once that is taken care of, the process is actually pretty simple. It is also worth noting that if we harnessed only a fraction of the amount of solar energy that hits the earth everyday, we would be able to meet all the worlds power needs, and still have lots in reserve. 2. Generate solar power by activating the solar cells from the sunlight.

Panels use solar cells. Now, you may be thinking “what is a solar cell”? It is a collector that helps turn sunlight into electricity. There are many kinds of solar energy systems made up of many cells. There is a car that runs off of panels as well as panels on solar lights. Whenever farmers build an electric fence, they use solar panels to keep the wire hot. In the phrase “keep the wire hot”, I mean keep electricity going through the wire. 1. Find the type of frame you want to use. Usually DIY’ers use wood, either pressure treated or marine grade wood. Also go ahead and build a template for your solar cells to align evenly, and use your tile spacers.

Primarily single crystal, high purity silicon has been used to generate photon to electricity conversion. The manufacturing techniques for single crystal silicon and limited quantities of pure silicon impose a high cost for PV devices. Shortages of refined silicon have been hampering production worldwide since late 2004. This shortage persists to this date and has slowed PV growth. New materials are starting to come forward which should lower the PV materials hurdle. Montblanc is clever to launch an online marketing campaign to instantly connect people to their brand. This app is called Montblanc Worldsecond; with this app you can upload your travel picture to the site. You can even apply 4 filters that are similar to Instagram and even share it on your social media account like Google+, Twitter or Facebook.


Types Of Solar Power Systems For Private Or Commercial Use

Solar panel installation and photovoltaic systems have become the new buzzwords for electricity in your home. As these dirty energy resources become more costly, so follows the delivered price of electricity jumping by 70 percent in the last six years in New Jersey and many other states. All analysts expect continued increases in electricity costs. The best part however isn’t even that you’ll save a ton of money, or have fun building your DIY power system (although it is fun!) but rather that you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment. Building your own energy system and getting free and green electricity is something you can be really proud of.

Kyocera also help you protect your investment in their products by offering several warranties on their panels. First, they offer a standard 1-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, which almost every manufacturer offers. They also offer a two-stage warranty on the output power of the Kyocera solar panel products, which is fairly unique in the industry. There is no need to change anything in the business. The power supplied will be consistent with the normal power needs of any commercial venture. You can make the choice of how much energy you need for to run your business. Depending on this, you choose the size of the battery pack for your solar power grid.

Our sun provides the entire planet with a huge amount of solar energy in the form of light and heat. It is essentially free and can be collected easily to help you reduce your power bills. Sun Run, one of the first PPA-based residential distributed power companies in California, offers a standard agreement providing electricity at 13.5 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for 18 years, according to Nat Kreamer, Sun Run’s CEO. “If you do a 30-year look-back, residential electricity rates in California have risen an average of 6.7 percent per year,” he says. They offer various up-front payment options, so that an increased payment would result in delivered electricity decreases.

It has its 2 new manufacturing plants of BP solar panels, one of which is located in Madrid, the company’s European headquarter, while the second one is at Tata BP Solar, its joint venture facility in Bangalore, India. During the Madrid expansion, BP Solar aims to expand the yearly capacity of its BP solar panels from 55 megawatts to around 3000 megawatts. On the other hand, the Bangalore expansion has added another 300 megawatts to the company’s total annual cell capacity. 2. Figure out the size of the solar panel you’d like to make, and that will vary on the solar cells you get.

They have the power to provide electricity that is clean without making any kind of noise for twenty five to forty years. Majority of solar panels has a manufacturer warranty which ranges from 10- 30 years. Last year, half of all the commercial solar installs in the US were PPAs, and this year that number is running between 60 and 80 percent, according to Jon Guice, researcher at AltaTerra, in Palo Alto, CA, a green energy consultancy group. The international solar power industry provides solar panels or cells which have the ability to convert the sun’s energy into electricity. The concept was initiated by concerns about energy security as well as global warming. Through years of researches, it has greatly improved and advanced the technology of photovoltaic industry thus reducing its prices and at the same time, increasing the market demand by about 25% every year.

As the price of solar energy decreases, Europe has had a much higher demand for solar power than anywhere else in the world. Germany alone orders double the amount of solar panels sold in the U.S. ever year. Better yet, there’s a bigger market for commercial solar power in Europe than in the U.S. Many European universities and campuses have rebuilt their dorms to run off solar energy. Most water heaters in Europe are solar-powered, even if the home doesn’t have a full solar panel system. However, what many people don’t realize is that as solar technology has advanced, it has become easier and cheaper to build solar panels. For under $200 almost anyone can build a solar panel using everyday tools and parts obtained at any local hardware store. In addition, with the knowledge of a simple process to join broken cells, the cost can be reduced to under $70! That’s almost 80% off the commercial cost.

The opposite is true for solar panels that are connected in a parallel. When hooked up in a parallel, it’s the amperage that increases per panel and the volts that stay unaffected. When panels are wired in a parallel, the positive ends are hooked up to the positive ends and the negative ends are hooked up to the negative ends. Those same three solar panels from the previous example are hooked up in a parallel then the entire system would have 10.5 amps and 12 volts. Before you set out to make a small solar panel system, you will first have to acquire one of the many do-it-yourself alternative energy guides that are being sold online. These guides are reasonably priced and will instruct you in a step-by-step format on how you can build your own portable solar generator. Most alternative energy guides are often quite easy to follow so that even a complete novice will have no trouble at all building their own solar panel system.

The Feed in Tariff is a scheme to encourage investment in renewable electricity which produces a lower carbon footprint and they will be paid for electricity generated. New technology has also allowed some films to not only block light, but actually produce energy. These new films contain ultra-thin photovoltaics which generate electricity during daytime hours. Depending on the geographic location of the building, the payback on this investment can range from six months to three years. In addition to that, the production of BP solar panels makes extensive use of recycled materials. As a matter of fact, it uses waste from other industries as its raw material. Also, these panels can regenerate the energy consumed on its manufacturing process in 1 to 4 years, depending on the location and application.

Eventually, as people become more experienced with solar power they will move towards a completely stand alone system. That is an off the grid system. They will become completely self sufficient for energy needs. Of course this requires more management by the individual and more responsibility but it is cheaper than using grid power and more environmentally friendly. Waterproofing – aside from roof installation, another service you can avail from a roofing company is waterproofing. It is applying a kind of coating to concrete walkways, decks or garages. This system provides an alternative way for flooring and surface restoration for both new and existing concrete surfaces. Waterproofing, when applied to damaged concrete surfaces, make them look like new while the cost is minimal.

Residential solar energy has many uses. You can light your walkways and garden paths with beautiful lights. You can light your porch or garage with motion sensors to protect your home. Residential solar lighting comes in a variety of styles and colors to match your decor and bring elegance to your lighting needs. Once your system is installed and running there are virtually no running costs and they will help reduce your dependence on the electricity company every day they operate. Of course, we only have sunshine during the day and sometimes that is not so strong due to cloud cover.

Before you decide on solar energy methods and call the domestic solar panel installers you need to discuss your plans with local authorities to find out the rules and regulations in your residential locality. There is however a drive to encourage use of solar energy by local planners by the National planning guidance authorities. Here’s what you need to do first, take a walk around your house and identify the perfect place to put your home made solar panels. It can be on the roof where it will harvest maximum sunlight or may be in the backyard where there is enough sunlight and banish the need to climb on the roof.

We have just recently experienced a global financial crisis that is why majority of the households are reluctant on spending too much money on purchasing anything may it be a new gadget or a home equipment. Knowing that solar energy system is sun powered, you get to save a huge deal of money and lower the cost of electricity bill. Who wouldn’t want to pay less for electricity bills right? All you need to get your home solar energy system to start working are the solar panels. Flat roofs are probably the most popular of all commercial roof systems and the most common choices are PVC, TPO and EPDM. These are all economical yet durable solutions and come with a warranty from 10-30 years depending on the type you choose. However, with proper preventative maintenance and general roof repairs, that warranty period can last far beyond the original expectancy.

If you are one of the numerous companies that is going the “green” route then choosing a solar roofing system may be just the option you have been looking for. Typical choices for solar roofs are Solyndra, Thin Film Laminates and Crystalline and each boast their own benefits but all come with warranties of up to 25 years. Now first off, solar power can be expensive – especially commercial solar arrays. It’s expensive to manufacture these and complicated engineering procedures are required. There are also very few companies that produce solar technology and this means there is less competition. As such, the cost of solar power technology is much higher because this.

“Wall Street has shown us that the full forces of American innovation are ready to be deployed to meet our energy challenges. If government leaders can provide a stable long-term climate for investment, the renewable energy sector will see unprecedented growth, providing extensive economic opportunities and environmental benefits,” said John Geesman, Co-Chair of the ACORE Board of Directors and former Calif. Secretary of Energy. The complete cost to make a small solar panel system is fairly cheap; especially if you already have some of the required parts around your home. The other components can be purchased at electrical and hardware stores. Buying all the components should cost you less than $200, which is a bargain, when taking into consideration that commercial portable solar panel systems are being sold for hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Well of course the primary reason is to save money. As you know, a commercial solar power system will cost in excess of $3000 and a simple wind power system will set you back at least $1000. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the benefits of a system like that at a fraction of the cost? Well now you can – you can build a DIY solar system for less than $200 and you’ll make your investment back very quickly in the savings you’ll make on your electricity bill. There has been considerable advancement in the available technology and also new designs of “do-it-yourself” systems make it much easier for people to take advantage of this technology.


A Solar Landscape Light

I used to be 1st introduced to solar energy within the movie, Race the Sun with James Belushi and Halley Berry in the lead. Outdoor landscape lighting comes in many forms with numerous uses. Primarily, you have a choice in the type of lighting you select and in many cases you can use a combination of both. For a bright constant glow you may choose low-voltage electrical landscape lighting. Although these lights are brighter they also come with a cost as monthly electrical bills will be impacted by this style of lighting. Furthermore, installing an electrical landscape lighting system is more complicated, requires various components, and offers less flexibility when comparable outside solar garden lights. The low voltage systems also depend upon an external electrical source.

Accent lights are a great landscape accessory as they provide a simple glow to your landscape features. They are designed to provide a low level illumination not as a safety feature. With this lower output, accent lights often last longer than other styles of solar landscape lighting. Also these lights can often operate for multiple nights on a single day’s charge. Another bonus for these accent lights is their ability to charge even on cloudy days or in areas partially covered by shade. Another element to consider is the color or shade of the accent light’s LED.

One such product which offers to do just that comes with a fairly generic name, basically a Solar Pathway Light. A rather basic name it’s true, but the technology behind this product helps to elevate it above the usual assortment of pathway lights. The product comes in a set of six lights, which makes sense given that the idea is to illuminate an entire path, and not just one fixed point. In fact, the six lights are probably more of a starting point, since six lights probably won’t be enough to cover one side of a path, much less both sides.

Like solar patio lighting, solar-powered drive way lights come in many different styles and designs. Some look like light markers that are typically affixed on sticks or rods, which are commonly installed on the ground. Meanwhile, there are also driveway lights that sit on top of driveway pavers, or embedded on them. The addition of these outdoor lighting will not only help you to boost home security but they can also help to enhance the curb appeal of your outdoor space. Solar-powered drive way lights can be the perfect complement to your garden landscape.

Solar LED lighting uses several different components in order to function. There is the solar panel, the battery, and the bulb. During the day, the solar panel collects sunlight. That is why it is important to place solar LED lights somewhere where they will receive direct sunlight. The longer they are in the sun, the better. The next most important part of a solar LED light is the battery. Some of these are common and can easily be replaced, but some are slightly more obscure and can therefore be costly to replace. These are what hold the charge that is accumulated by the solar panel. The bulb is the icing on the cake when it comes to these lights.

One of the most common problems is that you will find your light might be working aka shining light during the day when it shouldn’t be. This just means that an internal functioning part is malfunctioning. The LDR (light Dependant Resistor) is malfunctioning or broken. The function of the LDR is to sense when the sun is setting and when the sun is coming up. The LDR tells the interior components of the light fixture when to begin storing light energy from the sun (during the day) and when to begin giving off solar light at night. When this particular part isn’t working, try drying off the LDR because it may have gotten wet during a rain and if that does not work then it needs to be replaced. Don’t worry, they are cheap.

Not bad for a completely eco-friendly light that is free to operate. Many of these solar spotlights are flexible with multiple display or mounting options and should include the necessary hardware for all available options. Also the solar panel can be adjusted or mounted separately so the light may shine in any direction. With this application the solar panel can be mounted where sunlight is constant while the light fixture can be mounted where the light is needed after the sun sets. The spotlights are usually very durable with the most heavily constructed fixtures.

You also have different options in styles of solar garden lights. Whether you would like to have a hanging solar lamp, a solar flood light above your garage, or even a solar security light that detects motion, there are options that can meet your needs. Solar post lights can be used to line a driveway or garden path to make your yard safer for nighttime use. Solar garden lights are available in a number of different wattages and sizes, so you can choose just what you need for your project. Most solar lights use LEDs, which are tiny but emit a strong light. They also take little energy to power, so your solar powered battery will last longer at night.

Solar powered garden lights come in a number of different styles and sizes, and can be used just about anywhere that they’ll get enough sun. People use them for deck, stair, and fence lighting where safety may be a problem, to provide ambience, and to help guide people along walkways. Solar garden lights also work well to highlight elements of your landscaping, such an attractive plant arrangement, sculpture, or prized architectural feature. Solar lights can also be used to help you see what you’re doing in outdoor living spaces, like kitchens and party rooms. There are even floating solar lights for pools that let you swim longer.

Remember that prices of basic commodities are continuously rising not to mention the elevating cost of electricity. That in mind, you certainly would want to cut down your house expenses to properly manage your due finances. With the aid of solar-powered drive way lights, you can easily achieve your money-saving goals. The use of such kind of outdoor lighting is absolutely an essential part of an effective house security plan. With solar drive way lighting in place, you will never have to worry about visibility concerns especially when you park your car in the garage at night.

A solar panel is the mechanism that captures the rays of the sun and converts it to usable electrical power for the solar fixture. A solar panel can be built into the solar landscape light or it can be housed externally and connected to the solar fixture with a small strand of wire. An external solar panel allows he homeowner to position the panel in direct sunlight while positioning the solar fixture in a shaded area. Deciding which type to use is dependent on whether the fixture will receive the necessary sunlight during the day. If the fixture is being used in an area that is shaded during the day, an external panel should be used. If the fixture is fully exposed to the sunshine throughout the day, a built-in solar panel will be a good choice.

This solar light is also described as being able to provide twelve hours of super bright illumination. Now, this can work both ways. The fact that its light can be quite bright can be a plus because at least there won’t be any worry that the device might not be able to adequately illuminate the path in question. One of the key things that such a product must be able to do is ensure enough visibility for those persons using the path. That said, there can be such a thing as too much visibility, when a homeowner is trying to create a certain mood or atmosphere. A solar light with a really bright light might make the area much too bright, or too harshly lit, and any attempt to create a romantic or relaxed environment will be unsuccessful.

In many cases driveway solar lights and other solar powered pathway lights are mounted onto a ground stake that’s easily tapped into the ground. The driveway solar light fixture is then mounted on top of the stake and secured with a twist or snapping mechanism. Other outdoor solar lights can be mounted directly on top of the ground along curbing, on steps and stairs, and on other solid structures such as fences or posts. Typically, all mounting hardware for these various applications are included with the light fixture.

The product is described as having a durable construction, which is important for something which will be installed outdoors, out under the elements. A pathway light will have to be able to stand up to such things as rain, heat, maybe even hail or snow or flooding. In addition to that, the durable construction will come in handy in the event that someone does walk off the path anyway, and either steps on or accidentally kicks the device. Then there is also the possibility of pets messing around with it, so again being able to take hard knocks is important for this type of device.


Solar And Wind Power Or Energy In The Eastern Africa Region

Utilizing a solar panel battery charger is a great approach to not just lower your expenses in your electricity bill, but in addition to assist environmental surroundings. There are several sources of alternative energy in East Africa. But we are going to concentrate on only two of them for now; solar and wind. We are going to concentrate on these two because they are the most available and easily installable here. The Eastern Africa region, as I said earlier is mostly arid or semi arid. The equator also passes right through the Eastern Africa region. The two facts I’ve mentioned above makes the area to experience sunlight throughout the year. The place also has large flat areas and highlands which make it an ideal place for wind power projects.

The Eastern Africa region has very many companies that supply solar and wind power solutions. When looking for a good company to install a solar or wind power system for you, you need to consider a number of factors. Most of the registered renewable energy companies here are merely briefcase entities without proven track records. Therefore you need to make sure you avoid them so that you don’t invest your money in a company that will not give you services worth your money. So, I advice you to invest your money in a an established company with a proven track record.

Make sure the company is all rounded, it must be able to supply virtually all solar and wind power solutions. The company must also have a lot of experience, spanning many years in all fields of solar and wind power solutions provision. It must also be a company that has a very wide client base spanning the whole of the region, meaning that the company’s solutions are acceptable to most people in Eastern Africa. These clients must include Individuals, Businesses, Learning Institutions, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), governments etc The Company’s products and services must also be of very high quality and very competitively priced, leading to their high number of loyal clients from the whole of the region.

The company should be able to provide a full range of power backup systems that can be used to power critical loads and supply clean uninterrupted power to any home or office. These systems are based on battery-based storage systems. Besides being compatible with grid power, these systems should also be compatible with alternative energy like wind, solar, hydro, or even a generator. These systems will provide instant backup power in the event your utility grid fails. This humane animal deterrent simply and effectively chases animals out of your pond or garden with water. This motion activated animal deterrent operates for months on a single 9v battery. It features adjustable spray distance, arc, and sensitivity. The unit covers approximately 1200 sq. foot.

You may be saying “9 volt is still useless”. And in this example you are right. It may not be enough to charge a 12v battery successfully. But in home systems particularly as well as 24v and higher voltage systems 2 or more panels are linked up to make a “WWWWWW” shape. Now if one of the sections is covered the voltage drop is low as a percentage of the total. The company must have a wide selection of alternative energy powered commercial and industrial systems. I will list a few of them here that are most popular.

The unavailability of the power grid in most rural areas implies that the electrical energy must be produced locally. The company should be able to advice their clients to produce the electricity using solar cells (photo-voltaic systems), which are by far the most universally applicable, and which they should therefore stock. Solar battery enclosures are manufactured from durable, light-weight substances having a reduced heat-transmittance. These types of enclosures guard the batteries against weather conditions, overheating, and robbery. Solar Batteries are a great way to keep solar power and employ it once the sun is not shining. Such as in the evening, on gloomy days as well as on rainy days. Solar batteries, however, are deep cycle batteries.

The two main uses of solar panels are to produce electricity and heat water. Solar panels designed to heat water are also known as thermal solar systems, while electricity-producing panels are sometimes called photovoltaic systems. The company should be able to stock all of the popular types of solar panels. Solar hot water systems use the sun’s energy to heat water in liquid-based solar collectors. A typical residential solar water-heating system minimizes the expense of electricity or fossil fuel to heat the water and reduces the associated negative environmental impacts. They sell two types of solar water heating systems, active and passive, but the most commonly bought are active systems. The company should be able to tell you this.

Most of the solar and wind power solutions sought by clients in the Eastern Africa region are divided in four sections; Services, Commercial and Industrial Systems, Residential Systems and Consumer Products. Used properly, solar energy can offer for all of the necessities effortlessly enough, although the larger the system you’ll need, the more expensive it may be. The same holds true when purchasing a solar panel battery charger. Due to the unavailability of utility power, and the very high proliferation of mobile phones, a reputable alternative power company should be able to sell solar powered mobile phone chargers. These chargers are charged using solar panels and besides your mobile phone it can be used to charge your PDA, MP3, IPOD, CD player, gaming device and digital cameras.

The company should be able to provide solar or wind systems for provision of highly reliable remote power for distributed telecommunication applications. They should supply solutions that provide a competitive alternative to pure diesel systems that are increasingly under cost pressures due to rising fossil fuel costs, frequent servicing requirements and problems associated with increasing carbon emissions. Its highly recommended that any Solar or Wind Power System installation be done by qualified technicians. Your chosen company must have qualified personnel who carry out the installation of Solar Power Systems. These technicians must have a lot of experience in solar and wind power systems installation as a result of carrying out the same work for a long period of time in virtually all areas of the Eastern Africa region.

These alternative sources of energy allow rural folk or organizations to access power where grid power is not available. They also supply backup power to individuals and organizations when grid power fails. Solar batteries are an important part of an off power grid solar system or converting your grid tied system into a solar power system along with battery backup. Solar batteries differ greatly from the kinds you choose in the nearby store. Also known as deep cycle batteries, solar batteries have been developed specifically to provide a charge after which maintain that charge for a long period, often for hours.

The company should be a leading supplier of wind power systems that let utility companies, homeowners and businesses generate their own clean power. Their turbines should also be suitable for use in off-grid homes, for rural electrification, and to boost the performance of solar electric systems. Wind power can be an excellent complement to a solar power system. In most locations wind is not suitable as the only source of power-it simply fills in the gaps left by solar power. In this region, a reputable alternative power company must have in its stock solar lanterns. This is because they are in high demand due the unavailability of grid power in most areas. Their solar lantern should consist of a solar panel that collects solar energy & stores it in the batteries. The lantern can be used in the evening to light homes.

This involves designing cost effective solar or wind power systems, which provide high rates of return. Their systems must be economical and designed to output maximum power at the least cost possible. They must be known to design systems that maximize the economics in all locations. Their designs must use innovative and practical approaches to utilize the many sunny and windy hours found in this part of the globe which are experienced daily all year round. Charging time: varies according to the power source. Usually, if the battery is totally drained, anticipate this to take for a longer time to fully charge if you use the Solar Charger. Charge your gadgets as you talk, surf, trek, or even camp.


Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

This strategy can help you get free solar panels. The advancement of technology has allowed for smaller and stronger cells for solar yard lighting. Many people complained that the older style was not very strong or bright; however, the features, styles and light output of the new ones have people considering trying the new styles out now. One reason for the improvement is the change from incandescent bulbs to LED, fluorescent and halogen bulbs, which are all brighter. Solar garden lights can be purchased in a wide variety of designs. You may like the familiar path markers which are wonderful for lighting your way along a path through the garden. You might also install illuminated fence post caps to delineate a border railing.

Solar security lights will not be decorative because that isn’t what they were designed for. If you are looking for decorative solar lights then there are many other options. The other options will give you a beautiful view but will not be as strong nor as bright as security lights. The solar water disinfection or SODIS involves exposing water-stuffed plastic polyethylene terephthalate or PET bottles. This process takes a very long time, since the exposure time varies on the weather conditions. It requires a minimum of six hours to two days during days with overcast conditions. Currently, there are two million folks in developing centuries use SODIS for his or her daily drinking water needs.

Using CFL’s and more natural lighting methods is guaranteed to save energy. Because solar lights create a softer and dimmer light than conventional lights they are perfect to provide subtle illumination surrounding a deck or patio, or around a garden bench. They are particularly good for using in a pond, and several designs of floating sphere lights are available to give interest and color. It is possible to either buy lights in sets of assorted colors or lights that continually vary the color in use.

Make sure to keep an eye on the lights in your lamps after a bright day where it has received a large amount of light. After a day like this the batteries should be full and they should be very bright. If they look dim then you need to examine the batteries and see if they need to be replaced. These are relatively inexpensive. b. Reduce outdoor lighting loads by using solar powered path lighting and super bright solar lamps. Today solar security lights can cover up to 900 square feet, offering a 180 degree radius. Many of the light units come with a double receptacle allowing for easy directional adjustments. The new LED or halogen bulbs offer a bright light that is comparable to any electric flood light.

The brightness of your solar powered landscape lighting is an important consideration in selection and placement in your yard. Bright LED lights are the efficient choice for solar light bulbs, but halogen and fluorescent bulbs are also available. LED lights are commonly seen on walkways and in gardens to accent features, but are used anywhere a bright light is needed. What a concept, one that’s been right above us this entire time – taking a natural renewable resource such as the sun and using it to power worldwide human interactions and lifestyles. It just makes too much sense, seems too easy. Too convenient, perhaps? But, it really isn’t – solar energy is simply smart.

This is the first generation. Although they generate a strong illumination, these solar powered lights consume quite a lot of power. This impacts the operation time, therefore they need to have bigger battery capacity and larger solar panels. In spite of its cloudy climate, though, Germany is by far the world’s biggest user of solar panels. If you lived in Germany, you could sell back to the main power grid all of the excess electricity produced by your solar panels. Why would I even care in such a cloudy climate? If clouds affect my solar panels too much, I would not worry about selling back to the main grid.

This solar cell is then wired to the AA sized NiCad battery, which is essentially same as the rechargeable batteries used in cameras. A diode placed in between the battery and the solar cell prevents the current from flowing back to the solar cell in the solar outdoor lighting equipment. During the day time, the battery is charged by the sunlight falling on the solar cell array placed on the top. The battery reaches its maximum charge during the day. Photovoltaic cells used to convert daylight into electricity uses silicon and even produce some waste materials. There also are large solar thermal farms and these farms can additionally be harmful to the atmosphere and desert ecosystems if not properly managed.

If you require lighting for security purposes then the best option is a combination LED and halogen style. When night comes, an electric eye will automatically switch on an accent LED. If motion is detected within twenty feet of the light, a bright halogen light turns on for three minutes to frighten off any intruders. If you are a camper then you can find lanterns and flashlights with similar solar technology are available. There are many advantages of using solar powered lights. They are easy to install and will not require you to hire an electrician or to lay electrical wires. From the fact that solar powered lights utilize energy from the sun and operate on low voltage, they can be considered safe. Outdoor solar lights can be used in places that present danger when walking in the dark. Not only they are safe, they also create a beautiful ambiance at night.

The places that you can install this type of lighting in your house are unlimited. You can use it in your living room, artwork exhibits, and private office and even in your garden. This is also suitable if you have limited electrical outlet in your house. The ability of this track lighting to provide magnificent accent and illumination is absolutely perfect. This also comes with different stylish colors, light width and designs. It can support any kind of light fixtures. You can also try combining track lighting with pendant lighting and see the difference in terms of style.

This simple cleaning should be done at the end and beginning of each season. Take the lights down and use a soft cloth to wipe down the solar panels. While you are cleaning them make sure that they are still in good condition and not broken in anyway. Solar lights are ideal for gardens and ponds since you don’t need other electricity sources, no trailing wires or necessity to provide electricity to the garden, with the necessity of burying wires under the garden or driveway and the threat of being electrocuted.

Spotlights are the brightest category of solar lights and are most often the most expensive. They are made to supply a bright beam of light on your home or landscape features. Although they are brighter and more intense than the other solar lights, they certainly are not as strong as an electric flood light. Top-quality solar lights with strong LEDs can produce a beam comparable to a 40-watt incandescent spotlight. LED technology continues to mature at a rapid rate. The lumen output of LED lights has practically doubled in the past 2 years alone.

This is an opportunity for Entrepreneurs who by learning to fit a 200 US$ solar panel, could offer this publicly, and start their own business, both providing and fitting solar panels. Currently many people are waiting for the “Green” economic revolution to happen, often clinging onto the hope the old pre-crash economic system will return. This false hope, fuelled by Government ‘stimulus” packages and positive speeches from the Federal reserve, is not going to bring the old economy back. One of the popular uses solar led lights is lighting up the exterior of our homes. All LED lights have to do is gather the solar energy all day and have them stored in their solar batteries. Fully charged ones can actually power up the lighting for a maximum of 10 hours. To really optimize the charging capacity of the batteries, just make sure that the solar led lights are totally exposed to the rays of the sun at the longest time.

Wattage measures power consumption, not brightness. In fact, the higher the wattage, the more heat the light produces. Because LEDs have low wattage, they produce almost no heat, as compared with an incandescent bulb which produces more heat than light. These things work just like new garden lights. A string is attached to the controller board that has solar cells, a battery and a sensor. The cell is charged by the energy of sun that it receives during the day time. Now let me tell you about some important things about these lights.

At 430 light years away, this star is still bright in the sky, meaning that it’s super bright up close. This makes perfect sense considering the fact that Betelgeuse is a Supergiant. This mega bright star produces as much light as 55,000 suns! It was also the first star to have its surface imaged, thanks to the Hubble Telescope in 1996. This star is double the size and seven times the brightness of our sun. Residing in the constellation Canis Minor (Little Dog), this star is actually less bright than many of the stars on this list. Yet, it is very close to Earth, about 11.4 light years away, making it appear much brighter than those farther out in space. Procyon is starting to die and is converting its hydrogen into helium and is currently one of the largest stars within 20 light years of Earth.

In full, bright sunlight, solar panels receive maximum levels of light. During those “peak” sunlight hours, your solar panels will produce power at their maximum capacity. As there are different types of solar photovoltaic panel roofing systems available, there are also different types of installation methods, such as a grid-tied system, which offers the ability to have more solar photovoltaic panels added at a later date. Because there are no wires to run from the breaker box, installation of the security lights does not require a qualified electrician. These lights can be mounted at your front entrance, as a garage light, back patio area, the mail box, drive way, pool light and the side of the house.


3 Ways To Harvest Solar Energy

As far as the world going green, it might not ever quite be a global event. Third, one could ask why the home owner has to pay for the energy assessment of their home which is required for a home owner to participate in the ecoENERGY Retrofit program? The cost of the two assessments approximates $450 in total (reduced in some provinces where the Provincial government rebates part of the initial audit fee), which is less than much of the energy efficiency grant money available. Personally, I would rather see a story on the backlog of homeowners waiting for their home energy assessment than to see less than 1% participation.

Wind energy-Energy that comes from the wind is used to power generators that produce electricity. Wind power has been used for many centuries. Probably one of the simplest uses is to power boats by the use of a sail. Man found by using material shaped to catch the wind he could push along ships with preciseness. This is how Christopher Columbus found the new world. Wind mills have been used by farmers to power pumps to water their crops. Today we use the wind to power wind farms that can produce enough electricity to power hundreds of homes.

Solar power for home is being adopted more and more by people who are not only environmentalist, but also want to cut spending on utilities. It’s no longer expensive and unattainable by the average household to have solar power due to the technology advancement and the commercialization of equipments used in a solar energy system. When you look at the benefits of going solar and how easy it is to install one in your home, I am sure you’ll go for it. In my opinion all homes should be built with solar power in mind. It adds to the beauty of the home.

It’s also not just about using alternative energy power systems in your home. There are many other ways you can cut down on global warming at home. Recycling is probably one of the other biggest ways you can reduce your carbon impact on the Planet. Recycling aluminum, glass and plastic make it easier to reproduce more, and it can save half of the energy needed to make these from scratch. Recycling paper reduces the amount of trees being cut down for paper products, and allows them to do their job, removing harmful carbon dioxide from the air, and producing oxygen.

Mr. Bryce writes as if our fossil fuel supplies will last forever and as if there are no environmental problems with their use. His plan for alternate energy is for the United States to continue going green by simply allowing engineers and entrepreneurs to do what they do best: make products that are faster, cheaper and more efficient than the ones they made the year before. I could almost agree with that if we subsidize all energy sources at the same level and charge each source fairly for the pollution it produces. Our energy needs will best be served by a mixture of traditional and alternate energy sources and we should not let Mr. Bryce’s opinions keep us from developing the alternate sources.

Since solar power is a renewable resource, you can go green by using it to fuel your house. Keep in mind that this is made possible by installing solar panels on your roof because the panels are the only way to capture the sun’s energy and turn it into fuel. Converting your house to solar power not only makes you save money, but it actually makes you generate extra money! This happens because the panels capture more energy than you actually need, so the power company ends up paying you for doing their job for them.

Today it is a relatively simple process to start to convert to green energy. Solar Energy is becoming more and more prevalent in this day and age. Home solar systems are easier to install, they no longer take up as much space as they did before, and they are easy to maintain. Solar energy can be used to produce electricity and heat and store water for home use. Solar panels are readily available all over the world and they are easily installed by a solar professional. There are also opportunities to build your own panels and heated water systems that can be cheap for the homeowner.

Geothermal energy-Another type energy that has been around for many centuries is geothermal. Some examples of early uses of geothermal could be a simple fruit cellar where fruits and vegetables are stored because the ground temperature remains a constant below ten feet. Even animals such as the black bear that hibernate in the winter are using nature to keep them at a constant temperature. Today we use geothermal energy to heat and cool our homes. By installing a series of pipes below ground level, a desired temperature can be pumped into our homes using either air or water. There are what is called closed loop systems and open systems.

Since sunlight is really made from a huge range of electromagnetic frequencies, solar cells only are able to convert a small percentage of sunlight into useable electricity. Solar cells can now be created to maximize their efficiency by using the different frequency ranges of sunlight, yet that would require an additional device to separate the different frequencies and shine them on the appropriate group of solar cells that are designed to specifically convert that frequency of sunlight. It is estimated that this technique would increase the efficiency of solar cells by 50%. Currently without this method, solar cell efficiencies are in the range of 5 to 19%, which is actually a higher efficiency than solar panels produced in earlier years. There are new processes being researched, which will concentrate the solar light to the photovoltaic modules and can raise the efficiency up to 30%. With today’s technology, the average solar panel can produce about 140 watts of electricity.

Photovoltaic Energy Recap: photovoltaic or solar cells absorb the slings and arrows of outrageous photons from the Sun, which shove electrons to the surface of the cells, where you store them by having them flow through a wire into a battery. You break out your inverter to make that battery energy usable. But at 10% efficiency, they suck big time in consistently poorly lit areas, such as Sweden during November to January when they’re nearly blacked out and lighting their way with seal blubber candles and Ikea accent lamps.

Various solar panels can be used to carry out this thermal energy capture and conversion process. Multiple solar cells, in concert with semi-conductors, comprise the panels which collect thermal energy. A huge area of p-n junction in diode is created by the panels. The production of electrical energy is the result of sunlight, or solar energy, being absorbed by the solar cells. Geysers, mixers, heaters, etc., are a few examples of equipment that can be run on solar energy. A noticeable decline in monthly electrical charges can be the result.

When weighing the pros and cons of solar energy it is important to mention a few more of the downsides of this source of energy. There needs to be a big enough area for the solar panels to be installed so that there can be enough energy generated. If your home has a roof, you are all set, but an apartment dweller would not be able to install enough panels to create a solar energy system unless they were allowed to use the entire roof. Pollution and bad weather will affect the level of energy generated. There will be no energy produced at night, so some kind of backup power unit will be needed.


RV Solar Panels

Polycrystalline solar panels are made from silicon wafers cut from multi-crystal silicon (they are also known as multicrystalline panels) and are also more efficient than amorphous panels. Photovoltaic (PV) cell or solar cell converts visible light into electricity. One (1) solar cell however is not enough to produce a usable amount of electricity much like the microbot in Baymax (Hero 6) which only becomes useful when combined as a group. This basic unit generates a DC (direct current) voltage of 0.5 to 1 volt and although this is reasonable, the voltage is still too small for most applications. To produce a useful DC voltage, the solar cells are connected in series and then encapsulated in modules making the solar panel. If one cell generates 0.5 volt and is connected to another cell in series, those two cells should then be able to produce 1 volt and they can then be called a module. A typical module usually consists of 28 to 36 cells in series. A 28-cell module should be able to produce roughly 14 volts (28 x 0.5 = 14VDC) which is enough to charge a 12V battery or power 12V devices.

The Eastern Africa region has very many companies that supply solar and wind power solutions. When looking for a good company to install a solar or wind power system for you, you need to consider a number of factors. Most of the registered renewable energy companies here are merely briefcase entities without proven track records. Therefore you need to make sure you avoid them so that you don’t invest your money in a company that will not give you services worth your money. So, I advice you to invest your money in a an established company with a proven track record.

The fact is you can get everything you need to build your own solar panel for around $100 that will be just as good as one you might order as a kit, and with some good instructions just about anyone who knows how to use basic hand tools can build a panel right in the garage or on the kitchen table, if you prefer. Once you assemble a solar panel the lead wire is attached to a 12V battery; it’s best to use a deep cycle type like a marine battery because a standard car battery is not made to be discharged repeatedly like your system will require. Then an inverter is used to pull from the battery power and produce 110 volts AC power to run your tools or appliances, and again you can get one right in town that will work just fine.

It’s important that you get a solar controller if it’s more than 5 watts that your panels put out because it will prevent a discharge situation when using them in low light. As long as you buy a device that can handle your wattage, then you should be all right. It’s not essential to buy solar panels that cover an entire roof just so you’ll be able to charge your batteries to your system. You’ll find you’ll need to determine the necessary amount of power you want and just be sure that you have enough batteries and panels. Don’t become aggravated when buying something called an inverter by going nuts over a “true sine wave” or “modified sine wave” model, you will need to decide if the less expensive modified sine wave unit will suffice.

In situations where remote buildings are used to house horses, farm animals or pets, having effective reliable lighting is essential for routine tasks such as feeding, mucking out and most importantly to aid good husbandry and care of the animals. In these situations a solar lighting system makes winter and morning tasks easier and safer to carry out. Solar lighting can also provide light for extended periods of time in the case of an emergency, for instance if an animal is giving birth, or if an animal needs to be examined by a vet.

The charger will operate any time the daylight gets bright enough, and will charge at the maximum rate of the solar panel in the light conditions. For example, this 5 Watt solar panel will charge 2 batteries per day from late spring through early fall. Most people will create a “battery rotation” whereby pairs of batteries are in the charger, charged & ready, in the device, & waiting to be charged. Every day, the batteries are changed & moved up the rotation. This way, charged batteries are never mixed with partially charged batteries in your device. If you want faster performance, and more batteries per day, upgrade to the 10W or 14W PowerFilm panel. These will charge as many as 8 AA batteries in a summer day.

This gives the brightest light, and is almost always used for security lighting, or where bright light is needed outside. However, because mains cable is needed to power the lights, it must be well protected. If the light is wall mounted and the cable comes straight out of the wall this is no problem. If the cable is to be buried underground, armoured cable must be used, as a spade could easily go through ordinary mains cable. (Armoured cable is three or four core cable, with good insulation, and covered with strong steel strands wrapped around. Because the protection is stranded, it can be cut with normal cable cutters. Three core cable – live, neutral and earth – is used in most domestic installations, four core is used when a three phase supply is in use.) All light fittings must be suitable for outdour use, i.e. protected against water, and earthed, unless made all of plastic or rubber.

Charge Time – Most solar chargers produce small amounts of power within short periods due to the presence of just one or two solar cells. The low number or size of solar cells will lead to longer time for charging you device. Exposure of you electronic device to excessive sun can cause damage; if you need a faster way to charge your device, look for chargers with higher number of cells. Of course the tradeoff will be in size. More cells the bigger the charger. To get the chargers with higher number of cells, check for output in watts.

You can charge the Sunforce at any time, even while you are providing energy to one of your portable devices such as your cell phone. The Sunforce is made up of durable ABS plastic and has a bright blue LED charging indicator light so it’s easy to read. It can also be permanently installed wherever there is direct sunlight using the four mounting holes that are already pre-cut into its surface. And, just imagine, it can be used even on the cloudiest of days! For this reason, many people have found that the Sunforce 50022 is an excellent addition to their motor home, boat and other recreational vehicles.

One of the main problems with getting energy from the sun is that the energy available is directly proportional to the size of the panel. As a result, only very large panels can produce large amounts of electricity. Smaller panels produce less, but can still provide enough power to usefully reduce a household’s electricity bills, and the sheer convenience of cheap and maintenance free power is hard to deny. Because of the issue of size, there is a strong drive towards making solar panels more efficient, but this is something of a losing battle; as the efficiency approaches 100% the law of diminishing returns comes into effect and progress is slow.