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The Tennessee Hope Scholarship or Tennessee Education Lottery Program provides students with the opportunity to receive educational support from the state. Something similar happens to the lottery dowser, but on a larger scale. Instead of two targets, the dowser is dowsing forty-seven targets (SuperLOTTO). When dowsing the lottery, it is most common to dowse numbers in relative proximity to the actual pick. It’s as though the nonphysical component gets entangled or crosses lines with nearby numbers and their attractors. As a result, entangled information is often received by the dowser, thereby making it difficult to lock on to specific digits. Until the cross talk can be overcome, and specific targets can be dowsed without interference of nearby numbers, we will have to live with this proximity effect.

In the Fantasy 5 game, you pick 5 out of 39 numbers on the play area of the playslip. You win the top prize if you successfully match all five numbers with winning number combination; you can also win minor cash prizes if you match four or three numbers. If you match two, you get a free Fantasy 5 Quik Pik ticket (the computer picks the numbers). Each game is $1; for an additional $1 you can choose the eZmatch play option, in which you instantly win a cash prize if your numbers match any of the eZmatch numbers; you can win up to five times on each ticket.

Now consider one of the biggest lotteries in Canada – Lotto 649. If a Lotto 649 jackpot goes unclaimed, unlike Powerball, the unclaimed money does not go back to the provincial lotteries. Rather, it goes back into the prize pool and returned to players through future bonus jackpots or promotions. So, for example, Lotto 649 might increase the size of the guaranteed jackpots for a few subsequent draws in a row. Or they might have a special one time only bonus where they will draw an extra set of numbers that players must match to win the prize. Either way, the players benefit with extra prizes.

More people are winning the lottery than ever before, and it is important that anyone who plays the lottery be ready to win. Having a plan in place and taking some time to make sure that your investments and winnings are secure, will give you the long-term financial freedom that you want. Lottery winners stories will vary, but successful winners have one thing in common. They create a strong support network of experienced and knowledgeable professionals before they collect their money, and they do not make unwise investments.

But how did they do it you may ask? Their secret can be revealed in a saying my Uncle once shared with me, that he passed down from my grandfather (an Italian immigrant with no formal education). Here is what he said, “If you make $10.00 and spend $11.00 you will always be poor, but if you make $10.00 and save just $1.00 you will always have money.” Believe it or not it is that simple. The majority of today’s millionaires achieved that status by spending less than they earned over long periods of time.

The Georgia 5 is another game with twice-a-day drawings. You pick five numbers on the play area of the playslip and you win the jackpot of $10,000 if your number matches the drawn numbers in exact order. If you don’t match five numbers but match four up to one numbers in exact order and position, you can win consolation prizes ranging from $225 to $1. Each game is $1 per play and you can play up to five games in each playslip. You can also play the same numbers for up to seven consecutive draws.

The Georgia Lottery runs a number of games, including Cash 3, Cash 4, Georgia 5, Fantasy 5, Keno and Georgia Lottery Win for Life. In Cash 3, you pick three numbers from one to zero per game and can play $0.50 or $1.00 per game; you then pick from a number of play types ranging from straight (you win if you pick the exact number combination drawn) to pairs (in which you win if you get the first or last two winning numbers in exact order your combination). Cash 4 works in a similar fashion but you pick a four-number combination. Both games are drawn twice daily, in the afternoon and the evening.

One positive step has been to encourage more teachers to enter the profession which, in the past, has been under supplied. The setting of the salary floor at $BRL 950 per month received criticism for being too broad based and not tailored to individual municipalities (although was generally seen as a step in the right direction). Other progressive measures include funds such as FUNDEF (a sub-national grant scheme aimed at assisting primary and lower secondary education) and FUNDEB (which, by 2007, had granted more than BRL$ 30 billion for basic public education benefiting nearly 50 million students). Furthermore, in order to be eligible for the Bolsa Família grant, children aged between seven and fifteen must be enrolled in school and not miss more than 15 per cent of classes (due to the early stages of the programmes development, statistics on its effectiveness are too hard to predict, but it is claimed to have had a positive impact on school attendance levels).

It is important to be aware of the rules that apply in California before playing a lottery in the state. There is a specific time period within which the prize money has to be claimed by the winners. In the case of MEGA Millions, Super Lotto Plus and Daily Derby, the available time for claiming the prize money is 180 days. Any unclaimed prize money is automatically considered as funds reserved for the cause of public education in the state. The California State Lottery Act authorizes the organizers of the California lotteries to disclose the winner’s name to any party interested in the information. Taxes applicable on the lottery winnings are subject to federal laws. No person who is closely associated with organizing the lottery is allowed to play the lottery. Prize money in the California lottery can be shared between multiple winners. A winner has the choice of receiving the prize money in a lump sum payment or in installments.

The North Carolina lottery pick 4 game is not much different from the other pick 4 games found and hosted in other states. In this state, the total prize would vary based on a pari-mutual system. The straight play option pays the most amount as this has the smallest chance in winning with a one to ten thousand odds. A player’s chosen set must match the drawn numbers in the exact order that it appears. Other variations are available to be able to increase an individual’s chances in winning. There is what is referred to as the box combination. This means that the numbers a person has chosen can have more chances at the drawn numbers as it can be jumbled to create other combination. There are the 4-way, 6-way, 12-way and 24-way box combination that offer higher odds. However, there are specific guidelines and rules that apply to each of the optional game plays that you must adhere to.

When you win a substantial amount of money playing the lottery, it is important to have a plan before you begin calling friends and relatives or collect the money. The average lottery winner takes from 4 day to two weeks to claim their winnings. It is key that you have a good support network in place to advise you before you do anything. Your support network should include an Accountant, a Financial Advisor, and a Lawyer who has experience with this type of windfall. It will also be important that you do not use the same person to play all of these roles.

There is nothing like the feeling of being in possession of the winning lottery numbers, whether they are for comparatively small amounts or for the jackpot. Naturally, lots of players would love to know how to go about choosing tonights lottery numbers and then to be able to gain an edge of some kind in doing so. There’s some people who would advocate that you follow a pattern in some way and then forecast how likely a certain combination is to appear, but in reality your chances of selecting winning lottery numbers is based on the amount of tickets that are sold.

Saving for retirement and enjoying a more prosperous lifestyle along the way is not impossible to achieve but it does require an understanding of the need for financial education. As a 50 something year old who has spent a lifetime in financial services (I like to call it salt and pepper experience!) I still come across too many examples of people who do not understand the need for financial education. Only the other day I was speaking with a 21 year old apprentice carpenter who believed that superannuation (retirement savings) was an imposed burden on his earning capacity and belonged to the ‘government’ until he retired. This is a common belief by many young people today and surely points to the failure of governments and older generations to pass on and educate people about the need for financial education.

You can get a green card through the DV lottery program. The DV lottery (Diversity Visa) program, conducted every year provides 50,000 green cards to applicants who are selected randomly. To apply for the DV lottery program,applicants should meet simple, but strict eligibility requirements. Since not all countries are eligible, the very first eligibility criteria is that you should be from a qualifying country. The eligibility country will generally be the same as your country of birth and is not related to where you live. Other eligibility criteria is that the applicant should have at least a high school education or its equivalent.


How To Identify The Best Pick 4 Lottery Strategy & System

Low odds and high returns-these two factors make pick 4 lottery an attractive option for people who are financially hard-pressed and in need of source of extra income. Unlike the Pick 3 Lottery Game where the total number of possibilities are 1,000 instead of 10,000, it seems that numbers in this game have a higher chance of repeating themselves, but at the same million to one odds. But again, I would not claim this to be a trend in this game either. Visit your nearest New York retailer of lottery. When you have set your mind on what numbers to bet on, tell these four numbers to the retailer clerk and you are betting it on the win 4 game. Identify also the drawing time – is it midday or evening? If you fail to inform them about this, it automatically picks the next drawing available for your play.

7. Do not play 5-consecutive number combinations (i.e. “5-6-7-8-9”). No such 5-consecutive number combinations “hit” over the 5-year period. But the very pivotal question is do these charts work? Are these charts able to give you the possible winning numbers? Historical data may give you the trend of the numbers that usually appear but, just like the stock market, you cannot predict the future winning combinations with historical data alone. One of the touted suggestions that never panned out into a full blown theory was that these Pick 4 series numbers were drawn on dates that were divisible by 3. Pick 4 players were watching 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, and 30 as the dates to play these Pick 4 numbers when they were due to come in.

Putting together the power of proven science with your analysis of historical winning numbers will result the ability to produce tiny pools of numerical segments that have better odds of being picked sooner or later. Realizing these tinier pools of numbers is the basis of raising the probability of winning on a more consistent basis. You may not necessarily win big, but it’s the probability of winning more often that is greatly improved. Sounds easy right? That is because in playing pick 3, you actually have a legitimate chance of winning, unlike in the usual lottery where you have to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 49. The odds in winning the pick 3 lottery are even raised with the emergence of free online pick 3 formula sources.

Checking the winning results is also as easy as checking online. Some web sites have access to show winning Cash 5 lottery results which also gives you a glimpse of other winning results such as games of Pick 3 or Daily 4. The triple play of the month so far occurred on April 22, 2010, with midday draws in Iowa and Illinois both showing 8109, and the Ohio Pick 4 brought home 0981. Playing your daily lottery number gives you something to look forward to each night. While winning a few hundred or maybe a thousand dollars is not going to change your life, it is always thrilling when you win.

The only way the State Lotteries could prevent themselves from going “bankrupt” is by writing rules and regulations that would limit the number of tickets that can be sold on a particular Pick 4 number. Their Pick 4 Strategy is particularly focused on the Pick 4 lottery results of a “quad” being drawn. The sale of 500 winning tickets at the basic level of one dollar would result in a Pick 4 lotto payout of $2.5 Million Dollars in most States. The Big Apple State continued to provide big winning slices of cash for their Big Apple Win 4 players when it drew the third box form of the triple 7111 on the evening of April 4, 2010.

As for the sudden furor of it all, it can be explained simply with what’s well know throughout the ‘scratching community’, in an attempt to gain popularity for a game, each new instant games release is saturated with winning tickets. Identify the following pattern combinations. For the pattern across, here is an illustration. There are 10,000 possible winning straight numbers in the Pick 4 Lottery. Ideally, the right system should have all ten thousand numbers available as possible winners. The Ohio Pick 4 had a triple play repeating set of Pick 4 Numbers in one of the two occurrences. The tripleheader began on 6.16.2010 in the Evening draw with 3924 followed by 9432 in the Midday drawing on June 17 and completed with the Midday drawing on June 30 with 3294. The other Ohio Pick 4 repeating numbers occurred on June 21, 2010, in the Evening draw with 2543 and repeated on 6.23.2010 in the Midday drawing with 4523.

3. Play number pairs that “hit” frequently over the 5-year period (i.e.”2-35″) with other numbers that “hit” frequently and with “long shot” numbers. There are several of these “winning pairs” identified in the “Florida Fantasy 5 Lottery Facts Report”. Every Pick 3 and Pick 4 player struggles to discover systems and methods to find and play the next winning number. Some people, like myself, believe that lottery numbers are related. In studying lottery numbers for two decades I have come to understand how some Pick 3 lottery numbers are connected to each other. Similarly I have seen the same things within the Pick 4 Lottery as well.

On May 1, 2011 Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont Pick 3 lotteries drew 353 in the Tri-State midday drawing. On the following day the midday drawing in the New Jersey Pick 3 drew the same Pick 3 number, 353. May 2, 2011 also recorded the Tennessee Cash 3 midday drawing of 353. Later that day, in the evening drawing of the California Daily 3 on May 2, 2011 335 was the winning Pick 3 number. This system states that you have increased your chances to win because you have just eliminated 40% of the digits that you have to play to generate winning Pick 4 numbers. This sounds good. You like the idea of increasing your odds of winning.

2. Stick to one lottery game and play as many tickets as you can afford. The more tickets you buy, the better chance of winning. probability system to pick winning lotto numbers. 3. Rules in Lotto wheeling also affects picking the proper winning combination and the best way to unlock it is by checking Cash 5 programs found online. The Tennessee Cash 4 Lottery offers another example of how Cash 4 numbers can repeat themselves. On June 9, 2010, the evening draw produced 1208. On June 19, 2010, the Midday draw delivered 8102. These Cash 4 repeating numbers reflect the possibilities of the type of occurrence that can happen in other Pick 4 Lotteries around the country as well.

– Know the specific facts about pick 4 lottery. The odds of winning may vary from one lottery game to another. Just because you know a lot about playing pick 3 lottery does not mean you will become an instant expert when it comes to playing pick 4 lottery, even though these two games are quite similar. Figuring out the differences among the various lottery games helps you play pick 4 lottery in a better way. Through my observations I believe that winning Pick 4 numbers are connected to each other. Not to contradict the world of mathematics, I am left with one thin explanation of a possible mini trend occurring that I use to explain what I see happening with Pick 4 numbers and how they are related to each other.

Of course, it will cost you more to lock up more numbers when you try to pick the daily lottery number. For most people, playing the daily lottery number is fun. It is not a way to make a living. 12 Lotto is fundamentally different from other games. In this system, there is not separation between past, present and future. You will learn that the system contains this information as one reality, at any time, in one place and it is ready for who wants to learn it. This is not to overlook the fact they are slightly richer than the day before by $500 or $5000 with a Straight Win respectively. Even a smaller Box Win ranging from $40 to $600 can provide the same kind of thrill. A winner is a winner is a winner. And it is always fun deciding what to do with this new extra free money when the players cash their winning tickets.

Like learning a new language, one has to begin to think in images and words of that second language. As a lottery player one needs to understand the behavior and habits of the numbers or digits – when referring to the individual three or four numbers that make up the winning Pick 3 or Pick 4 number. You begin by using the preceding numbers drawn from the Pick 3 lottery. Just to provide a concrete example, let us use the numbers 468. We will call it the stack number. Just as players see above, these traveling numbers like to visit neighboring States. In the Illinois and Iowa Pick 4 evening drawing on May 8, 2011 the 2798 was drawn. In the very next evening drawing on May 9, 2011 the Missouri Pick 4 Lottery drew the SAME PICK 4 NUMBER, 2798, in the EXACT SAME ORDER.


Winning Mega Millions

Do you know how to calculate the odds of winning the lottery, including the Florida Lottery? In the year 1996, megamillions existed under a different name; “The Big Game”. For almost a span of 2 years, this lottery was done weekly particularly every Friday though the rule changed during 1998 wherein a Tuesday drawing is done. In the span of 11 years, the number of people who would participate in the game has doubled. And despite the fact that there are minor interstate variations in terms of how jackpots are given to each winner, the basic rule of the game remains the same. – The lottery number generator is one of the best solutions for all the California lottery games. This system takes into account your choice of sequence and calculations of the number combination.

Online lotteries also have another advantage; you don’t have to just play your local and state lotteries. Today you can play the lottery in another state, like Texas, California, or Florida. You could also take your chance by playing the lottery in another country to try to get your hand on some of those winnings. Their relatively small comparative jackpots of $500 for the Pick 3 Lottery and $5000 for the Pick 4 Lottery with the same $1 investment can keep players playing and having fun at the same time. These millions of lottery players play their chosen numbers each day, and then go off to their daily routines of work, family responsibilities, and leisure time activities before retiring for their nightly slumber.

So, the sum of all your taxes would probably be around 40%, but could go as high as 50%. But there is even more bad news. You don’t qualify for any capital gains breaks on lotto winnings, nor can you do any income averaging to help lower your tax bill. However, it is expected that Powerball will change its double matrix in January 2009, making its jackpot more difficult to win (1:195 million) versus the current Mega Millions game (1:176 million). The neighboring Pick 4 number, 3968, started its travels on May 10, 2011 in the Michigan Daily 4 in the evening drawing. On May 12, 2011 in the Ohio Pick 4 Lottery midday drawing it appeared as 8963. On May 15, 2011 in the midday drawing in the Virginia Pick 4 it was drawn as 8639. Later that same evening in the Delaware Play 4 it came in as 3986.

Remember when you play with the wheeling lottery strategy, you need to play within your own budget. If you are playing by yourself, you may need to use the key wheel system – if you are playing in a syndicate, you may be able to use the full wheel. Considering that the prizes rollover quite often and the biggest jackpot to date has been close to $400 million dollars (such a big event that the draw was moved from its usual spot in Atlanta to New York, Times Square) its not wonder people want to win this lottery! Some of the unique features of the US Mega Millions include the fact that the player has to choose whether to take the prize as a lump sum or annually – a lot of lotteries will automatically give you the amount in one lump sum.

On May 1, 2011 Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont Pick 3 lotteries drew 353 in the Tri-State midday drawing. On the following day the midday drawing in the New Jersey Pick 3 drew the same Pick 3 number, 353. May 2, 2011 also recorded the Tennessee Cash 3 midday drawing of 353. Later that day, in the evening drawing of the California Daily 3 on May 2, 2011 335 was the winning Pick 3 number. Apparently, Florida lotto has better odds than California lottery as the former sum up at 1:23 million while California Superlotto odds are at 1:41 million.

$45.8 million appeared to be the largest Lotto jackpot in the Michigan Lottery records, won in 1995 and shared by three winners. Fantasy 5 is a game that costs $1 to play and draws every day. To win the jackpot you must match 5 out of a total of 39 numbers. The odds of matching all five numbers with one ticket played are approximately 1-in-575,000. Compare that to SuperLotto Plus, where the odds of winning on one ticket are approximately 1-in-41-million, or Mega Millions, where the odds of winning with one ticket are approximately 1-in-175-million, and you could see how the probability is much more in your favor.

Looking at the past history of all lottery games there appears a pattern that shows you would be better off by not playing all odd or all even numbers. You can choose to accept your lottery winnings in a lump sum or in annuity payments, receiving installments on a yearly basis. Each of these options is taxed at 25%, but you should note that the lump sum total is always smaller than the total of the annuity payments. So then, how much money do you get to keep when you win the lottery in the United States? Expect to keep anywhere between 50% to 60%, in general.

– There are Lottery software and programs available which analyze the past results and by this analysis the software generates the numbers which have the high probability of coming in the next draw. Ensure to keep track of past winning numbers of California lottery games to increase your odds of winning. In the United States there are many different forms of the lottery such as the Powerball, Mega Millions, Win For Life, and others. These are the most popular. There is also the Tri-State lottery, Paycheck lottery, Hot Lotto, Wild Card, 2by2, and almost one lottery game for every state.

Sounds simple enough, right? Yes, it is simple. That is, it’s simple to play, but not simple to win. It’s extremely difficult to win the jackpot in this game. There are other state lotteries that take place alongside Mega Millions and Powerball, such as Florida Lotto, Michigan Lotto and California Lotto if you are a resident of those states. Another thing you could do is try playing using a lucky number generator based on numerology. Numerology is a system that deals with the link between numbers and mystical, physical or living things. There are many lottery number generators online that take your first and last name, then your date of birth to generate your lucky lottery numbers.

Absolutely every lottery jackpot that is won in America worth over $5000 is subjected to a federal tax of 25%. This money is used to fund a wide range of government programs, including education grants. So, while it may seem unfair that a quarter of your winnings are being given to the government, you can rest assured that they are being used for a good cause. Megamillion jackpot starts at 12 million dollars and accumulates when there is no jackpot winner. It can be paid in lump sum after computing the present value of all the installment amounts. It is available in 12 states California, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

Many people pick numbers randomly, perhaps choosing what is on their mind at any given time or use the random number generator offered with every lottery, where the computer will pick for you. Although there is no rule that says you won’t win with randomly generated numbers, it is said that using some kind of lottery strategy, or at least looking out for strong numbers can increase your chances of picking up a prize. Now you know that you need 6 numbers to win Powerball and you know what the odds of it happening are. But the game also offers other prizes. You need to match just the Powerball number to win the smallest prize, which is $3. There are also other combinations of numbers that can win you more prizes, all the way up to a prize of $200,000 if you match the first 5 numbers, but miss the Powerball number.

Further, someone doesn’t have to be a resident of megamillion state to play the game. Other people from any state can do so provided they are 18 years old and above to be eligible in purchasing the lottery tickets. In fact, even non-US citizens can play the game and the prize would be given the same way. The only difference that can be implemented is on the computation of taxes since they are based on tax laws. The largest Powerball jackpot of $315 million was taken by West Virginia native Andrew J. Whittaker on the 25th of December, 2002. However, since he opted for the lump sum, his after-tax prize was around $114 million.

Xzotto Review

You can choose from a wide range of options when it comes to playing the lottery. To put a little down to earth touch to these odds, let me transfer the odds into earthly miles. The Mega Millions, recently joined by the Powerball in the Illinois Lottery games, has the approximate odds of 175 million to one to win the Jackpot. The Pick 3 has 1,000 to one odds of winning the Jackpot. And why not? Can you think of any reason why you should just play the lotto the same way as everyone else in your state? Is there some reason why you shouldn’t use your brain while playing the lotto? This doesn’t mean you’re going to win the jackpot but, it is definitely more fun playing the lotto when you know you have an advantage.

Fantasy 5 is a game that costs $1 to play and draws every day. To win the jackpot you must match 5 out of a total of 39 numbers. The odds of matching all five numbers with one ticket played are approximately 1-in-575,000. Compare that to SuperLotto Plus, where the odds of winning on one ticket are approximately 1-in-41-million, or Mega Millions, where the odds of winning with one ticket are approximately 1-in-175-million, and you could see how the probability is much more in your favor. Statistical analysis is something that is worth looking into. By analyzing the frequency of the numbers that come out in Mega millions Winning Numbers, you will be able to capitalize on this to formulate your own winning number combinations. You also need some luck to be able to hit the jackpot.

How often lottery numbers repeat themselves is always valuable information. I wanted to know the same about the Bonus numbers. I found that they repeated back to back 6 times in 146 drawings. Eight times it was a repeat of one of the numbers from the previous 2 drawings. Etc. About now, some of you are asking, ‘But, how does this help me?’ Good question. There are other state lotteries that take place alongside Mega Millions and Powerball, such as Florida Lotto, Michigan Lotto and California Lotto if you are a resident of those states.

There is no doubt that belonging to a lottery pool or club increases your chances of winning. Lottery Clubs and Lottery Pools provide the casual player with much better odds, and the capability of playing numerous world lotteries that they otherwise would not be able to participate. It’s simple math: The more tickets you play, the better your chances of winning. Here’s why you should look at the overall odds of lotto games – The big jackpot games, for the most part, offer the worst chances of winning and that includes the secondary prizes too. Sure, it would be fantastic to win $100 million but if it’s next to impossible to do so, maybe you should consider other games; winning anything, even if it’s a smaller prize is better than winning nothing at all.

If you belong to a lottery pool or club, or expect to in the future, make sure that you have an agreement, at least verbally, and someone in charge. Ideally, an agreement will be written and notarized, but this rarely happens. There have been disagreements before concerning the distribution of winnings, so protect yourself before you invest. If you are a lottery lover it doesn’t really matter what type of lotto game you play as they are pretty much all the same. But there are some people who have their favourites. The most popular and most played lottery game today is Powerball. It is the allure of winning more by playing an extra ball which brings many people to this game. Below you will find some of the main lottery games that are played in the US.

There are those who will tell you the lottery is a fool’s game and it is a sin. The same person will probably tell you that you should buy stocks and invest in the stock market. You tell me what is the difference, in both cases, the lottery takes your money and gives you a long chance at improving your investment and the stock market does the same thing. Both are subject to complete loss of your investment. So how to pick a set of numbers that will give you a good stab at picking up a prize? One of the older lottery strategies we can look at is the hot and cold number idea.

To win the Mega Millions Jackpot one would need to fly around the world at the equator 7,000 times compared to one single round trip from Detroit, Michigan to Charlotte, North Carolina or from Detroit to New York City in order to claim the jackpot monies in the Pick 3 Lottery. The chance of doing just that is 1 in 1,000. This is by far the best odds of winning any Lottery grand prize money. The player who does it correctly wins $500 for every $1 he or she invests. There is also the Lottery wheel system. Lottery wheeling is a strategy that says that arranging the numbers you choose in a certain way will improve your chances of winning smaller prizes. In other words, it is a system that will improve your chances of picking up a number of smaller prizes, rather than aiming for the jackpot. There are three types of wheel called Full, Abbreviated and Key wheels.

Judging from the name of the game, you could probably guess that the jackpot amount on Sweet Million is $1 million. But, there are other prizes to be won too. Matching 5-out-of-6 numbers would win you $500 and the odds of winning that are approximately 1-in-19,000. Matching 4-out-of-6 numbers wins you $40 and the odds of winning that are 1-in-456. Finally, matching 3-out-of-6 numbers wins you $3 and the odds of winning that are 1-in-32.07. Check out these facts: It is estimated that 40% of all lottery wins are made by clubs and pools. Often, this is a collection of people from the office or plant who put in an average of $10 each week. Some of the winning pools have been operating continuously for over ten years.

There was a time when I was very skeptical and did not believe any of this. But, some nagging questions like the one about the casinos banning computers bothered me. They lingered and would not go away. Finally, during a summer break between semesters, I spent my summer writing a lottery software program to answer my questions and satisfy my curiosity. I wanted to know if there was anything that I could do to improve my chances. Remember when you play with the wheeling lottery strategy, you need to play within your own budget. If you are playing by yourself, you may need to use the key wheel system – if you are playing in a syndicate, you may be able to use the full wheel.

The last 5 Bonus numbers repeat 10% of the time in the Mega Millions lottery. That also means that 90% of the time the number is not one of the last 5 numbers but from the remaining pool of 41 numbers. On the average, you will be right 90% of the time by selecting your number from this list. So, while the odds for correctly picking the Bonus numbers for everyone else playing the Mega Millions lottery are 1 in 46, your odds are 1 in 41. Read up on odds and probability at websites dedicated to the Mega Millions lottery that each of the dozen states that participate in the game have. Many websites also offer tips, strategies and statistics to great increase your Mega Millions lottery odds. You can compute these odds statistically by analyzing the numbers which have appeared in past draws vis-à-vis the numbers that have not.


Have You Ever Missed Winning The Lottery By Just One Number?

How many times have you asked yourself “if only someone could give me the winning lottery numbers?” Well guess what? In choosing our lotto numbers, we divide the total lotto numbers into 3 sectors. For a 6-from-49 lottery, this is 1 to 16, 17 to 32, and 33-49. For most weeks, the 6 winning numbers will include between 1 and 3 numbers from each sector. Now, with our 10 number system we can ensure each set of 10 numbers includes 3 from each sector (with 4 from one sector). This practice of matching the games we play to the most commonly occurring result is what we call “Lottery Profiling.” First, determine from the lottery history the result that occurs most frequently – then mirror that in your lottery entry.

Later, lotto number 45 didn’t hit for 29 drawings in a row. To the critic, this was just a fluke. Then it didn’t hit for 43 drawings in a row. The critic is sticking to his guns. Then it didn’t hit for 36 drawings in a row. Now, the critic is concerned that he forgot to put bullets in his gun. Then it didn’t hit for 24 drawings in a row and then another 20 drawings after that. The critic is looking for cover. Then, most recently, it didn’t hit for 39 drawings in a row!!! Someone, call the police. We have a missing critic. This lotto number pattern (the one that critics and skeptics insist does not exist) has persisted for 335 drawings. That’s 3 years and 3 months! The phrase, ‘Persistence pays off’ comes to mind.

2. Fame. It serves like a social proof. Women, I believe, are attracted to famous men because they want to be famous and glamored in the fame of their men. Famous men are also less likely to abuse others, and generally accepted as a good man. Time to be realistic again, if you think you are going to hit it big on the TV tonight, good for you, but the numbers show that most talented people are not able to shine on the TV. The rockstars we have are generally the luckier ones, and if you think you are lucky enough to be the next big thing, think about it again. At least you won’t be able to do so in some short amount of time.

So it is possible to win a lottery if you work smartly and there are many real life examples of people who have achieved success this way. While devising my own method of winning a lottery I came to know that it is a fact that many big Jackpots are won by a group of people called as syndicates. So one thing you can add to your strategy is that if you play in a syndicate you smartly increase your chances of winning. Like me, many others have done a lot of research about winning numbers and have scanned through history of lottery winning numbers to come up with a winning strategy. One of the simplest strategies to win a lottery is to play the lottery. You might be surprised that so many people actually fail to buy a ticket due to personal or other reasons thus eliminating themselves from the list of winning people.

I don’t think much of this system. It’s obvious that the man who did this “computerized analysis” of numbers in the Bible knows nothing about winning lottery numbers. The truth is that in the history of North American lotteries, this guy’s 10 biblical numbers (and a birthday!) have not been any luckier-have not won prizes more often-than any of the other non-biblical numbers. If he had taken the time to check out which numbers have won in every lottery state, and that information is readily available, then he would have found that no numbers, biblical or otherwise, win more often than any other numbers.

For years many players have depended on filters to help them choose their winning numbers to play. The belief is that past performances help players to choose the digits that make up the next winning Pick 4 number. The usual old standard filters most Pick 4 lottery systems offer lottery players rely on hot numbers (digits), cold numbers (digits), and overdue numbers (digits). By searching through the previous drawn Pick 4 numbers over a predetermined amount of drawings lottery players sort the individual digits into these three categories depending upon how often they have been drawn or not.

So I finally gave in and decided to get the lotto master formula guide. Now of course it doesn’t just straight up give you the winning number for mega millions. This is something you do have to put a bit of effort and time into. This e-course is meant for people not willing to risk huge amounts of money gambling, but only little amounts here and there that equal big winnings! I just won my first couple thousand dollars win after a month of reading this, with only spending a few bucks here and there! I am so excited and still amazed at what is yet to come! Mega millions numbers anyone? Hah just kidding of course.

All 6 jackpot winning numbers were produced 28 times by Cycle 1-10 over a period of 205 drawings. However, over this same period, the best choice was actually Cycle 33-42. Over the same period, this Cycle produced 37 lottery jackpot winners. That is an advantage of 32.1 percent! To use Cycle 33-42, the player would gather the winning numbers from the 33rd through 43rd previous drawings for his reduced play list. For any Ohio player that has been using Cycle 1-10, reading this has to be a shocking and sobering moment.

But here was the shocker-in each of the midday and evening drawings 80 percent of the winning numbers became an “automatic loser” for the Pick 4 player because they contained one or more of the eliminated digits from each group. Twenty-four out of thirty drawn numbers became an automatic loser as soon as one of the eliminated digits was drawn. The player was only playing at 20 percent capacity to become a winner at this point and time. It doesn’t make any difference what lottery system the player would use because it is all based on the same inserted information, namely the numbers of the previous fifty draws, the summation of the results based on the three filters of hot numbers, cold numbers, and overdue numbers.

Let me give you an example of the sheer number of people that missing winning a jackpot by just one number. In Canada, the most popular game is Lotto 649. To win the jackpot, you have to match 6-out-of-6 numbers. On any given draw, it’s normal that no-one wins the jackpot. Sometimes one person wins the jackpot, sometimes two. But do you want to know how many people get 5-out-of-6-numbers? It’s usually anywhere from 50 to 100 people. Lotto 549 is played twice a week in Canada and that means, in any given year, about 5000 to 10,000 people in the country miss winning the lottery by just one number. that’s a lot of people.

Not to state the obvious of course, but you have to do a little homework. Now a lot of people will say that lotto is a random event and that you can’t pick the winning numbers and its all a matter of luck. I disagree in that everything is based on systems and processes, the whole universe is, some people understand them better than others and therefore are able to capitilise on that knowledge. The foundation of most successful systems is based on a sequence of events, re-occurring number combinations and patterns and the frequency in which they re-occur.

5. Web Sites and Technology. Remember that 70 percent of the population in The United States is now shopping and doing business on internet. Internet marketing and sales is a $90 billion dollar a year industry. Americans lead the world in internet usage. There are thousands of people just like you and I turning to the internet as a means of earning an income. There will be so much growth on the internet in the next five to ten years that it is next to impossible to represent it in numbers. Not growing with and taking advantage of new and evolving technologies and schools of thinking will, inevitably, prove disastrous.

Not only that, but winning the lottery has actually caused bitter conflicts among family and friends. I was reading a story the other day of three work mates who won lotto and are now suing each other because each claims they should have received a greater share of the pool of the $16 million they won. These are work mates who have never had so much money in all there lives and now not satisfied with what they have are now bitter enemies. Isn’t that crazy, they say money does strange things to people. It certainly has to these guys.

On November 1, 2010, I decided to take advantage of one free program offered by one of the lottery websites for the Illinois Pick 4 Lottery – one for the midday drawing and one for the evening drawing. My goal was to test this lottery system for its ability to produce winning Pick 4 numbers. The free program used the simplest very basic filters of hot numbers, cold numbers, and overdue numbers. I selected one 50-draw sample for each of the midday and evening Illinois Pick 4 Lottery drawings. This represented drawings from September 13, 2010 through Monday, November 1, 2010. My plan was to test the results for the next 30 day drawings.

Hold your Pendulum over each option and you should receive your answer accordingly. You can use this technique for a wide variety of questions, keeping an open mind as to the answers received. Another question might be: What are my lucky numbers? You would then write out a list from 1-100 and using your Pendulum hold it over each number in turn asking yes or no. You should then write down all the numbers considered lucky. You might want to use these numbers the next time you try the Lotto, Keno, Pools, etc. For those who are really interested in using the Pendulum for gambling you can pick horses in any race using the above method. Keeping in mind at all times, the information is coming from within you and not from anywhere else, if you do manage to pick a few winners or, win a few jackpots it’s only because the information was there all the time.


How To Win The Connecticut Pick 4, New York Win 4, & Pennsylvania Big 4

If you want to know how to win the Florida Lottery, you need to know what games are available and how to play them. As one who tracks both the Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lotteries I came across the following Pick 3 and Pick 4 results in New Jersey on the evening of October 28, 2010. The Pick 3 and Pick 4 results were 206 and 1260. Being a person who is constantly studying the connections of numbers, these results jumped out at me. The reality of these drawings is that they are useless, because they were drawn in the same drawing time. Should you choose to combine the two strategies, this may work on how to win Pick 4 lottery everyday. However, be careful of using the paired strategy most of the time. It would be best to alternately use them is one or the other doesn’t seem to give out close results to the winning combinations.

The answer to the question is 6. You need 6 numbers to win the Powerball jackpot. The way it works is that you have to choose 5 numbers between 1 and 59. Then you also have to choose 1 number between 1 and 39 – This is what they call the Powerball number. You have to match all of the numbers that you chose to win the big prize. Compared to the highly advertised Mega Millions, Powerball, and State Lotteries with their very enticing multimillion dollar jackpots and odds ranging from 125 million to 1 to 195 million to 1 that very few people can win without some major help from Lady Luck, Pick 3 and Pick 4 lotteries are the choice of all these smart lottery players.

It is also important to take note of number sum advice. This is where you add up all your chosen numbers and making sure that the sum is between 75 and 125. A sum falling between these ranges is 70% more likely to be drawn. You can also take note of the frequency of each number being skipped. You can play those numbers as their absence increases the likelihood of it appearing on the next game; while numbers with repeated hits are likely to appear every other draw 51% of the time. – The “Quick Pick” formula can be used with any of the lottery games. This mathematical tool will give you the four or three digit combination which have about 70% chances of coming in the Play 4 or Cash 5 games. This formula has proven to be the best tool for calculating the winning numbers for these lottery games.

Part 2 begins by employing the same successful recommendations that Pick 4 expert players give to all other Pick 4 lottery players namely keeping notes. In Part 1 success came from the fact that the player kept a calendar record of all the drawn winning Pick 4 numbers. From those calendar notations the player was able to confirm each date that 5117 was drawn along with the other two versions – 1715 and 1175. So, how is it that the Cash 4 Lottery can have repeating Cash 4 numbers in a short period of time? If you have noticed over the last month there are many Pick 4 lotteries that have drawn repeated numbers. The Georgia Cash 4 drew 3488 on 6.8.2010 in the Midday drawing. And, six draws later this Cash 4 number repeated in the Midday drawing on 6.11.2010 as 8834.

And, it continues. Arkansas Pick 3 & 4 Lotteries on November 4th and 5th produced 546 and 6745. In the NY Win 4 and Numbers on 11.5.2010 and 11.6.2010 the winning numbers were 0453 and 503. In the Ohio Pick 3 and 4 Lotteries the following November dates and draws included 11.3 – 1875, 11.5 – 158, 11.7 – 175, 11.8 – 5718, 11.9 – 982 and 11.10 – 8296. In California Daily Lotteries the results were: 11.6 – 9928, 11.9 – 8992, and 11.10 – 998. With over 10,000 possible combinations in the pick 4 lotto, it is extremely hard to win without a proven strategy. Your pick 4 lotto strategy needs to mesh well with your states lottery and if you aren’t taking a look at your states last 30 days worth of historical pick 4 data, you aren’t using the right strategies.

The second drawing is referred to as “Evening” drawing. The Evening drawing takes place at 7:57pm in Florida, 10:59pm on Sunday, Monday, & Thursday and 11:34pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday in Georgia; 11:22pm in North Carolina, and 6:59pm in South Carolina. The game also offers other smaller payouts. Matching 5-out-of 47 numbers has odds of 1-in-43,649 and offers a guaranteed prize of $2500. The odds of matching 4-out-of-6 numbers are 1-in-873 and offers a guaranteed payout of $100. Finally, matching 3-out-of-6 numbers has odds of 1-in-50 and offers a $5 payout.

So, what are the odds of winning the Cash Ball lottery jackpot? To win the jackpot, you must match 4 out of a possible 33 numbers, plus 1 Kentucky Cashball number out of a possible 31 on a $1 ticket. The odds of matching all of the numbers are approximately 1-in-1.27-million and that would win you a prize of $200,000. Compare that to Powerball, which has odds of winning of approximately 1-in-195-million, and you can see why I like the Cash Ball game. In the Canadian Lotteries, Ontario’s Pick 3 and Pick 4 respectively, drew 0967 on 11.4, 679 on 11.5, 733 on 11.9, and 7733 on 11.10. Quebec’s La Quotidienne 3 & 4 Lotteries produced the following winners: 6281 on 11.3, 182 on 11.5, 8417 on 11.4 and 718 on 11.6.2010.

On the other hand, many people also believe that the numbers drawn during three digit lottery draws are not really random at all, and some numbers come out more frequently than others. The trick to how to win the three digit lottery or the Pick 4 lottery, therefore, is to identify these numbers by using statistics. These 29 winning drawn Illinois Pick 4 numbers represent 50% of the 58 draws during the month. By including additional strategies that include “double” sets you now cover 93% of the April 2009 Illinois Pick 4 Winning Numbers. That’s a great improvement to your winning strategy. In January, single and double sets combined for 95%, and 96% in February and March.

Lottery cheats are not cheats in the real sense of the word. They are not illegal and won’t put you into some kind of federal trouble. In fact, lottery cheats have long been recognized by serious lottery players as the reason why they have higher chances of winning. Cheats at winning the lottery are actually guides on how to win any type of lotto game you choose to play. They offer sensible pieces of advice to increase the likelihood of holding a winning ticket. If you want to WIN, then according to the chart above, your best investment potential is to stay with singles and doubles. These two categories represent 93 to 97 percent of all the winning Pick 4 numbers.

Just as players see above, these traveling numbers like to visit neighboring States. In the Illinois and Iowa Pick 4 evening drawing on May 8, 2011 the 2798 was drawn. In the very next evening drawing on May 9, 2011 the Missouri Pick 4 Lottery drew the SAME PICK 4 NUMBER, 2798, in the EXACT SAME ORDER. Each decimo can win up to 7 times, and there are thousands of different cash prizes to be won and players can join as many Syndicates as they want for as long as they are available. There are many people who use anniversaries, birthdays, and other memorable dates as playing numbers. Most non-professional lottery players use this approach. Those who use memorable dates for their Pick 5 Lotto combination think that there is a higher power at place that will bring them luck. You’ll never see expert players use this approach – doing so is just effective as selecting numbers from a calendar.


How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Fantasy 5

Everybody wants to make it big. These 29 winning drawn Illinois Pick 4 numbers represent 50% of the 58 draws during the month. By including additional strategies that include “double” sets you now cover 93% of the April 2009 Illinois Pick 4 Winning Numbers. That’s a great improvement to your winning strategy. In January, single and double sets combined for 95%, and 96% in February and March. We can now use the TTT method, otherwise known as the Tic Tac Toe method. It is called as such because it does look like a Tic Tac Toe table. Write the numbers in order on each the cells of the table. This table will now serve as your entire guide for this system unlike other Pick 3 lottery workout systems which would require some automated machine.

You begin by using the preceding numbers drawn from the Pick 3 lottery. Just to provide a concrete example, let us use the numbers 468. We will call it the stack number. It is simple to join the game; the cost to play is only a dollar and the jackpot prize is set to a starting standard of $20,000.00 which will keep accumulating in the event that no one gets to match the drawn combination. When the time comes that an individual gets to have the winning combination, the jackpot or the top prize will be entitled to them.

The ultimate lottery strategy is a combination of strategies that will narrow down your choices. The more strategies you use the higher are your odds. You’ll be able to stay away from common pitfalls by knowing what common mistakes people make in picking a number combination. 3. Howard Gail’s software also indicates that picking consecutive numbers in a set usually fails any winning number combination. So it is best to avoid it. If you’re to consider birthdates, be sure to add numbers more than 31. Some will advise you to stay away from the Quick Picks, or the automated numbers in the Fantasy 5, but hey, these numbers may just have the same probability of getting the jackpot as the numbers you have picked.

– The fantasy 5 game has a long history and this makes the lottery pattern more defined which increases it accuracy in getting the winning numbers. The winning lottery pattern comes from the right lottery games code but cracking and getting this code is not an easy affair. After having the lottery pattern you can get the games trend which gives you the result of the future draw. 7. Keep track of the trends. Studying the past winning combinations can greatly help you in predicting or picking the best possible winning numbers.

These free lottery strategies will provide you with guidelines on how to pick a high probable combination. All these strategies are result of all the hard work and researches that we have made. These are based on mathematical and statistical applications to come up with a combination that would likely end up winning. Every Fantasy 5 award is a single payment only and the actual amount of prize depend on the quantity of winners since they will be the one sharing the money into equal amounts. There are also online game workstations for fantasy 5 players; you can win a free ticket prize if you were able to match 2 out of your 5 chosen numbers. However if a top-prize winner does not exist, the money that is for the top-prize winner is uniformly shared among the winners who were able to match 4 out of 5 numbers.

For those who have won the Fantasy 5 numbers lottery, they could say that this is a dream come true, but for those who still have to get that elusive jackpot, they find it as a challenge, and a mission. Some rely on pure luck, while others have a certain system they follow in picking up their Fantasy 5 numbers. Though by either luck or by system, the odds of winning the lottery may be the same, having a system to follow will not really hurt you, but could help you get that jackpot. – There are some software and programs which do the number selection based on comparison of their probability. These software have a databank of past winning numbers and sequence through which it analyzes the numbers which have the brightest chances of coming in the next draw.

5. Don’t play an all odd or an all even combination. The odds are, just not even. This game gives you an odd of 1 to 575,757 of winning, giving you more likelihood of winning than any other lottery game. Although winning the jackpot will not make you an instant millionaire, it is decent enough to give you a fortune. The jackpot starts at $100,000 which automatically rolls over to the next draw when not won. The jackpot prize is divided among winners with a liability limit of $1,000,000. Sounds easy? Maybe, but if the whole population of North Carolina is taking their chance at the lottery, you will have a hard time winning. This large number of people betting may make winning next to impossible. To win the lottery you will need proven strategies and techniques that could help you become successful in choosing the winning numbers.

3. Rules in Lotto wheeling also affects picking the proper winning combination and the best way to unlock it is by checking Cash 5 programs found online. Choose five numbers ranging from one to 39. The system you’ve registered in has a feature which enables the computer to pick numbers for you called the quick-pick. The best ways to improve your chances of winning 3, 4 and 5 number Fantasy 5 cash prizes are to identify, select and play those number combinations that have historically been drawn more frequently over a long period of time than those number combinations that have rarely been drawn over the same period of time. In other words, play the proven percentages.

1. Making particular, methodological steps in picking Cash 5 number combinations. Secrets are exposed in detail through an online E-book and software that comes with it to get a big that giant start ahead. 2. The Lotto player should come up with a number combination that would always sum up to more than a hundred in a given 5 number set. This is one of Howard Gail’s simple rules that guarantee to win at least 2 winning number combinations. These 24 of 56 draws represent a 43% winning percentage. But there are 22 different singles represented here. When you add this information to the equation, the winning odds are further reduced. Since two single box forms (0689 & 3489) repeated themselves, this reduces it to 20 different single sets; even the basic “1234” wasn’t drawn.

If you are mathematically-oriented, however, you can create a database of past winning combinations to find out which numbers have frequently been drawn and which have come out less often. This would enable you to create a pool of numbers from which you can generate bets which, in theory, would be more likely to come out in future draws. However, if these numbers don’t work, another way you could do to pick up Fantasy 5 numbers is to choose them randomly. Choose a random set of numbers on the day you purchase your ticket, until the day you draw them in. Working with the same set of numbers really wouldn’t work.

Logical betting, on the other hand, dictates that you have a good mix of high-low and odd-even numbers. This will increase your chances of winning by 64 to 67 percent. You also need to consider number group strategies. Sway away from multiples (2 4 6 8 10), single number group (all single digits, 20’s, etc) or same last digits (3 13 23 33). Their probability of being drawn is less than 1%. We’ve shown you what to avoid, now, we’ll show you what steps to take to attain that Fantasy 5 winning number. First, look at the pattern of numbers drawn before you. You may want to visit lotto reports, or view archives of numbers drawn. With this, you get to see which numbers appeared most frequently. You can set a Fantasy 5 winning number combination through the selection of the most frequent numbers.

2. Do not pick consecutive numbers in your bet. It never happened, not even once, that three or more consecutive numbers from a draw have been won. So avoid this at all cost. In Florida Lottery, winners should be able to claim their prize within 180 days of the valid draw time. Identify the following pattern combinations. For the pattern across, here is an illustration. 5. Do not play 5-number combinations that “hit” previously over the 5-year period. Only two of the same combinations repeated over the 5-year period.

combinations they need to play in order to win. – The proven ‘smart pick formula’ can pick the right New Jersey lotto numbers that tend to hit more often in future drawing. This formula can be used with any of the New Jersey lottery games mentioned above which you desire to play. Using the High-Low combination on Mass Cash can be tricky at times yet still useful, regardless of which side the middlemost number should go would sometimes be the deciding factor on getting a proper combination. A quick way in doing so is to avoid integers, meaning anything that has a multiple of 35 (five and seven respectively). The general rule of thumb from experienced lotto players and probably even some mathematicians would always be to expect the expected, not the other way around.

For years most players will play the same numbers expecting to win and fall short on each ticket purchased. The Power ball and mega million games could only be one by playing sets of different numbers. 4. However, don’t play the same number sets – choose wisely. Same sets appear very rarely in every 5 year period, the report only says twice. Don’t pick lottery numbers that have won previously. This is a bad idea, the lottery is random and the same numbers aren’t simply going to come up again and again, as the draws are random.

1. Play a combination of odd and even numbers, 2 odds, 3 evens, or vice versa. The report on the percentages of winning number stated that over a 5-year period, these combinations has a 66.19% wins. There are some proven number selection strategies which get you the high probability winning numbers for any of the lottery games. Rather than wasting your money choosing random numbers to use for play, you need to get smart and try to choose the numbers that would be most likely to be drawn in the next drawings. The important thing to remember is to realize which number combination should be chosen to get a better chance of winning.


Want To Win The Georgia Fantasy 5?

Every country in the world has its own variations of casino games and the lotto happens to be the most popular one. Talking about history, a repeat hit may occur at more than fifty percent at the time. Mass Cash has one of the longest lists of winning numbers that would sometimes repeat itself. With regards to these numbers, sometimes a combination of using a group number would be like playing poker if needed to change some cards. 1. Do not pick numbers that are drawn or won before. Seldom does it happen that same number can be drawn in the winning set for consecutive plays. For instance, if the number 15 has been included in the winning set from the previous draws, do not pick this number or place a bet in this number because it will have a slim chance that the number 15 will be drawn again.

In most lottery games, each six-number combination has a chance of hitting once every 400,000 years or so. So, it’s pointless to play the same six numbers week after week, year after year, because you think they are due to hit. Sounds simple enough, right? Yes, it is simple. That is, it’s simple to play, but not simple to win. It’s extremely difficult to win the jackpot in this game. As for some of the tricks, playing Monday Million is by far played upon the chances of getting the proper combinations, where the number is divisible by thirteen. In this case, it’s all about splitting the single grid in three and choosing two numbers from each where each playslip has ten grids.

When a player is assembling his play list for the next drawing, this tool allows him to examine the past winning numbers searching for lottery number patterns. There are many players that are quite adept at this but personally, I’m not very good at it. They have a uncanny ability to uncover patterns where the rest of us just see a list of numbers. They will randomly select all or some of the numbers for you. To make sure that these tickets are claimable by you, sign properly and maintain the accuracy. If you want to know where to play these Fantasy 5 lotto games, all you have to do is enter the zip code of the concerned State and you can play. These games are a little different, for example if no one wins, the the cash is added to the next top prize value in the next drawing. There is another option which is preferred by many people.

– Try and use the “Smart Pick Formula” to get the numbers which tend to hit more often in the future draw. This formula has been a proven mathematical tool which helps you to filter and get the right numbers. 2. Do not pick consecutive numbers in your bet. It never happened, not even once, that three or more consecutive numbers from a draw have been won. So avoid this at all cost. – First record the winning numbers of the game on an e-book to determine their drawing frequency. Analyzing the past winning numbers can show you the pattern being followed by the Pick 5 game. The game’s pattern and number sequence will help you decide the best picks for the next game.

– For interpreting the pattern being followed by Power ball, Florida Lotto, Fantasy 5, or Mega Money games start noting down the winning numbers in an e-book. These winning numbers will help you analyze the game pattern and the sequence of their end result. Once calculated, the Florida lottery game code and pattern will help you choosing the numbers which have the highest probability of being drawn. – Lotto players should know the way of winning the lottery. There are some simple and logical lottery software that tells you how to pick lotto number based on the history and pattern. These software’s can give you solution to hundreds of lotto games across the world.

4. Avoid picking numbers that are multiples. For example, 5-10-15-20-25 or 6-12-18-24-30. These are poor number pick and the odds of winning are very low. 6. Do not play the same 4-number combinations repeatedly. Only 32 4-number combinations repeated more than two times over the 5-year period. By simply rearranging the columns, the player reduces eye strain and fatigue. By placing the two columns of interest next to each other, the player would no longer be distracted by the numbers in between. He could also minimize distractions by simply blanking the columns that remain. Now, the player can focus his attention on the subject at hand. Players love this feature.

The sum of your 5 numbers can be a basis for winning combination as well. If the sums of the combination you chose ranges from 75 to 125, it maybe a winning combination because it accounts for 70 percent of all winnings in the lottery. – The use of mathematical tools and “Smart Pick Formula” gets you a high accuracy in forecasting the winning numbers. This formula always hits on numbers which have a chance of coming in the next draw. – Analyzing the Hot numbers (numbers having higher than average rate), Cold numbers (numbers with a lower than average quota) or using the “Quick pick” formula for calculating the numbers for the next draw makes your selection more accurate.

Having a complete list of Fantasy 5 Results from the previous games from the last months can help you predict the next winning set of numbers and can give you a hint of the winning numbers patterns. Better yet, if you have the Fantasy 5 Results since the day it was created, you can get an accurate trend or pattern which can be of great help in predicting the next Fantasy 5 Results. – There are some software and programs which do the number selection based on comparison of their probability. These software have a databank of past winning numbers and sequence through which it analyzes the numbers which have the brightest chances of coming in the next draw.

The first step usually involves researching past performances of the local Daily 3 Lottery in one’s own State. The time period for this research can vary from 7 days to 60 days. In the States with a single Pick 3 draw per day system there is not a problem. In States with multiple draws, for example, one Midday and one Evening draw the Pick 3 Lottery Number Generators suggest to collect information for either one, but not both. – The proven ‘smart pick formula’ can pick the right New Jersey lotto numbers that tend to hit more often in future drawing. This formula can be used with any of the New Jersey lottery games mentioned above which you desire to play.

– Using the “Smart Pick Formula” helps in filtering the choice and gets the right winning Georgia Lottery Numbers. This Formula has proven to be a very efficient mathematical tool which keeps the right group of numbers which can get a win in hand. Fantasy 5 Georgia might just give you the prize that you’ve been wanting for! But be careful with the money and keep your play slip safe because you don’t want to regret not having to claim your prize simply because you can’t find your play slip, what’s worse is if someone found it.

The “Report” does not definitively tell you which numbers or number combinations to play nor does it suggest any definitive lottery playing strategy or the amount of money to play – it just represents the actual trends of the winning number combinations and number patterns over the 5-year period and calculations derived there from. The Tennessee Cash 4 Lottery offers another example of how Cash 4 numbers can repeat themselves. On June 9, 2010, the evening draw produced 1208. On June 19, 2010, the Midday draw delivered 8102. These Cash 4 repeating numbers reflect the possibilities of the type of occurrence that can happen in other Pick 4 Lotteries around the country as well.

What that means is when the pick 3 winning numbers are shown for your states drawing, 72% of the time they will be unmatched numbers and there are ONLY 120 unmatched combinations. The more you bet the greater chance you have of winning. Looking at just Unmatched numbers you have a 1:120 chance of winning without studying your states lottery. To increase the lottery player’s chances of winning the Pick 3 Lottery he needs to use some of the middle range drawn digits 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 0 that only appeared once during the week.

7. Do not play 5-consecutive number combinations (i.e. “5-6-7-8-9”). No such 5-consecutive number combinations “hit” over the 5-year period. – The lottery pattern gives you the trend that the game follows. On the basis of the game trend you can easily calculate the winning numbers that have a high probability inn coming in the next draw. However this technique does require a little bit of practice to get the most accurate forecasting. – The pattern gives us the game trend and tells us how to get the numbers that have a high probability of coming in the next draw. The past lottery numbers and game history are also used in these analysis to calculate the right lottery pattern and trend.

The name of the game is all about picking six out of a possible 39 numbers where each panel costs one Euro. The catch is that the draw is every Monday and played only for one million Euros where the pot money doesn’t roll over for an even bigger one. Simple, in a sense, where it’s just plainly a million big ones every Monday. In the even that more than one winner is selected, he or she will get that one million Euros as well up to a total of five million Euros. Let’s break it down and look at the odds. Take the first 5 numbers. There are 5,006,386 different combinations of numbers that you could create when choosing 5 out of 59 numbers. That means that the odds of any one set of numbers showing up are exactly 1-in-5,006,386.


Pick 4

Who isn’t fond of playing a lottery game that can pay up big time and make you spend your heart out? To be a Pick 4 Winner you need a Pick 4 Lottery Strategy System with multiple Pick 4 strategies. It is the only way that Pick 4 players around the country and around the world have a real chance to win some big money. Systems that offer just one strategy to play or recommended to play just the single Pick 4 type numbers do not give you the same chance to win. Often times the reality is that the one strategy or the recommended “Pick 4 Single Number Pick 4 Systems” create “automatic losers” for both the numbers and the players.

Most of the time this strategy works and the possibility of winning the Pick 4 lottery become bigger. If you’re still used with using your pen and paper in writing down possible combinations, you may also want to try out the 24 box bet system. This is one daily Pick 4 strategies to win that big prize which is commonly used by other lottery winners. You can also team up the two strategies. You can check out the winning combinations of past draws and use the 24 box bet system to be able to come up with possible combinations for betting. From a 1:10000 chance, this can be trimmed down to 1:416 which is a big contribution already.

– When you are playing California state lottery calculating numbers by knowing the right lottery code and lottery pattern is the best bet. The strategy for calculating winning numbers was revealed by a math genius who researched and proved that lottery pattern is a key factor that influences the lottery winnings. His strategy helps the players avoid the common errors made by average player playing Super Lotto Plus, Hot spot, Scratcher or any other California lotto game. The lottery pattern gives you the trend by which you can calculate the winning numbers.

Perhaps one of the worse things to happen is not to play the Pick 3 lottery itself. Learning different strategies on how to bag some good pay out can be really easy to learn and entertaining too. If you want to win in the NJ Pick 3 lotteries, having a pen and paper can already lead you to one good strategy. The so called box betting is one strategy that works on all Pick 3 lotteries regardless of state. It is by using one three digit combination and rearranging them into different unique combinations without having any repetitions. Just imagine how may possible wins you can get if you have a list of three digit combinations, rearranging them uniquely.

If you have decided on utilizing the decade reduction winning lotto system, you have to select two to three decade sets to use. Then, make use of all the numbers from your chosen decade sets. If your lotto wheel only permits for twenty-five numbers, then make use of all the numbers from your two best decade sets, which will be nineteen to twenty numbers. Then, select five to six numbers from the decade set that is next best. Yet again, it is possible that you will not take five or six drawn numbers every time.

– Use a pick 4 chart. Sure, pick 4 gives you slightly higher chances of winning than other lottery types, but that doesn’t mean you can be complacent most of the time. Leaving everything to chance and betting random number combination won’t help you win consistently in pick 4 lottery games. To ensure a winning streak, you need to take into account the pick 4 number combination that are drawn most frequently in your state for the last 30 days. For that purpose, a pick 4 number chart comes in handy. It gives you a glimpse of the past winning combination to help you make pick 4 predictions for future winning combos.

However, ensuring win in pick 4 lottery does not merely involve your intuitions. You are bound to lose a lot of times if you constantly bet on certain numbers and leave everything else to Lady Luck. Eliminate the guesswork when picking your number combination and increase your chances of winning by using pick 4 numbers charts that contain the previous winning combination of pick 4 lottery in the last 30 days. In doing so, you can observe the trend of the number of combination that often appear in daily draws.

Combining strategies for playing triples and double-doubles with the traveling number strategy gives the player the right Pick 4 strategies to win some very nice payoffs. A perfect example of the double-double traveling number occurred with the combination draws of 8877 first in the Delaware Pick 4 Midday draw, March 22, 2010, and the April 4, 2010, Evening draw in the Kentucky Pick 4 Lottery. Players of this lottery game using both these strategies have put the 8877 on the watch list. The New York Win 4 lead the way with the evening drawing on March 30, 2010, of 0660 and followed up with this same number being drawn in the evening draw in the West Virginia Pick 4 Lottery.

9 Start today to manifest. I found a short positive affirmation can change your life completely for the better and is your day to start manifesting your desire of winning the lottery.Every day, say “thank you” to who you are, how you are, what you are and where you are. Saying “thank you”, every day, you gain the power of manifesting your desire fast. But there is a physiologic sign that shows you when this affirmation began to will feel like you are thirsty and you go to the bathroom often. This will happen for a day or two until your body eliminates a good portion of the toxins collected in the body. After that you will feel a relief throughout the body and a permanent well-being feeling.

Do you want to earn some cash but have no knowledge about playing the lottery? You don’t have to worry because even if you are inexperienced, you can easily grasp the basic concepts of playing pick 4 lottery. In most states, pick 4 lottery tickets cost only one dollar. When you purchase a ticket, you will have to choose four numbers from zero to nine to come up with a combination anywhere from 0000 to 9999. About 10,000 possible number combination can be used in pick 4 lottery, and each of these combination are known as straight pick 4 numbers. Getting the four winning numbers straight is one of the ways to win the pick 4 lottery jackpot-which goes up to $5,000 in many state lotteries.

Daily 4 is a type of lotto that can be played and won in a variety of ways. It is played twice every day from Monday to Saturday and offers a minimum play of only 50cents. There are basically seven different play types lotto players can choose from. Another one of its unique features is the option to play in pairs; more precisely, lotto players can play the first two numbers, the middle two numbers, or the last two numbers. This is referred to as Pair Play. Daily 4 also carries the Sum It Up option. How does this work? When the sum of any of the two numbers a player chooses in Pair Play is equal to the sum of the four numbers drawn, the player wins.


American Lottery After Taxes Calculator

The DC-5 lottery game is offered by DC Lottery and is played throughout the District of Columbia in the United States. State Rep. Roger Bruce (D-Atlanta) has announced his intention to introduce a bill in the 2009 legislative session to allow voters to decide if they want gaming in Georgia. His bill would allow voters of each Georgia county to decide whether or not they wanted gaming in their county. The Georgia Assembly and recent governors have been cool to the idea of casinos in Georgia. But the legislature has never allowed any gaming proposal to be voted on in a general referendum or any other popular vote.

A: The DC area is a great place for indies because of the demographics of the region, which is, on the whole, fairly well to do, well educated, and older. We don’t need to worry about producing the next Michael Bay, but if we go for a rattling good story, our possibilities are limitless. I’d like for Stonehenge to help contribute to the creation of these types of films, more ambitious shorts and eventually indie feature films. Since Stonehenge is meant to be a broad mass audition, it will never be all things to all people. However, if you’re going to go into production in the next six months it’s a great way to see who’s out there.

“Waiting For Superman” is a documentary that puts five faces on the issue of public education as it follows five students in Washington DC, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco who are all striving for academic achievement despite school and school system apathy. As a mother of a kindergartener and a Washington, DC area resident, this film was particularly timely for me. I was already familiar with some of the educational giants that served as the films experts. Former DC School Chancellor Michelle Rhee was in the local news almost daily as she tried to overhaul the DC public schools. Geoffrey Canada, CEO of the Harlem Children’s Zone, has received many national awards. The KIPP Schools have been cited in numerous books and articles. But somehow seeing how bad schools affect individual children really broke my heart.

Stonehenge is about helping to build the independent film community. Right now we’re an archipelago of unconnected filmmakers instead of a more unified island and we need to work more to be an island and not worry about being a continent. In building our independent film community, we need to play to our strengths: we have a very good theatre community, many actors with excellent training who can provide good character driven stories. We also have a lot of technical expertise in that we are the third largest film and video industry in the United States. Naturally, a lot of that is not narrative-based, they are not doing fictional work, but I suspect if you asked people at production houses why they got interested in film, they will say it wasn’t necessarily because of a desire to produce industrial videos. Many of these people would like to do, would love to do, something completely creative.

A: Stonehenge is not a substitute for the Lottery, the Leagues, or any other mass audition in this area. I hope it’s a valuable supplement to other auditions and a good way for filmmakers to get the ball rolling on that essential preproduction task of casting. For actors, it’s another opportunity to audition. The one main difference from the other mass auditions is that, at Stonehenge, we’re looking for monologues performed in a TV or film style. It’s a distinct style, as different as Shakespeare is from Neil Simon. The actors that have really wowed the auditors in the past delivered a small, subtle performance told mainly with their eyes. We have some other tips, including do’s and don’ts, on the website.

The five children profiled in “Waiting For Superman” each had parents and guardians that were invested in their academic futures. Their kids were not being served by their current schools and they had identified magnet or charter schools that would offer their children better educational opportunities. The film did a good job of allowing the viewer to get to know and care about the students. Each student’s story culminated with a school lottery drawing where names were pulled from a hat or plucked from a bingo basket. The lucky winners gained entry into the much sought after schools. The odds for winning a spot were in themselves depressing – 10 out of 135, 110 out of 455, and 35 out of 767. I held my breath while watching the families wait to hear if their name or number was called.

On 16th January, 2004, D.C United selected Adu as their first player in the 2004 MLS draft. The stage was set for the new American ‘wonder boy’ to set the MLS alight. On 3rd April, Adu came on for United as a substitute against San Jose Earthquakes, making him the youngest ever player to appear in any United States professional sport since 1887 (at 14 years, 306 days). A short time later, on 17th April, he became the youngest player ever to score a goal in the MLS (at 14 years, 320 days), when he scored a 75th minutes goal in a 3-2 loss against Metrostars.

A: Stonehenge is a one-day casting event held several times throughout the year in various cities. Actors will perform a 90-second monologue for participating production companies. The first Stonehenge was in Washington, D.C., in April 2005 and has since grown exponentially in terms of participation by and popularity with actors, production companies and casting agents. Stonehenge III was held on April 2006, prior to the 48 Hour Film Project. Over 100 actors auditioned and over 20 production companies attended – about 45 filmmakers total.

Answer Number Two: The State legislators have already settled any moral trepidations they may have ever had over gambling. It is already legal here in Georgia in one form. Fifteen years ago, lottery gambling became legal in Georgia, and to date, has generated over $15 Billion in tax revenue. Sales for fiscal year 2008 climbed to a record-breaking $3.5 billion, exceeding the revenue generated during fiscal year 2007. So, the State of Georgia has already been in the gaming business for over 15 years. Casino gambling is simply another form of gambling. However, with casino gambling, the state will not have the monopoly, but private enterprise will own and operate the casinos.

How do you calculate how much taxes you will have to pay on your lottery winnings? First, you should start off with federal taxes. The lottery corporation usually holds back somewhere around 30% for federal taxes. However, the final tax rate may be more than that, so you might end up paying even more when you complete your tax forms at the end of the year. Following federal taxes, you will also have to pay state taxes. Every state is different and some, if you are lucky enough to live in one of those states, don’t even tax lotto winnings. But usually, state taxes are about 10%.

A: I grew up in Arlington, Virginia, seeing performances at Arena Stage, the Folger, and elsewhere. When I came back after college, I worked as a technician at Shakespeare, Studio, Signature, and others. I really got a good sense of how vibrant and self-supporting the theatre community is here. In 2003, I got involved more into film and video, which I had done in the 1990s. I learned that a lot of the filmmakers didn’t know as many actors as they needed. I was amazed because I knew that hundreds of actors are out there to support all these theatres. Many people don’t know about DC theatre nationally because we’re in the shadow of New York. At the same time, we’re also the third largest market for film and video because of Discovery, National Geographic, and others. We’re tiny compared to Los Angeles and small compared to New York, but we are a presence.

A: For the actors, read the site, follow the directions, and realize this is a mass audition: we’re moving a lot of people in and out in short order. The plane boards every fifteen minutes and everyone needs to be at the boarding gate on time. If you’re not at the registration desk fifteen minutes before your scheduled audition time when we call your name, we need to put someone else in your slot. It may seem like a merciless schedule, but it’s the mass audition beast. It’ll also help prepare you for the oftentimes more hectic world of film sets. We’ll do what we can to make things run smoothly, but you need to help us help you.

In Adu’s second season he was moved into midfield. Questions were raised as to why he was moved into a new position. Some people have argued that Adu has been moved deeper to incorporate him in DC United’s side as he hasn’t produced enough goals when playing upfront. Of course, even with the tax headaches, winning the lottery would be a dream come true, so keep going for it and buy your tickets. Don’t let the thought of paying taxes keep you from dreaming about a big win because paying taxes is a problem you should love to have, in this case at least.