Christian Marriage Advice

The Christian marriage advice that you find today seems to be mostly tainted by worldly views and philosophies. 5. Don’t, even for a minute, think that everything you can come up with as being from God, Jesus, the Holy Apostles or Prophets, actually is. It just might be you looking for a way to justify your own thinking, ego and agenda. You might not even know you are doing it. Get over the idea that the Bible is speaking about you in the book of Ezekiel or Revelation. It is not. You have a better chance at winning the lottery than being right about you being one of the Two Witnesses, the New Elijah, The Watcher over all mankind, or the End Time Apostle.

I can remember when me and my former spouse went to see a psychotherapist for marriage counseling; this therapist claimed to be a Christian yet there were no biblical foundation in his counseling at all. I then told my wife; I was not going back because the therapist was not telling me anything I already didn’t know. And besides that, he wasn’t giving any good advice as well. I quit going because I was not comfortable with the conversations I had received from him. It’s important you and I get good counseling though from someone who’s realistic and practical. The best type of counseling is from someone who’s going to be frank and honest with you; telling you things you really rather not hear; but it’s for your benefit and it could help improve your life if you take heed to it. Over the years I have had good counselors in my life through both professionals and trusted friends and colleagues. Their impact and advice has helped me become a better and more mature person.

4. You don’t have to decide if a couple is right for each other. That is up to them not you. You don’t have to refuse a wedding just because you don’t approve of the couple, how they dated, how long they have dated, or whether or not they have taken your spiffy six week course in how to have a happy marriage, like that is really going to make it so. I have news for you. In time, you will see that your 12 points to this or that happy, God ordained or foolproof way of being is probably not how it works. Life has too many twists and turns and you can’t know and shouldn’t even try to think you can. I have done weddings where the couple was just “perfect” , whatever that means. Looks, money, jobs and family support were abundant and overflowing. What a show that wedding was, and of course it did not work out.

How satisfied are you with sex in your marriage?. In this article I want to share my view on a possible cause of dissatisfaction in marital sex. Let me point out here that sexual dissatisfaction is different from sexual dysfunction though they can be mistaken for one another sometimes. None-the-less, I believe that satisfaction can be hindered by dysfunction and the sexually unsatisfied partner is proned to temptation hence I pray that the Holy Spirit will address both of these issues in your life through this series in Jesus name. Let me start by drawing an analogy from the food that we eat. The fact that certain food is well cooked and stylishly served does not mean it will satisfy the consumer. It is like an African woman who had taken pain to pound yam and prepare Egusi soup for a white western guest. The white person may be courteous but highly unlikely to be satisfied compare with if the guest had been given roasted chicken and Saute potato with some mixed grill and gravy.

Dictionaries usually define marriage as the free and consented union between a man and a woman, a union which is performed under the law and which is meant to lead to a new family being founded. Most of the journalists and of the lawyers also accept this definition as being the most accurate one. Some jurists also introduce their own approaches in the definition of this concept, these approaches having more or less to do with their religion. Ronasc, for instance, considered that the legal act through which a man and a woman establish a connection between themselves is a union the law imposes and which can be broken whenever they want. In the legal terminology, the word “marriage” is used in the following situations.

Author Walker’s account is somewhat modernized. Here Mary lives in an apartment and converses over the phone with her cousin Elizabeth, who calls her “girl.” Mary’s speech, too, is colloquial. She wears jeans and T-shirts and watches television, and she is in love with Joseph but afraid at first to tell him that she has conceived of the Holy Spirit. In keeping with the Gospel story, Joseph is taken aback, yet a Heavenly visit assures Joseph of his role in the Holy Family. He takes Mary as his wife and raises Jesus as his own, taking in stride “miracles” performed in the schoolyard and Jesus’ blunt revelation of the end of Joseph’s mortal life.

People talk of first love, ideally there should be no such thing as first love unless we refer to God as our first and ultimate love. But in marriage, it is best that your spouse is your first love. People who have entered into love world with other partners before their marriage may not be satisfied with their marital sex life unless their previous soul ties are broken. This is one major spiritual dimension to sex in marriage. Physically speaking, the first sex partner to be accustomed to becomes the preferred and if not married, your spouse is judged by the sex standard of this so-called first love. Spiritually speaking this is soul-tie and it has to be broken.

General awareness, confidence, and especially self-awareness strengthen the Christian leader. “The leader must first make peace in his own life before he can successfully make peace in his organization. A leader in conflict with himself is a house divided.” (Winston, 2002, p. 82). Leaders must be willing to carefully explore their values and how they can move their organization in the direction of a vision that is unwavering. Effective Leaders lead with a purpose rather than “run like a man running aimlessly” (1 Corinthians 9:26-27). From the biblical sense this means that we live for His purpose, not ours. As Christians, we recognize that our need for Christ will bring us beyond our failures so we can grow increasingly effective. As we grow in Christ, we will become aware of our futility and inadequacy as human beings.

8. Don’t even begin to allude to your sexual perspectives as being “just like God’s.” Some kid in the audience is gonna come up to you after church and ask why God has no wife and his grown son lives with him, even though married to the Church! Most modern people don’t really think the Bible is up to date on human sexuality and practices. Don’t decree privately when asked , and certainly not publicly about oral sex, how often, what positions and where! It’s none of the church’s business, certainly not yours and there is precious little in the Bible, written by men who think women should keep their place and have babies painfully, that would lend itself to the realities of being human and enjoying human sexuality.

Paul went on to say, “if any brother has a wife who is an unbeliever, and she consents to live with him, he should not divorce her.” (1 Corinthians 7:12). Elsewhere Paul said “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers” (2 Corinthians 6:14), which includes the marriage yoke. The reference to a yoke suggests an agreement or covenant. In verse 12 Paul was directing his comments at unmarried people. So, if you are not yet married, Paul says not to marry an unbeliever. That is not the ideal situation because unbelievers cannot recognize or honor their covenant with God, and it is the recognition of our prior covenant with God that provides the foundation for biblical marriage. Without that covenantal foundation, serious difficulties will ensue.

As a Christian, you need to work on our own spiritual journey and let your spouse see that (rather than always trying to work on him). Instead of constantly trying to get your spouse to follow you, you need join a good church with loving people who support you. Your spouse will see how those relationships sustain you, and he will also want that same kind of support and unconditional love. Your spouse will also see how you treat him in all situations and will realize that the love coming from you is God’s love.

Most people feel more comfortable if the professional they are seeking advice from is usually well versed on the topic. However, a good Christian counselor need not be an expert in the bible, where he or she feels the need to interject biblical verses for the couples. In reality, it is best if the counselor is more of a compassionate individual, who can portray the love of Christ, and externalize Christ’s beliefs with the couples, so they can move forward in a loving, kind and compassionate way, just as Christ did.

Christians see the Biblical truths as literally, the be all and end all of truths. As well as seeking out past problems, whether that problem is a week old or twenty years old, they will explore all aspects of the person, including chemical, prior to helping to achieve a conflict resolution. They will also however seek out the word of God through the Bible so that those who are being disobedient to the Bible will be taught what they can do to submit to God and train them in the way the Bible says to approach problems between a husband and a wife.

In Old Testament times, God literally commanded his people not to associate with certain ungodly peoples. In New Testament times, Jesus literally asked some of his followers to leave their families. This command was not to be cruel; it was because God knew His disciples could not accomplish His will as long as they remained influenced by the world. He knew (as we know today) that what you spend your time on and who you spend your time with becomes your focus. He knows that any focus other than God divides your attention (1 Corinthians 7:32-35).

Harvey does believe the biblical principle that a man should have accomplish something before he began to look for a mate. The bible shows us that it important for a man to become busy fulfilling his purpose. When Boaz noticed Ruth in the field he was busy with agricultural management. King Xerxes was ruling the land when he realized that he needed a help mate. Harvey believes a man does not have to achieve total career success but he must at least know his purpose before he can focus on a relationship. This idea is supported in the book of first Samuel when David refused to marry King Saul’s daughter because he had nothing to offer. Once Saul stated he would accept 100 Philistine foreskins, David accomplished that feat and was given a bride. David’s career path was clear to him at this point. The prophet Samuel had already anointed him to become the next King. David was showing himself as skilled military man, he had already defeated Goliath.