Do Not Let Dark Circles Under Your Eyes Get You Down

Having dark circles around the eyes are a big no-no when it comes to beauty and aesthetics. You can try a home remedy to get rid of them. There are many different ones to choose from. A lot of people have successfully used duct tape to remove them. Others have used such items as fingernail polish, apple cider vinegar and raw potatoes. Before you try any of these home remedies you should research them first. You want to try the most effective home remedy available. Dark circles are similar, in a way, to bruises, they are really oxidizing hemoglobin. Dark circles begin in the tiny blood vessels that make up the delicate skin around the eyes.

Once there, nutrients are released to stimulate and maintain healthy cell function. Cells go back to work manufacturing collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The thin skin around your eyes begins to thicken and become firmer and more elastic. When the health of the underlying fabric of the skin improves, circulation and fluid drainage improve, capillaries become stronger and leaking stops. Some of the best eye creams can work wonders in getting rid of black circles around the eyes. When used daily they can rejuvenate the skin around the eyes, providing you with a fresh feeling and better look. The fine lines that you may have can also be improved using a wrinkle cream.

Various beauty products claim to have amazing remedial services on tired eyes. Over-the-counter cosmetics may help diminish dark circles under eyes. Try out skin creams that contain vitamin C or K, alpha hydroxy acid and kinetin. 5. Dark circles can result due to the natural aging process. In order to seize the amplification of mold, mildew, viral and bacteria related illness. Hot water and normal brand laundry detergent could accomplish the level of cleaning required. Not only that, use of extreme hot water only serves to raise the costs of energy consumed by health care facilities. Their are natural laundry liquid detergent removes these molds, bacteria, fungus related specimens without the assistance of heat.

There are several reasons why dark circles appear under the eyes. Allergies, dehydration, and salt retention are common reasons to see them. For example, when I suffered from pet allergies, I had issues with under eye circles, which promptly disappeared once the allergy issue was taken care of. These shorter-term reasons can often be solved by making lifestyle and diet changes. Drinking more water, and changing the diet may can improvement in this condition. Cynergy TK(TM) is a new and proven winner when it comes to stimulating re-growth of new collagen and elastin skin cells. Increasing the collagen and elastin levels around your eyes this way will help reduce your wrinkles – so your eyes can regain a more youthful glow.

Ruta- Eyestrain with headache and painful hot eyes due to reading fine print or sewing, etc calls for Ruta. Bruised sensation and weariness of eyes are to be noted. Differentiate between Argentum nitricum though. Ruta is aggravated from cold, while Argentum aggravated by warmth, so you have the point to differentiate. 2. Concealer: For a more conventional solution try using a concealer. Using yellow will neutralize the blues, purples, and husky hues on the skin. This does not rid the problem, but can build your confidence for the day to alleviate the ‘tired look’. I recommend ONE Group certified organic concealer to cure dark circles under your eyes.

Discover the secret to a safe, effective natural remedy for under eye dark circles found in natural substances. No harmful chemicals, just healthy and safe ingredients used to eliminate your under eye circles. And, the combination of two ingredients in the natural eye gel that helps remove those bags under your eyes and dark circles. Effective substances called Halyoxl(TM) and Eyeliss(TM). When excess blood is in the capillaries around your eyes, some bloods cells tend to wander into the skin. Your body actually has enzymes that break down these blood cells and the hemoglobin that gives it it’s red color, so this is not actually the problem.

Halyoxl(TM) is specifically designed to target accumulated hemoglobin and other waste products in the delicate skin under and around your eyes, which cause dark shadows and puffy bags. In reality the appearance of dark circles under your eyes can have many different culprits. Everybody wants to remove dark circle under eye as it tends to make you look 8-12 years older than those without under-eye blemishes. This is because dark circles make you look older, stressed, sick, tired as well as depressed. The skin around the eyes is some of the thinnest skin to be found in the human anatomy. They are very sensitive hence using in-organic substances for curing black circles and puffy eyes can harmful. Natural remedies suits best and lack side effects for the treatment of this problems.

Hot and Cold Compresses- Apply alternate hot and cold compresses under your eyes at least for 10 minutes. Mix one teaspoon of almond oil with half teaspoon of lime juice and apply the mixture on the dark surface every night before going to bed. Lack of Sleep – One of the most common reasons of “temporary” dark under eye circles is lack of sleep. Making sure to get a regular amount of sleep daily will help to decrease dark circles. Pumpkin Flowers – Medical experts recommend the juice or extract of the pumpkin flower. You can apply the juice in your eyelids at least two times a day for 15 minutes. Some natural remedy advocates suggest putting a few drops of honey into the eyes will be helpful.

3. Tea. Whether it is black or green tea, this caffeinated drink helps tighten blood vessels and lessen swelling of the eyes. Use the teabags to soothe the swelling. Cool two used teabags in the refrigerator before placing them on your eyes. Let them stay for a few minutes. And after you remove them, you will instantly feel the refreshing effect. Nutmeg- To give a cooling effect to your eyes, make a paste of the herb nutmeg (Jaiphala) and milk and apply it all around your eyes and over the eyelids also. The next cause of dark eye circles is stress and fatigue. If a person lacks sleep or is over fatigued, then the skin acquires a pale coloring thus making the blood underneath more visible through the paled skin.

1. One may apply cucumber juice in the region beneath the eyes and leave for 10 minutes. The cool, refreshing cucumber juice not only lightens the skin tone in the discolored area, but also soothes the tired eyes. If you do some research, you will find lots of remedies for facial dark spots. Natural remedies are most people’s preferred choice as they usually don’t cost much and are non-invasive. All you need for the treatment can be found at your nearest market or store. First of all, you need to understand that your body is not as young as it used to be. That doesn’t mean anything wrong. We all age with time. Also, those black circles under your eyes don’t mean you have eyesight problems or illnesses. Even if you do have eyesight problems, they are not related with the darkness under your eyes (however, you should consult it with your optometrist as soon as possible.).


Relieve Your Eczema Symptoms Naturally With Essential Oils

If you suffer from eczema, you know how itchy and inflamed your skin can become. Tip # 2 – The second tip, one of the qualities that puts this oil on the list of best eczema remedies is that it reduces itching and inflammation. It does that because it contains gamolenic acid (GLA), which is also known as gamma linolenic acid. GLA, is an essential fatty acid that is excellent at reducing itchiness, irritation and inflammation. If you have eczema, you know that that is, by far, the biggest problem an eczema sufferer has. Any successful treatment must absolutely reduce your itching, if they are going to be useful at all.

Eczema is a generalized term for a group of skin disorders. It is often characterized by itchiness, skin redness and dry, scaly or crusty skin. Small, fluid like blisters may form when the affected area is scratched. Infections may also occur in the areas where the skin is broken. The exact cause of eczema is unknown, although it has been linked to genetics. It tends to occur more often in people who have a family history of hay fever, asthma and other allergies. There are several factors that can trigger a breakout. These include skin irritants such as harsh soaps and perfumes, allergens such as pollen and pet hair, climatic conditions and stress.

An essential oil is one which is made by distilling it with either water or steam or by processing it mechanically (especially in the case of citrus rinds) or by dry distillation of natural materials. After the distillation process, the essential oil becomes physically separated from the water phase. The nightshade family plant foods are tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and eggplants. Again, I found that the people with psoriasis that I treated ate these foods very frequently. Because tetrasodium can be an irritant to the skin and mucus membranes people with eczema should exercise caution before using products that contain it. One reason that tetrasodium etidronate is used in soaps is for its preservative properties. Commercial soaps are required to have no more than two percent of tetrasodium etidronate but even small amounts can trigger eczema symptoms.

4. If you have open sores from your eczema, you need some sunlight, with no sunscreen. The sun offers natural cures for eczema when it comes to the bacteria that are often found lurking in open sores due to eczema. Just a few minutes in the heat of the day’s sun-rays can speed up healing. Natural antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibacterial. Used for dermatitis, athlete’s foot, ringworm, parasites, rejuvenates skin cells, mature and dry skin, scars, eczema, inflamed, cracked skin, acne, eliminates dandruff, repels bugs, and relieves insect bites.

Dr. Pagano referred these patients to my center because we offered colon hydrotherapy, one of the holistic approaches to psoriasis that he recommended. Psoriasis, along with eczema, are conditions where the body is toxic. Internal cleansing combined with a few other natural approaches can offer healing to those suffering from these uncomfortable and unsightly conditions. This insidious condition is usually treated by one brand or another of 1% hydro cortisone. However it is quite a futile treatment and rarely cures the symptoms much less resolves this fungal infection.

Tamanu oil is made from the kernels of a yellow, elliptical fruit grown on a tree in the tropics. An entire year’s worth of fruit from a single tree only yields 5 kilograms of the precious healer, and it takes patience to extract, because the seeds have to dry in the sun for two months. However, it is worth the wait, since the result heals a myriad of skin diseases. In this article I’m going to give you some great little home remedies for an itchy scalp, dandruff problems and other skin irritations, which you can make in as little as 10 minutes and using only natural ingredients and oils. Most of the products mentioned here can be easily found in any local health store.

1. One of the best ways to heal your eczema is the use of omega 3 fatty acids. This is found in fish oils and flax-seed oil. This helps to heal the eczema because it reduces the inflammation the skin has and in doing so, continues to heal the skin. Good for dry, mature, aging skin, acne, scars, reduces wrinkles, balances out oily skin, healing for all skin types. Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, natural astringent. I remember finding all the information a little confusing, back when I was looking into what natural remedies for eczema I should try. Luckily, I came across a program that helped me cure my eczema by giving me the tools and knowledge needed to finally beat it.

It is important to note that the best way to tackle itchy scalp problems, as with any other affliction, is to find out the cause of the problem and do your best to rectify it there and then use these remedies as ways to assist healing and sooth the condition. If in doubt about anything, please don’t hesitate to consult your doctor or dermatologist. In addition to after bather moisturizers, people with eczema are advised to avoid sudden temperature changes. The type of forced air heat that is used during the winter can be very irritating and trigger symptoms. Dry, cracked skin is easily aggravated when the air lacks humidity. For that reason, eczema sufferers should sleep in rooms with humidifiers during the winter months when forced heat is being used.

Eczema, being an allergic reaction, is mainly triggered by eating specific foods or getting in touch with external allergens that penetrate and damage the skin barrier. Well, you are not alone. With 15 million people just in the US alone suffering with some form of eczema, it’s not hard to see why there is a demand for a natural remedy. That figure is rising too, as the number of cases of eczema has sky rocketed in the last 50 years or so. Good for wounds, scarring and psoriasis. Stimulates the regeneration of skin cells and underling connective tissue, beneficial effect on collagen and inhibits its excessive production in scar formation, accelerates the healing of burns and skin grafts and minimizes scarring.

Although there are various methods and treatment available for Dyshidrotic Eczema it can also be cured using home made and natural remedies. So, now let us discuss some natural ways to treat Dyshidrotic Eczema. I have included a few more remedies and uses for oils below. There are many many more in “Beautiful Hair & Healthy Scalp Secrets & Remedies ” and a list of shampoos that are not toxic. They are nourishing & repairing for your scalp & hair. The best part of knowing that there are alternatives is that you can have mix these into super powerful blends like a super moisture boosting home remedy for dry scalp, or soothing itchy scalp treatments. Dry itchy scalp can be dealt with fast and permanently without spending a ton on traditional scalp med products.

Although eczema and over the counter treatments do not go very well together, many people are treating their eczema or that of their children with products bought over the counter. Tip # 1 – First, as eczema remedies go, Hemp Seed Oil is one of the best natural moisturizers you can find. That’s because it contains essential fatty acids. You see, the outer layer of your skin is called the epidermis and if your epidermal layer is not well hydrated and moisturized, it can cause any number of skin problems, including eczema.

Good for infections, acne, skin care and hair care, Natural anti-toxic and antiseptic. Medical science has not yet come up with a long-term cure for eczema. Eczema and over the counter treatments do not get you anything beyond temporary relief. Not only is cow’s milk damp forming, but other foods can be extremely damp forming as well. Interestingly, some of these foods are common triggers for eczema such as wheat and peanuts. Other damp forming foods include orange juice, bananas, sugar, cheese and other dairy products.

In addition, omega 3 fatty acids can help soften the skin when you drink enough water. Since the dry skin characterizes eczema, this combination is one of the natural cures for eczema. To treat eczema, you need to reduce redness, inflammation and itching of the skin by clearing heat. As well you should moisten dryness and strengthen the qi (vital energy) and blood. Cooling and moistening foods include grapefruit, lettuce, seaweed, watermelon, cucumber, celery, barley, beancurd (tofu), pears, strawberry, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and tomatoes.

Flaxseed oil is often recommended as a home remedy for eczema because it is a good source of essential fats, which help to decrease inflammation. People with eczema usually have low levels of essential fatty acids in their bodies. A typical dose of flaxseed oil is one tablespoon per day. Some people have reported that eating raw potatoes (at least two a day) has been helpful in clearing up eczema. If you decide to use this home remedy, make sure the potatoes are thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed. However, an eczema episode can be the result of a lack of Vitamin A in the sufferer, in particular beta carotene which has been linked to eczema problems. Some of the foods that contain this essential nutrient are green vegetables and because eczema is an immune-disorder, you can understand the importance of this essential nutrient towards the healing process.


An Introduction To Holistic Medicine

Have you ever been sick but just cannot figure out what is wrong with you? Acupuncture is an ancient medicine technique that uses very small needles to poke into your skin to relieve troubled pressure points inside your body. The technique itself might sound a bit unbelievable, but many studies have shown that this type of treatment has work great for people suffer from chronic pain or headaches, or people that seem to be under the weather more often than not. Trained holistic doctors take many years to learn all the different ways to use acupuncture and do not use it on patients until they are an expert at the practice.

Knowing the common concept behind both of these holistic approaches in medicine, let’s move on to the difference between the two, starting with acupuncture. As the name suggests, this holistic method makes use of thin needles that puncture the skin. The needles used are totally different from those that a regular doctor uses. The needles used for acupuncture are made of metal and are flexible and very thin. These are inserted by a trained acupuncturist beneath the skin or muscle and even tissue. The needles are disposable and hypoallergenic and, of course, sterile. Trained acupuncturists ensure that there is no pain associated with the treatment. Once the needle reaches the pressure point, it clears the blockage and allows the Qi to move freely again. Unlike acupressure, acupuncture can only be performed by a trained specialist: an acupuncturist.

Because there are many holistic health colleges which you may choose to apply to, it is important to determine what subject matter meets your educational aspirations. For instance, if you are seriously contemplating a professional career in bodywork, some holistic health colleges extend exclusive training in massage therapy. Holistic health colleges that provide massage training will primarily consist of classroom and clinical training in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, CPR and first aid, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and sports massage. However, due to the far-reaching modalities of massage, some holistic health colleges may afford students with the opportunity to learn more advanced techniques, including massage applications in acupressure, animal massage, shiatsu, Chinese medical massage, cross fiber massage, lymphatic massage, geriatric, prenatal and infant massage, chair massage, among many others.

Traditional medicinal practitioners often used complementary medicine as an aid, which are non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive methods to complement their traditional medicinal treatments. Some examples of such complementary medicine are Imaging, Biofeedback, Change of Lifestyle Program, hobbies and many more. It is concluded that such medication techniques are safer as compared to the conventional invasive and pharmaceutical techniques as it does not involve surgery which consist of certain level of risks and drugs which may lead to eventual side effects. In a Holistic Healing Plan, conventional techniques may not be needed at all but in some of such plans, it’s a chief segment of the process. It is situational and based on a number of medical considerations.

Stimulating specific points on the meridians will create a change in the vibration or oscillation of energy, which in turn, induces the release of certain chemicals and nutrients. These chemical reactions lead to the relief of pain and inflammation and release of mood enhancing neurotransmitters, such as endorphins and serotonin. The amazing part is that no outside chemicals need to be introduced to the body. All chemicals are already residing in the body, so there are no harsh side effects from treatment.

Hot Stone Therapy: The ancient healing arts of stone massage, a modality for physical and spiritual balancing. The ‘metasthetic’ energies of basalt and sedimentary massage stones known energy; they give to an area that is depleted and help move energy in places of excess, promoting a harmonizing and cleansing effect thus allowing for a soothing meditative state of quietude, calm and balance. Incorporating warm and cold stone massage is very effective to create harmony and a positive energy flow thus promoting a sense of balance, energy and peace.

If earning your associates, bachelors, masters or doctorate is important to you then there are a number of holistic healing classes that are more advanced and comprehensive in nature. These holistic healing classes typically include practical and clinical instruction in chiropractic, naturopathy, Oriental medicine, orthomolecular medicine, and anti-aging and preventive medicine. In addition, professionals who have already attained some level of medical education will find that there are holistic healing classes in holistic nursing, holistic veterinarian and holistic M.D. programs.

This approach differs radically from that of orthodox medicine, where the emphasis is on the diagnosis and treatment of the symptoms of disease, and where illness is usually regarded in terms of local disorders affecting specific organs or parts of the body. In holistic medicine, spontaneous disease is regarded as a general or overall imbalance in the individual’s vital energy flow, which may be corrected using natural healing methods and by prescribing the optimum conditions in which the body’s own self-healing process can take place. According to the holistic view, illness is not something you have, but something you express. An individual is not ill because he or she has a tumor, but has developed a tumor because he or she is ill.

A good example is a person suffering from migraines. If they decide to visit this kind of doctor, they may not work out with only medications. The doctor will take time to look at all the possible factors that could be causing the headaches. He will also search for any other health problems that could cause the migraines including personal problems, stress, sleep habits and even diet. Treatment can involve using drugs as well as modifications to one’s lifestyle to make sure that the headaches don’t recur.

I then found a Dutch acupuncturist, who took about 4 hours to treat me and did some direct moxibustion on my back. Moxibustion is often used along with acupuncture and it is used to draw toxins out of the body, mostly at the point of the complaint. Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves the burning of mugwort, or “moxa”, a small, spongy herb, to facilitate healing and has been used throughout Asia for thousands of years. The purpose of moxibustion, as with most forms of traditional Chinese medicine, is to strengthen the blood, stimulate the flow of “qi” or “chi”, and maintain general health.

Here are some additional ways to raise your vibrations. Sit down and relax, elevate your legs and close your eyes. Focus on your solar plexus with your eyes closed with the intent of raising your vibrations. Put your hand on your solar plexus and direct healing energy there. Hold high vibration crystals like orgone or citrine in you left hand while you do these exercises. Open your hand and repeatedly slap your upper chest, just below your neck. Do this at least 10 times in a row and then stop. Feel your vibrations rise. Some other ways include sounds designed to raise your vibrations that you will find in videos and CDs including on YouTube, crystal bowls, drumming, high vibration rock music, vibrating chairs, beds and massage devices.

The same remedies which alleviate pain and inflammation also support the body’s healing response. But in this day and age of stress and fast food, many people benefit from additional strategies to promote the body’s overall healing response. In my 24 years in clinical practice (1986 to present) I have seen a deterioration in people’s healing response-how well their bodies are able to heal injuries. When someone has suffered an injury, as in an automobile accident, the body’s healing response is called into action. When there is a poor healing response the injuries heal slowly and pain is prolonged. When there is an optimal healing response the injuries heal more quickly and the pain disappears more quickly.

The purpose of acupuncture and Oriental medicine methods is to identify the underlying patterns of disharmony in the body and re-balance the body as a whole. Acupuncture treats both the symptom and the cause, which makes it very effective at treating a wide variety of diseases. Many times, depression and anxiety is due to an insufficiency or imbalance of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, in the brain. Acupuncture increases and balances the serotonin levels, and disengages and redirects the ‘stress pathway’ in the body. Stress, both emotional and environmental, can deplete the serotonin levels in the body, as well as the nutrients necessary to create serotonin. By reducing the stress response, the body is able to maintain healthy nutrient and neurotransmitter levels.

ACUPUNCTURE is an ancient Chinese system based on the principle that the body’s vital energy (“Chi”) travels along fixed channels or meridians, and that it is possible to restore health, eliminate pain and so on, by manipulating this energy by inserting needles into the skin at specific points along these meridians. In acupuncture, disease is classified in terms of qualities of body function and energy flow, and diagnosis is made by close observation of such physical signs as skin colour and texture, the distribution of hot or cold patches, subtle body odours, action of the joints and, above all, the reading of the twelve pulses. Many modern acupuncturists now use electrical stimulation in place of, or in addition to the use of needles. Acupuncture is also now used in conventional medicine, but mainly as a means of controlling pain rather than treating illness.

How To Treat Acne Scars In 5 Easy All Natural Ways

Acne is bad enough all by itself, but acne scars can some times prove to be worse. A Healthy Body – your body cannot heal acne if it’s not healthy. Because without a healthy body, the healing process will be very slow, even if you’re using the best acne treatment on the market. For example, if you’re healthy, you can clear acne as fast as 2 to 3 days with an effective acne treatment. If it’s not healthy, then it can take as long as a month. So in order to maintain a healthy body, you have to make sure your body is getting all the essential vitamins and minerals it needs in every meal you consume.

Acne treatment products hinge upon the harshness of acne but the routine will always be the same. The harshness of the acne may range from soft, moderate to strong. The most basic component establish by most acne treatment products are salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Salicylic acid is a modest acid that gets rid of acne by wearing out the old, dry skin that causes clogging of pores. This is a verified dependable and powerful way of getting rid of soft acne. It also maximizes and assists in restoring new skin cells. In addition, this doesn’t have any burden on the output of sebum or the bearing of acne causing bacteria.

Now to start your fast, you’ll want to set aside two weeks. The first week, you’ll only eat natural foods, keep consumption of meat to a minimum and completely avoid eating any dairy, white carbs and refined sugar. You really want to follow through with this because by doing so, you’ll have only “good” items in your body and you won’t experience strong fasting symptoms. Stuff your body full of junk before you go on a fast and you’ll feel awful for the first few days until your body has cleared out all of the toxins.

Some believe the best treatment for acne or keloid scars is laser revision. Laser treatment for acne scarring is divided into ablative, which means to destroy and non-ablative. Ablative treatment for acne scars involve either erbium or carbon dioxide lasers to remove skin. Non-ablative laser treatment is definitely more appealing as it does not destroy tissue and there is practically no downtime, but the degree of improvement varies and is usually less than with more invasive laser treatment of acne.

Water is the magic cleanser that will cleanse the system and will keep you invigorated naturally. Drink as much water as you can handle all day long. It will hydrate the skin and get rid of the toxins to promote the healing process. This will significantly lighten up the ugly marks and scars. The only thing worse than struggling with acne is trying to find a cure. It’s slim-pickings for anyone looking for something they won’t have to buy monthly. Not only do most topical treatments require you to commit in order to see any lasting results, many of them have some sort of annoying side effect like chemical burns or dry skin.

One important thing to remember in treating pimples is that you should never pick, pop or squeeze a pimple. Touching it, or altering it in any way, would just aggravate it or infect it further, which would result to a longer healing time. What’s worse is that it can cause the spread of bacteria or cause the lesion to enlarge, leaving you with a scar that should not have even been there. Regular exercising produces a lot of sweat which helps in flushing out toxins from our body. Toxins are the main cause for all acne, flushing them out by something as simple as exercising is a great way to fight cystic acne. Exercising in fact benefits the whole body and helps us lead a healthier life.

If you leave traces of make up products on your skin, it clogs pores and results in a good number of pimples and blackheads. If you really want to wear makeup under unavoidable circumstances, it should be water-based. New studies show that during times of high emotional stress, such as during exam time in high school, there are more acne breakouts; so are stress hormones the culprits? Understanding that hormones may have some influence on the cause of acne is still being researched. I think the cause of acne is related to our acidic, inflammatory ‘standard American diet’ (SAD) and that would also influence all of our hormones including stress hormones.

Another natural way that you can treat acne without spending money is to start eliminating sugar and fats from your diet. This natural method of acne treatment may even help you save money. Many studies seem to show that too much sugar and fat in the body can actually aggravate acne. When you do not eat healthy food, many times, the results will show up on your skin. You may sometimes get tempted to squeeze scratch, rub or touch your pimples and blackheads. If you do, you are actually increasing the production of sebum. Squeezing also ruptures the membranes below your skin and results in infection and sebum to spread under your skin.

This is not to say however that all brand name acne products are just money traps, some actually do work for people. And some people don’t really mind buying soaps and creams over and over again just to keep their breakouts away. But the fact is that acne is a majorly lucrative business, and there isn’t nearly as much money in solutions. The nodules are caused due to blocking of glands due to the excessive production of sebum and oil in the skin. These are tender and swollen pimples with a central lumpy core. The nodular acne generally results in severe scarring after it heals.

A great way to heal your skin is to drink herbal teas. Herbal teas made from dandelion, sassafras, and burdock seed are great for healing acne. You should also a lot of water as well. There are many different ways to go about curing acne naturally, and natural remedies for acne are far more effective than any topical treatments produced by brand name companies. Loads of acne sufferers around the world have made the switch to natural remedies over the more conventional acne treatments of the past. Microdermabrasion for removal of acne scarring involves a suction tip gently lifting the skin whilst delicate sterile particles polish and exfoliate to remove dead skin and debris from the superficial layers of the skin, leaving a much smoother texture. This method is not only used as a facial treatment for acne scarring, but also for wrinkles. This type of pitted acne scars treatment is also excellent for hyperpigmentation and the side effects are generally mild lasting only a day.



I’m nursing an almost fatal wound. Here is a list of the various types of therapies that are considered the cutting edge of wound maintenance in the field now. Many of these therapies require modified equipment and even the proper care unit facilities to manage the care for the patients for a proper amount of time. We used Raw Coconut Oil because most Olive Oil today is processed in various ways and no longer resembles the olive oil of Biblical times. Virgin Raw Coconut Oil is rich in a natural substance called Lauric Acid and Capric Acid that studies have shown it to be a natural anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti yeast agent. Virgin Raw Coconut Oil also has a long shelf life in its natural state, lasting over two years with no special storage needed.

Then the blood cells must be directed to remove toxins and to reestablish healthy blood counts. This process will eventually remove infection in the wound. Sometimes, the spiritual and emotional wounds are so painful that we develop a case of amnesia. We may not be able to recall voluntarily the event or that time in our life. In such a case, we may need the aid of a compassionate counselor to guide us gently in facing our spiritual and emotional hurts. Hence the old medical adage ‘vis medicatrix natura’, (the healing power of nature). According to this ancient idea, left to themselves, most disorders will run their course and the body will get well naturally. Hippocrates believed that an organism is not passive to injuries or disease but rebalances itself to counteract them.

The fifth step is to STRENGTHEN the weak area. Again, in the natural, the area around the wound may remain weak even after the healing occurs. This is also true of spiritual and emotional wounds. The enemy will try to get us to focus our thoughts (II Corinthians 10:4-5) on the event that brought the spiritual or emotional hurt. If this occurs, we may mentally pick at the area until we have opened a new wound. As I pondered this situation, I decided that the next time a healing was needed, I would not do any spiritual healing work, would let things take their own course, and see what happened.

Last but not least, evaluate the client’s mental, emotional and spiritual states that affect and effect the entire body. Also address and correct the environmental factors such as lack of individual care or attention. Remove medications that hinder healing. Check with your physician about the interactions of various prescriptions. Clients that smoke should be required to stop during wound rehabilitation. You need to make wise eating choices, and drink plenty of water. Your diet should include healthy proteins which are building blocks for cells, vitamin C and zinc which are known to promote wound healing. Lots of fresh green vegetables will also help speed up the recovery process. Eliminating processed sugars and carbonated beverages also helps the body mend quicker.

It increases blood flow to the affected area with the help of low-level current. An increased blood circulation speeds healing of wounds and cleaning of toxins. The technology is used in shaping, fat reduction, wrinkles, fine lines and acne scars. Shur-Clens or 0.9 sodium chloride: Ideally, you want to irrigate the area to properly cleanse the area. If you’ve got a syringe handy, this will help give the liquid pressure which will help get the grit out. The area must be completely cleaned out. If necessary, use clean gauze to gently scrub the area. Do not scrub vigorously, as this can cause more tissue damage.

Treatment – During and after treatment, the wound sometimes take months to heal. If a persons’ nutritional and fluid intake is poor, the wound may not heal at all. The atrophy was gone, just like that, in an instant! I didn’t know where it went or how it went, and I still don’t know. I was in awe as I watched her walk, and felt that I was witnessing a miracle. It wasn’t until some time later that I realized I had witnessed what is called a “spontaneous healing” meaning, healing came all at once. True, it took several weeks of spiritual work on my part before she became healed, but when the healing came, it happened all at once instead of slowly evolving.

Electrode pads of two varying frequencies are used. The two currents interfere with each other to create deep penetrating impulses. It is believed that it is more effective than TENS as it faces less resistance to penetrate skin. The impulses interfere with the pain signals at spinal cord and help body in recovering. What is a “moist wound healing”? This refers to the condition in which a wound is most optimally and effectively able to heal. Rather than exposing a wound to air and allowing it to dry out, the area is kept moist.

But this wound is different. This wound cuts deep into our emotional and physical well-being. This wound is, in fact, far deeper than any ulcer and longer lasting than any other wound. This wound is non-healing. I know this now. The next stage is the scabbing or crusting phase. The healing process starts after the blisters have ruptured and the open sore begins to crust over, forming a scab. Although it may seem that the cold sore has healed, you are still quite contagious during the fading stage. If the redness of the skin is still visible, it is not safe to assume that you are cold sore free. Each person’s body determines how quickly the red spot fades. It may take anywhere from 2 to 14 days.

The topical treatments can be divided into types of dressings and medications either applied directly to a wound or impregnated into the dressing. Hydrocolloids, like Duoderm dressings, can remain on the wound for several days a time. In fact, these dressings work best when not changed frequently. Less disturbance of the wound results in lower risk of infection and scarring. Burns are more than skin deep. A burn scar is a symbol of the painful trauma that burn sufferers go through in that horrible moment of the accident. People who go through a traumatic experience that results in a burn need to be turned from a burn victim into a burn survivor as quick as possible. Using an effective burn mark remover is the first step in moving on from the accident emotionally.

This is not the way to help individuals move on with their daily lives. This isn’t truly burn healing, its burn hiding. While hiding the appearance of the scar can help start the internal emotional scar healing process, it is not a remedy for the scar. Bleeding and bacterial infection are common side effects of this surgical procedure. Grafts can be spurned by the body and can come undone at any time. 4) Less painful dressing removal. Hydrocolloid dressings can be removed much more painlessly than other types of dressings. They also leave the newly-healed wound intact, unlike ordinary dressings which can disturb the area and tear away new skin cells.

British doctor George D. Winter discovered in 1962 that epithelialization occurred twice as fast in moist wounds as in dry ones. “Epithelialization” refers to the skin’s ability to generate new cells which migrate to the surface of the exposed area to protect it from invading microbes. Since then, science has been researching and developing dressings that encourage a moist wound healing environment. Lacerations such as a surgery scar, a caesar scar, episiotomy pain, pain after a knife wound, all come under the action of Calendula. As does a wound with a great sensitivity to cold.

Some people hold the false belief that if they forgive, friends and family will see them as weak. Forgiving, letting go of the pain, and moving on after the deep wound of an affair requires great inner strength. As far as we know, only God can forgive and forget. We humans are cursed with memory and so the healing process requires forgiving and letting go of the hurt. Letting go demands personal discipline and is much more difficult if you have a vengeful, unforgiving personality. In healthy patients following the wound care after surgery, most wounds heal within two weeks. If you have health problems such as diabetes or a weakened immune system, or are on certain drugs, such as steroids or chemotherapy drugs your healing will probably take longer.

Treatments for white scarring that result from acne scars or accidents include medications for vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin disorder of unknown cause involving loss of pigmentation in patches of otherwise normal skin. Allograft: Where Split Skin is taken from another Donor, including a cadaver within 18 hours of death. These grafts can re-vascularize once adhered to the wound and achieve an environmental ‘seal’ of the burn wound. When peeled off, the underlying surface is granulated and heals up with minimal scarring.


What Are Maxitrol Eye Drops?

Canine corneal damage is a common problem that results from an eye injury. A wound or hole caused by the lodging of a foreign object in the eye is common among children playing with missiles such as darts, needles, pellets and arrows, and among factory workers. What to do: If the object is visible, lift it out carefully with corner of a moistened clean cloth or ear bud. If the object is visible, lift it out carefully with the corner of a moistened clean cloth or ear bud. If the object still remains, flush the eye with water. If it cannot be dislodged or seen, lightly cover the eye with a 2”x2” sterile gauze (preferably a sterile eye-pad available at the chemist) and seal it with a plaster or cellotape. Take the person to an ophthalmologist.

Infections: Eye inflammation due to infections is common in people with low hygiene standards. Cleaning eyes twice a day, in the morning and before sleep at night, is advised to prevent infections. Women who use mascara are advised to wash their make-up before sleeping to prevent its adverse reaction with eyes. By means of corneal topography, some investigators discovered that most patients who underwent blepharoplasty as well as ptosis repair had quantifiable refractive changes. Nevertheless, our clinical experience indicates that a small number of patients have need of new prescriptions for lenses after blepharoplasty.

Usually, an eye doctor will use some special eye drops, especially antibiotic eye drops to kill the pain and avoid any infection. Then, eye patch will be used to avoid the movement of eyelids. With the patch for twenty four hours, namely, the period of healing, our corneas will get recovered. For most people in the study, the observable symptoms resolved within 8 weeks without having any complication, but about 1 percent required visits to eye care professionals. Needless to say, with any eye intrusion or injury, it is recommended to visit your eye doctor for a resolution.

What to do: If the person is unconscious, close the uninjured eye if it is open as an unconscious person has no involuntary blinking action to sweep tears across the exposed portions of the eyes. An unprotected eye will dry out quickly and become susceptible to permanent damage. Even if only one eye is avulsed, cover both the eyes with gauze and rush the person to a hospital. Corneal ulcers, an infection of the eye, can progress rapidly if left untreated. Uncontrolled infection can lead to corneal scarring and vision impairment. In the most severe cases, this condition can result in blindness and eye loss.

Because of these risks, color contacts are not safe for use except under the supervision of a licensed eye care practitioner. The FDA believes that these risks cannot be sufficiently controlled unless the wearer gets advice about using contact lenses from a licensed professional, receives a valid prescription, has the lenses fitted properly, and remains under appropriate professional care for contact lens use. If a contact lens wearer suddenly develops severe pain, photophobia (an intolerance to light), watering and redness, it could be due to an abrasion caused by the lens especially if the symptoms are uniocular (occurring in one eye).

Contact lenses: People who use contact lenses are at a higher risk of getting an inflamed eye. Contact lenses should be kept clean to avoid importation of irritant substances and infections into the eye. Though the reflexes of the eyelids are very well-developed, and despite the protection offered to the eyes by their bony sockets called the orbits, the eyes are highly vulnerable to injury – the prime cause of one-eyed blindness, especially among children. Check out how many Lasik centers there are in your area. Contact them and take special notice of their level of customer service. You’ll get an idea by how informative their answers are to your questions and level of knowledge. The consultation should include a complete overview of Laisk and other eye surgery procedures as well as a series of well defined tests. You want to get the feeling you are not being rushed.

3. Lay a warm wet cloth on the eyes. This relieves the symptoms of the inflamed eye. The simplest way to prevent corneal burn is to wear sunglasses whenever you are outdoors. The shades you choose should block 100 percent of ultraviolet (UV) rays and should be large enough to keep the UV rays from getting under, over, or around the frames. But if you should burn or abrade your cornea, do not rely on self-help remedies to kill the pain. Be sure to get to an eye doctor as quickly as possible. First-degree burns are the mildest. Usually, these burns are just on the surface of the skin. They are painful and red, and may swell a little. When you touch the skin, it will turn white. Usually these burns heal in less than a week.

You can’t also wear your contacts for extended periods of time. If you do wear it longer than what’s recommended, you will potentially have to deal with problems like corneal abrasion, which is painful and can cause blurred vision. Fortunately, it is treatable, especially if given early medical intervention. At the hospital, sophisticated tests like sonography or a CAT scan may need to be done to pinpoint the extent of damage and to detect any hidden object is not visible and hence left in, it could lead to sympathetic ophthalmia, a condition which brings on violent inflammation in the uninjured eye weeks to months after the injury.

In many cases inflammation of the eye does not need treatment as it lasts for a few minutes. In case the inflammation exceeds four days, there is a need to see the doctor to determine any underlying causes. Some lipsticks contain substances that can cause cancer, deformities and stillbirths. Many women also experience dryness, chapping, cracked and peeling lips from using lipsticks. Other problems that have been reported are inflamed eyes skin rashes, burns, numbness, swollen gums and respiratory problems.

Symptoms: Pain, sometimes a shooting pain, pricking (foreign body sensation) watering and redness; or the injury could be asymptomatic. A corneal abrasion in such situation is brought on by direct injury to the cornea from such things as face masks, surgical drapes, or any other foreign objects. It can also be associated with decreased tear production within the eyes, or swelling regarding the eye in patients lying on their stomach during surgery. This might be one of the rationale that the eyes are taped shut when procedures are performed under anesthesia.

Individuals with light colored eyes can wear either type. Individuals with dark colored eyes generally see more dramatic effects with opaque lenses that cover their natural eye color. Corneal abrasion is an injury caused by a scratch to the dog’s eye. Healing takes place in 24-48 hours by a process in which the epithelium thins and slides over a small defect. Deeper and larger abrasions require more time. Recent literature indicates that the procedures that reposition the upper eyelid may alter the pressure exerted in the opposing cornea and alter preexisting corneal curvature. Such changes potentially alter the corneal refraction and might result in persistent blurred vision after upper blepharoplasty, gold weight implantation and ptosis repair.

These are scratches on the surface of the cornea caused by a blow from a blunt object, by fumes from burning food, by spluttering oil or by a stray, airborne foreign particle. If a foreign object enters your eye, quickly wash your hands before inspecting it with a mirror. If not, get someone to help you look for the particle in it. Symptoms: Pain, sometimes a shooting pain, a blurring of vision, watering, redness; or the injury could be asymptomatic. What to do: Lightly cover the affected eye and preferably the other eye as well because, when one eye moves, the other eye duplicated the movement (sympathetic eye movement), which could worsen the damage. Rush the person to a hospital as any delay could trigger an infection not only to the eye but also to the brain via the optic nerve (especially if it is served) which may bring on brain abscess or meningitis.

Symptoms: Severe pain photophobia, swelling of the eyelids and surrounding evidence of burns. 4. Avoid wearing contact lenses as they can worsen the symptoms of eye inflammation. In a research of 671 patients undergoing non-eye surgeries, about one out of 25 patients reported an innovative new start of blurred vision lasting at the very least three days after surgery. In such a circumstance, you are able to have pain or irritation that is like a foreign body in the eye. Signs and symptoms are usually transient, and treatment solutions are usually lubricant drops and an antibiotic ointment to stop bacterial infection.

First up is the skin pigmentation. If and when microdermabrasion has not been utilized and applied well as instructed, there’s a great tendency that the treated skin will appear to be pigmented and different in color complexion in contrast to untreated skin areas. This is usually noticeable with individuals having darker complexions. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) of America has received reports of corneal ulcers associated with the wearing of decorative contact lenses, especially when worn overnight.


Homemade Heartburn Remedies

Acid reflux is a disease that brings discomfort to those who suffer from it. It can happen anytime during day or even at night. There is one and only one way to end the pain caused by acid reflux and GERD and that is to get on a diet that does not cause your stomach to generate too much acid that can be absorbed by those meals. If you are noticing your acid reflux becoming worse and worse, now is the time to fully cure your acid reflux problem. In this article, you will learn how to cure GERD with 5 simple and effective alternative remedies. 4. Chew Much! This is a lost habit but an effective one! You should learn to chew your food thoroughly. There are numerous benefits which include: better digestion, eating less, preventing heartburn and even losing weight.

5. Pineapple is also considered a good acid reflux natural treatment. It is high in enzymes, especially in Bromelain, which helps to reduce protein, improve digestion, mitigate inflammation, and accelerate the healing process. A full stomach can put extra pressure on the lower oesophageal sphincter (LES), which will increase the chance that some of this food will reflux into the oesophagus. 1. Avoid Crunchy Foods- Crunchy foods contribute to your acid reflux because they scratch the esophagus (tube that transports food to stomach) and sphincter (muscle flap that keeps stomach acid in the stomach). By eating these foods, you literally cause more flare-ups.

Pineapples are a storehouse of enzymes and contain bromelain, an enzymes that breaks down proteins. Pineapples facilitated digestion, reduce inflammation, and supports wound healing. The fresh juice has a high level of enzymes that will help you stop your acid reflux. It is reported that using fresh pineapple provides better results. The LES is the muscle flap above the stomach that keeps food, acids and gases in the stomach. Due to regular wear and tear, the LES can become weak and damaged as well. Without a tight seal on the stomach, the sphincter will allow acid and gas to enter the esophagus. Thus, causing the acid reflux symptoms. The goods news is that the sphincter can be strengthened and fully functional.

Lifestyle change – This is the most recommended treatment when it comes to healing acid reflux because it is simply a matter of changing habits to prevent acid reflux such as avoiding foods that trigger acid reflux, improving eating habits, maintaining a healthy weight through regular exercise, reducing stress, avoid eating before bed, etc. Drinking Karlovy Vary healing mineral water promotes proper digestion, diminishes gas and bloating and lessens pains and cramps. It also reduces heartburn and burning sensations.Healing of the postcholecystectomy syndrome with this healing mineral water has been confirmed for hundreds of years.

Here is a quick check-list to see if you are working to heal your esophagus and LES or hurting them. Cinnamon is considered to be a powerful natural cure for acid reflux. It is renowned for its healing properties and its antiseptic effects. Cinnamon normalizes the activity of the stomach and controls the amount of gastric acid it produces. However as always it’s important to remember that if in doubt, or if your heartburn is occurring frequently, consult your GP, as the symptoms of other more serious health issues could be mistaken for heartburn. A burning sensation in the chest can also be a sign of a heart attack. If you’re not sure, consult your GP or go to hospital immediately, especially if you experience shortness of breath, light-headedness, dizziness, cold sweat, nausea, or pain in your shoulders or neck.

Fresh apples, bananas and grapefruit peals are also effective natural cures for acid reflux. Dried figs, fresh pineapple and papaya are rich in enzymes which help in the process of digestion. They are good natural cures for acid reflux and a source of vitamins and minerals. Carrots and cabbage are also efficient natural cures for acid reflux and can control the secretion of gastric acid inside the stomach. Let’s face it, it stinks having to regularly buy antacids! Not to mention that they can only be safe to use for 14 days straight. After the initial 2 weeks, you should discontinue taking the antacids for serious health complications.

Caffeine can relax the lower oesophageal sphincter (LES), allowing stomach contents to reflux into the oesophagus. Peppermint was the second most common home remedy given to us in our search. Many heartburn suffers carry peppermint candies in their pocket and use these to sooth the burning sensation of heartburn. Health food stores have a number of peppermint products that provide an increase dosage of this herb. These in clued drops. Gum and tablets. Reported benefits include reduction of gas, bloating, cramps while improving digestion.

The stomach is equipped to deal with its own acid, but the other parts of the body are not. Even so, there can be damage in the stomach from the acid. This usually is found in the form of an ulcer. Though acid causes damage to the esophagus it can handle it in small doses, with damage occurring only over time. Also, avoiding a diet high in acidic food is key, while also increasing alkaline foods. 3. Water! You should begin drinking a tall glass of water after every meal. We recommend eating 5 smaller meals per day as opposed to 3 large meals. Water will help cleanse the LES so it closes up tighter, not allowing gases and acid to leak up into your esophagus, causing the pain.

Turmeric is found in most curried foods. Someone suffering from heartburn would naturally tend to avoid spicy foods, however turmeric is known to aid in digestion and reduce stomach acid levels. It most commonly used in cooking but it is available in capsules. Taken prior to each meal it has been reported to stop or reduce the symptoms of acid reflux. Unfortunately, antacids work by neutralizing the refluxed acid and aid with indigestion. If you want to deal with reflux the rest of your life, continue to take antacids. If you want to permanently cure and prevent your reflux, you need to try remedies for heartburn. Remedies for heartburn and indigestion work by curing the weak sphincter and damaged esophagus.

If you discover that you have an allergic reaction to any natural remedy stop taking it immediately and contact your doctor or pharmacist. Signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction that you should watch for include: rash, itching, hives, swelling, dizziness, or difficulty breathing. There are all-natural remedy programs that will teach you about an all natural product that will provide you instant pain relief, much faster than the drugs or antacids. It works longer than the antacids and almost as long as the drugs, it does not cause any side affects the medications are so infamously known for and it cost a fraction of what you are spending now.

1. Heal Your LES Today- The first step to curing your acid reflux is to heal your Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES). The LES is a muscle flap that keeps your stomach acids in your stomach. When the LES is scratched, stomach acid can escape and cause heartburn and damage the esophagus. To heal your LES, eat soft foods for at least two days. 2. Allowing your sphincter to heal is also important. Every time you eat crunchy foods like toast, crackers, chips or granola, there are tiny scrapes left on your sphincter. This will cause further acid reflux attacks. You should try to only eat soft foods for a period of 2-3 days while you start your alternative treatment.

The fourth way of applying natural treatment for heartburn, and particularly interesting, is to stop smoking. Treating heartburn the natural way requires the elimination, not only of smoking but also of products that contain high levels of caffeine. This means removing smoking from one’s habits, and reducing if not eliminating consumption of things such as coffee. Believe me, I tried everything from the proton pump inhibitors and stomach acid reducers drugs from tums, nexium (purple pill), prevacid, prilosec, zantac and too many more otc and prescription medications to mention, but they didn’t work, my symptoms only got worse and I got even more sicker.

Aloe Vera juice, Chamomile, Ginger and Peppermint herbal tea are all supposed to be helpful for preventing heartburn – you can buy herbal teabag selection packs at your local health food shop or larger supermarket chains and try them out before investing in a single flavour. 1. Honey is very popular remedy because it actually works by curing the cause of this disease. The cause of GERD is most often a damaged lower esophageal sphincter (LES). The LES is in charge of keeping stomach acid in the stomach. However, after of years of wear and tear the LES can be damaged. Honey works by regenerating tissue growth for the LES.


Soap Fragrance Oils

Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) is in the myrtle family of botanical plants. Apart from the very nasty critters that have too much poison for our good, most mosquito bites and similar stings are for the most part just very irritating and can be addressed with some very simple, yet potent essential oils. Rub a drop of Lemon essential oil on your hands after using a public bathroom. Tea tree oil – is a traditional Aboriginal remedy from Australia, which has become well known for its healing and antiseptic properties. Research has demonstrated that it acts on the micro-organisms that cause common skin infections such as acne, canker sores, herpes, insect bites and nail fungus.

water (4 parts water 1part oil) and spray onto scalp and you can add to your shampoo and conditioners also). Now let us talk about how we can utilize the benefits of these essential oils to prevent and reduce herpes outbreaks. We suggest that, instead of using only one type of oil you should use a blend of lavender, cypress and geranium for relief from the herpes virus. Lip balms make great gifts. You can experiment around with different combinations. Check with your aromatherapist for specific essential oils specific to your special needs.

Hydrosols are the re-liquefied steam that results from the distillation of plants. They contain minuscule droplets of oil suspended in water. Because of the concentration of pure essential oils, some of the hydrosols are gaining popularity for use where water is acceptable – in hydrous applications. They can be used for cooking (rosewater and orange blossom water are examples), for external applications (witch hazel is a hydrosol), and for various uses in cosmetics and toiletries. This is a thin essential oil that is clear or very light yellow and has a medium aroma. The aroma is floral and sweet but with a slightly fruity twist. Lavender essential oil is said to help with acne, anxiety, asthma, chickenpox, depression, migraine, oily skin, rheumatism, vertigo, flatulence, headache and is also said to be a good natural insect repellant.

Mosquito bite, just apply lavender oil on the skin. It will stop the inflammation and skin irritation, also reduce the chances of further swelling and redness. Essential Oils bring their therapeutic benefits to the body as they are absorbed into the blood stream via the skin or lungs. The aromatic fragrances can have a pleasing and powerful effect on our general wellbeing. As the Essential Oils enter the bloodstream they take their healing powers to the part of the body that is in most need. Rub a drop of Lemon essential oil on a wart morning and night until it disappears. Rub a drop of Lemon oil on a corn, callous or bunion mornings and evenings. Rub two drops of Lemon essential oil topically to clear athlete’s foot.

Second, Tea Tree oil has been reported to have strong antiseptic properties. An antiseptic is defined as an anti-microbial substance that is applied to living tissue or skin to reduce the possibility of infection, sepsis (defined below), or putrefaction (defined below). The recipe gives you great oil; use this if you prefer to use body oil, instead of a moisturizer cream. Body is great to give skin supple appearance and ideal for dry skin or sin in harsh climates where even the loveliest of skin has a tendency to dry up. Apply all over body, for added directly after bath with skin is still damp and gently pat dry.

Home remedy for dry itchy scalp Take ¼ c oatmeal and soak in water for 20 mins. Mix well and then strain the liquid adding it to a cup. Add 5 drops lavender oil (or lavender stalks steeped in ¼ cup hot water. Add 5 drops rosemary (or rosemary stalks steeped in ¼ cup hot water. Allow to cool until tepid. For Hair care you can add two to four drops to your hairbrush and brush your hair. Lavender it s believed to stimulate hair growth and its antibacterial properties can help eliminate scalp conditions. MIX: To the Epson salts stir in Bicarb and coloring product (if required) and mix well then add Essential Oil blend and mix again.

Properly administered essential oils are a natural, safe and effective way to enhance your health and well-being and can produce satisfying results where other methods have failed. Please consult with your physician regarding your health concerns. Tea tree oil is also popularly used for bacterial, fungal and even viral infections and is a good essential oil to enhance the immune system. It can also be used in a variety of skin condition such as acne, burns, cold sores, athlete’s foot, diaper rash, blemishes, warts, dandruff and in relieving a sunburnt skin.

Chamomile is excellent for many types of skin conditions as well as severely infected skin. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, good for hypersensitive skin, eczema, skin rashes, acne, rosacea and allergic skin reactions. Brings out natural brightness and highlights in hair when used in a shampoo. 5. For a relaxing bath, add six drops to running water or add with bath salts. CAUTION! Ginger oil can irritate skin and cause photosensitivity, (sensitivity to sunlight). It can cause allergic skin reactions such as rashes, hives, redness or other skin irritations. Those with sensitive skin should either avoid using ginger oil or use with extreme caution. Stop using any products containing ginger oil, immediately, upon signs of skin irritation. If symptoms persist, seek advice from your medical health provider.

The main benefit of using Essential Oils when making your own products are that a little goes a long way. Cure canker sores: Place myrrh on the canker sore for quick healing. Lemon Essential Oil – Well known for its clean refreshing aroma it has high anti-bacterial properties. On skin and hair it can be used for its cleansing effect, as well as for its Antiseptic properties, and being refreshing and cooling. Lemon may assist with the ability to concentrate. The strong clean smell is commonly associated with cleanliness.

MIX: Pour in Liquid Soap Mix into bottle, add to this your Essential Oils and shake well. For babies and children up to 2 years, half the quantity of essential oils. Then there are lavender, rosemary and tea tree oils which contain antibacterial, healing properties. Neem oil great for its antiquing and stops itching. You can apply these topically to your skin for fast relief, to assist healing as well as looking out for shampoos with these natural ingredients in them. The warming properties of ginger oil make it a wonderful choice for a soothing yet invigorating bath. Put a few drops of ginger oil in the water when you have a cold or flu and relax your pains, and even your fever, away.

This blend can assist in the reduction of the severity of cold sores. Apply when the tingling feeling starts, (if possible to help prevent cold sore from forming), or apply directly onto sore to help keep moist and encourage healing of inflammation. Of course, aside from these common uses, essential oils for aromatherapy are also useful in improving your concentration and focus. They also lift up your mood, which is helpful if you are lonely or depressed, and are also great for calming your nerves and overcoming panic and tension. Indeed, they are useful for over-all well-being.

Using only 5 Essential Oils – keep the cost down but not make inferior products for your use. I never compromised on effectiveness in these recipes if it wouldn’t work with the five its not listed. Heres a little about the oils above which can be mixed to create various formulas to treat different conditions and add condition to your hair found in my eBook “Beautiful Hair & Healthy Scalp Secrets & Remedies “. This plant has its origins in the Reunion Islands of Madagascar. It’s aroma is sensual and heady. The oil acts as an excellent natural stimulant for the body and the mind. It benefits the circulatory system, the lymphatic system and balances the body’s physiological functions. It also cleans and detoxifies the body, and prevents infections, especially skin infections. Herpes, ringworm, eczema, dermatitis, shingles, cold sores and acne can all be cured with the use of geranium oil.


Colon Hydrotherapy School

If things like gemstones, incense, shamans and books about energy healing interest you, perhaps you should consider how to become a natural health practitioner, so you can use these things that interest you to start a rewarding career. What do holistic health practitioners find themselves doing once they complete a holistic health practitioner program? The ideas and opportunities are endless; from manufacturing or formulating nutritional supplements to holding health seminars, tele-classes, writing articles, books or workbooks, or educating others, owning their own business or consulting practice – you can see the list is endless depending upon how creative you want to get. The great thing about HHP’s is that they can successfully work from home and create their own hours, as well as cost per client session.

The holistic approach to obesity eliminates fried foods. It eliminates or greatly reduces dairy, because dairy is highly caloric and toxic (if not organic). Dairy is fatty. But, the body needs fats. The best fats to eat are plant-based fats such as avocado, coconut and extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, nuts, seeds and whole plant based oil. These plant-based fats are still highly caloric and should be limited. But, they are much more easily digested and metabolized by the body. Also, for good fats that the body needs, take Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids from fish oil and hemp oil supplements and coconut oil.

Oatstraw (Avena sativa) – the green milky tops of oatstraw provide a wonderful soothing, nourishing and gentle herb for frayed and stressed nervous systems. Oatstraw has a restorative effect on an exhausted nervous system reliably strengthening the whole nervous system after prolong stress. Oatstraw has both an immediate effect (useful when experiencing extreme nervousness and anxiety) and a more long-term restorative effect. Oatstraw is well tolerated by even highly sensitive people and is used for nervous debility, stress, weak nerve and energy force, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, and general fatigue.

Ream’s contribution to human health was just as significant as his contribution to agriculture. Reams taught that the functional foundation of nature is electromagnetic forces and that chemistry of nature is secondary to electromagnetism. Reams applied this concept to plant growth. He maintained that plants grow through the process of ionization, similar to an electroplating machine, just as all other life does. Reams approached soil fertilization from an electromagnetic perspective through balancing the positive and negative charges of the soil and atmosphere surrounding the plant.

Have you ever had anyone in your family that you looked up to or considered a role model? Sure you did. Even if you didn’t, the people in your family affected you in ways that you probably still have yet to comprehend. You can be repeating the life patterns of your family members. In fact, there could be a part of you that believes that if certain family members weren’t happy in their love life, then you won’t be or don’t deserve to be. It can be any number of things as beliefs, feelings, fears, and behaviors are passed down genetically.

Watching what you eat and how much you eat is one of the first ways to help restore your body’s natural functions. The first thing you need to stop eating is a lot of processed food. Bologna, fast food, and a lot of sugary sweets are all processed food and they can cause a lot of problems for your digestive system. The reasons why these foods cause so many problems are because of the chemicals used in the processing which makes these foods hard to digest. They literally stay in the body, slowly poisoning you.

The holistic approach also focuses on diet and exercise, but goes beyond calorie counting and calorie burning. The holistic approach focuses on the types of food being consumed and distinguishes between types of calories. Not all calories are the same. The holistic approach also focuses on nutrition and nutrients, detoxification, stress reduction, emotional balance and revving up the body’s metabolism and efficiency. The conventional approach treats all calories the same and does not deal with stress and emotional issues and how they trigger stress eating and obesity.

The difference between a colon hydrotherapy school and other healing arts schools is the fact that this particular training environment focuses primarily on colon hydrotherapy. In a typical colon hydrotherapy school, candidates will gain extensive knowledge and skills in the application and theory of colon therapy, digestive system, anatomy, pathology, physiology and maintenance and sterilization of colon therapy equipment and tools. In addition, a colon hydrotherapy school may sometimes offer elective training in herbal remedies to further complement standard education.

The majority of the time that we spend trying to recreate or reinvent ourselves is wasted simply because we refuse to let go of resentments or regrets. We usually create the resentments as a need to protect ourselves from getting hurt by that same person or the same type of circumstance. Grudges and resentments go hand in hand and if you remove one, you can easily remove the other. Regrets are things that hold us in a pool of low self esteem and you know, there isn’t too much that you can get done without good esteem. Esteem affects your personal power, so the more you dwell on regrets, the more you relinquish your personal power.

7. Nutritional choices can certainly relieve or add to stress levels. Refraining from coffee, chocolate or high sugar products and fast foods can help reduce stress in challenging times. These types of foods only aggravate and add to stress. Dark green vegetables have calcium and magnesium which help to balance an acidic body. Slightly cooked or even 2 ounces juice can help one lead to a more satisfying physical presence. A good multivitamin without additives or fillers is recommended. Choose fruit over sugary junk foods. Eating right frees up energy which allows you to do more of what you love to do in life.

If you (or someone you know) are interested in finding a colon hydrotherapy school, let career training within fast-growing industries like massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Reiki, and others get you started! Explore career school programs ?id=6634739&goto= near you. Graduates of a colon hydrotherapy school have the option to work as an entrepreneur by opening independent practices, or may choose to work in partnership at a spa, clinic or other natural healthcare center. To get good glycemic control you don’t have to eliminate all high glycemic index foods – just be sure and have at least one low glycemic carbohydrate at each meal.

As mentioned above, the calories in processed, manufactured and junk foods and refined sugar are much more difficult to burn off. They consist of much harder crystals than those in whole foods. Processed, manufactured and junk foods contain toxins (i.e., heavy metals and chemicals) and refined sugar and starches are toxic. All these toxins result in more body fat. However, because you take things so personally and are so sensitive and emotional, others may feel that you require a lot of energy. Still, you are likable, and are likely to be quite popular. You are very loyal and you love your family and your home.

As an alternative health care practitioner, this is a question people sometimes ask, fully expecting me to say that I don’t think they should take antibiotics. Actually, I make no categorical judgments against antibiotics. Used at the appropriate time, in the appropriate manner, antibiotics can be an absolutely crucial part of a correcting your health problem. It’s important to figure out what the appropriate time and manner is for you. If we were consuming the foods as they ripened we would be living in harmony with the seasons. The springtime fruits clean our colon. This can be a very powerful cleansing. Next to ripen would be the melons that clean our kidneys. You don’t want to cleanse the kidney until you have cleansed the colon. That prepares our bodies for the fall and winter, when we eat grains and meats that help our bodies to keep warm. Unfortunately the meats and grains also congest our systems.


Colitis Explained

Many people diagnosed with ulcerative colitis have already tried prescription drugs and often surgery to combat their illness. Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, is a skin condition that is characterized by the swelling and inflammation of veins in the rectal and anal area. This condition is caused by straining during bowel movements, pregnancy and in rare cases, liver disease. It can also be a result of constipation, sitting for long amounts of time and anal infections. The symptoms can include rectal pain, itching and bleeding during bowel movements. To relieve yourself from the uncomfortable symptoms, you will need to stimulate your bowels into moving easier and more frequently to produce softer stools.

Once you’ve identified the underlying root causes of your colitis, you can seek out potent natural remedies to heal each of those causative factors. If infection is the cause of your colitis, then your medical doctor will likely already have put you on antibiotics to wipe out the bad bacteria that are infecting your colon. However, unless this was followed by therapeutic-grade probiotics, then your colon is likely infected again, plus overrun with yeast (Candida albicans), which flourishes following antibiotic usage.

There are times when both Colitis and Crohn’s disease are easily managed. Some people have symptoms that bother them for a time, but they then go into a remission of sorts, and are symptom-free for a while. They may have an occasional flare up, but other than that, they are fine. Others suffer with more severe forms of the disease, and they must learn to live with their problems and symptoms day in and day out. This can greatly affect the quality of life, and these patients may be on medications for the rest of their lives to keep their symptoms at a manageable or at least tolerable level.

The foods that are recommended for this are raw foods like fruits and vegetables. You can have cooked vegetables, but raw is best. Sufferers are encouraged to follow a Vegan diet in order to reverse the problems that have caused the symptoms in the first place. The claim is that this diet is what our bodies are designed to handle, and that many of our modern convenience foods, and most meats, are leading to more and more cases of both Crohn’s and Colitis. The chances of this approach working for you will depend on your case, but the less severe your condition might be, the better your chances for reversal.

Chamomile herbal extract is commonly used for its soothing effect on the digestive system, while toning walls of the digestive tract. This is makes chamomile a very good choice as part of the treatment of diverticular disorders and inflammatory bowel conditions. Chamomile stops spasms in in the smooth lining in the stomach and intestines and contains chemicals that are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiviral and antiparasitic. As an antispasmodic, it helps to relieve stomach cramps and can be beneficial for relief from nausea, heart burn and stress-related flatulence.

Vitamin D is synthesized in the presence of sunlight but is also available in fish and fortified milk and milk alternatives. As a multifunctional vitamin, an individual should make sure to consume the recommended 5mcg a day to maintain good health. Vitamin D has not toxicity linked to higher dosages and many now take up to five times the recommended intake daily. Vitamin D is critical to calcium and phosphorus homoeostasis in the body by assisting the kidneys in recovering calcium and phosphorus if needed. Vitamin D aids in bone growth and maintenance, and ensured healthy bone density. Vitamin D is also shown to help regulate immune function and aid in disease prevention. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to improper bone formation in children, a condition known as Rickets, or loss of bone density in adulthood, a condition called osteoporosis. Both conditions are link to low dietary calcium and lack of physical activity.

My number one rule to living a healthier life is to make a daily effort to choose a path toward wellness and away from disease. Choose a journey that brings joy. Be with people you adore, don’t participate in conversations that bring others down, be honest, hold onto the highest of integrity. Share your gifts and talents. Participate in hobbies and activities that enrich your life and the lives of others whenever possible. Allow yourself to be truly loved and allow yourself to love someone completely. Love can be a grand healer.

If left untreated, colitis can lead to severe medical problems. As stated previously, the diagnosis of colitis can be tricky since many forms of IBD may appear similar upon cursory examination. It can take some time to achieve an accurate diagnosis. Fortunately, even though the causes of colitis are not fully understood, there are treatments available for the disease. Treatment often varies due to the severity of the flare up. Colitis, like other forms of IBD, is usually treated via prescription drugs. In advanced cases, surgery to remove the colon may be required, and as of this time is the only cure.

One day Stevie Wonder called me and asked me to help a friend in dire need of help and healing from ulcers. Stevie’s friend was in Philadelphia, PA, a very long distance from California and needed help right away. I told the person to overdose on cabbage juice and watch the instant results. Two weeks went by and then I received a call from this person who was so elated and grateful and who told me the cabbage juice regimen worked wonders. His ulcer problem was gone! I told him to stay on that drink for preventative measures and to keep eating raw and green as long as he could.

We all know it’s about fresh, raw, natural, organic, tasty, invigorating, nutrient and vitamin-rich goodness when it comes to juicing at home. However, what you may not know is adding a little fresh Aloe Vera Gel to your daily fresh juice can give you a fantastic boost of energy (and not just short term), as well as turn your tasty treat into a downright health tonic you won’t want to miss out on. You can easily make-your-own juice in minutes in your own kitchen from the freshest produce you can get your hands on.

Tests conducted by Doctor Jeffrey Bland of the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine in California confirm that bowel putrefaction was reduced and protein digestion and absorption improved with the ingestion of Aloe Vera. The study involved the results of Aloe Vera on the gastro intestinal tract. There was a faster movement of food through the bowel with better protein digestion and absorption, an increase in water in the stool made it bulkier, and a normalization of stool bacteria, where there had previously been high levels of yeasts in some of the subjects. With such benefits, many of those suffering from I.B.S and Ulcerative Colitis have enjoyed much relief and a reduction in their symptoms, after using Aloe Vera. As Aloe Vera is not a cure for either of these conditions, it has been noted that if the use of Aloe Vera is discontinued, the symptoms will return within a few days.

Recent studies have indicated that glucosamine may be at least as if not more effective than the non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as aspirin and ibuprofen but without the harmful side-effects connected with these medicines. While NSAIDS provide effective pain relief for arthritis and other joint pain they can also reduce the production of cartilage in the body. In doing so this obviously worsens the condition in the long run and so increases the dependence on the drugs. Not only does glucosamine relieve pain but it also reduces inflammation, repairing the cartilage damage rather than just masking pain.

As the pain, fatigue, and food intolerance symptoms are ignored over time, the body is still left to deal with the ensuing assault. Over time there is a buildup of antibodies and antigens (foreign invaders) in the body. Once the buildup of these immune complexes reaches a certain level, your body down regulate the production of immune cells. Because of this down regulation of the immune system, your typical onset symptoms due to excessive inflammation begin to disappear even though Leaky Gut is still present. These symptoms are replaced by chronic fatigue and an uncomfortable and uneasy feeling that is typically felt with the onset of disease.

The bio-active properties of the Aloe Vera are therapeutic as well and the plant has a long established reputation in the world of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAMS). The plant is well-known for its trans-dermal properties. It can reach deeper body tissues, allowing it to take all the nutrients of the aloe into the skin. Inflammatory type of skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne, can benefit from these high transdermal and anti-inflammatory properties. Further results have shown glycol-nutrients act as humectants- a substance that absorbs or helps another substance retain water and moisture. Aloe helps retain moisture in damaged tissue; the penetrating power of Aloe allows water and other moisturizers to sink deeply into the skin, replenishing lost fluids and restoring the fatty layer. Aloe Vera allows uronic acids (which strip toxic materials of their harmful effects) to penetrate deeply, making the cleansing astringent qualities of Aloe more effective.

Caraway is an aromatic herb that has been characterized as the “house cleaner” for the body. It is an effective agent for abdominal distention, colic, constipation, hiatal hernia, mild spastic conditions of the GI tract, and is famous for improving appetite and soothing many conditions, including gallbladder spasms, excessive flatulence, nausea and stomach ulcers. Caraway speeds up the digestive system. Caraway also promotes the appetite or assists digestion. It can protect the digestive system from infections that can lead to ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, especially when combined with Fennel or Peppermint. Herbalists consider it one of the most important herbs for strengthening the intestines. The fiber contained in Caraway seed binds to toxins in food and helps protect the colon mucus membrane from cancerous cell formations.