Does It Help Or Contribute To Skin Problems?

I think the problem many people have with this product is that they’re using it over active breakouts. The directions say not to use over broken skin. However, as someone who has dealt with cystic acne for many years with very sensitive, very oily skin, this product was great for removing hyperpigmentation. However, I waited until after my active acne was cleared up our site through use of other products before using this one. Don’t be scared of using oil on top of your oily skin, I found that it helped me obtain more balanced skin. I also only used this product before bed, after I already cleansed and moisturized. Overall, great product that helped me remove hyperpigmentation and hydrated my rolling acne scars making them less visible.

I too have suffered with severe acne for about 8 years and have tried changes in diet, skin regimes and medication. I found that Roaccutane has helped to clear up my acne and bio oil has really helped to clear up my scars as an after treatment! I saw results with bio oil within weeks which is SO FAST considering the time its take for my skin to clear up. However, I do agree with you, it should not be used for people with acne as the oil will most definitely make it worse. Getting gradually clear skin is really boosting my confidence and I believe this product really does work! But as with all ‘acne miracles’, you have to stick with them as they take a few months to make a noticeable effect.

Hydroquinone blocks the skin’s production of melanin. This suppression causes the skin tone to begin to lighten, reducing the appearance of scarring. This product works best when looking to reduce the appearance of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Hydroquinone is available over the counter with a concentration of one to two percent. For stronger doses, patients can choose a prescription strength of three to four percent active hydroquinone. Some dermatologists mix the hydroquinone with additional lightening ingredients for maximum results. Lastly when using hydroquinone, it is important to only apply it to affected areas.

The scars that acne leaves are look generally like holes of all sizes and plenty of them. Bio oil is a great way to help acne scars especially visible ones on the face, chest and back. Applying twice a day will reduce the size of acne scars and help the healing process of all scars in the area. Bio-Oil is largely considered safe. It shows anecdotal promise in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, body scars, and scarring caused by acne. However, the oil has not been studied extensively, and most of the clinical trials were performed by the manufacturer on a small group of people.

My scars appeared to fade and risen scars smoothed out. However I still have pot holes in my skin from the evil acne I once had. There are many alternatives to bio oil. Published by Verwell , here are options that actually work (note: there are no mentions of Bio Oil or Vitamin E). Simply put, Bio Oil is not an effective treatment for acne scars. The main ingredient in Bio Oil is standard mineral oil containing vitamin E. It has been scientifically proven that vitamin E does not reduce the appearance of acne scars. In fact, in some cases, vitamin E can actually worsen the condition of the scarring. Because of this, it is not a good idea to use vitamin E and Bio Oil as acne scarring treatments.

1. Improves the Appearance of Scars – Bio Oil claims to help to minimize the appearance of all types of scarring. The product also maintains that it improves the elasticity of the scar tissue present on joints and other areas of the body that are necessary go to these guys for effective mobility. If you think you might be sensitive to linalool or any of the listed ingredients in Bio-Oil, before starting regular use, put a small amount on your forearm and wait 30 to 60 minutes. If you experience a reaction, discontinue use.

In the first 2-3 weeks of using Bio oil for acne scars on my face and back I noticed a change in colour and swelling. It comes in a small tub and contains the breakthrough ingredient called Purcellin Oil which is the main active ingredient used for penetrating skin and helping damaged tissue and scars improve. 2. Improves the Appearance of Stretch Marks – One of the most common scaring issues of the skin are stretch marks. Bio Oil claims that it improves the visible appearance of existing stretch marks. However there is one problem with Bio oil and acne prone skin. If your acne is active for example, acne breakouts of pimples, blackheads and cysts are recurring everyday then I do not recommend using this scar treatment.

The best option for you if you have acne scars but still have acne is use it with caution as directed and see why this acne treatment is becoming as popular as Accutane. Bio-Oil is a cosmetic oil designed to reduce the appearance of scars — including acne scars — and stretch marks The term Bio-Oil refers to both the manufacturer of the oil and the product. Bio Oil contains a total of 29 ingredients. Upon further inspection, four of these ingredients are plant extracts that are found in nearly every skin care product available today. Two of the ingredients are vitamins that are commonly used and reviewed on this site. Lastly, the main ingredient is the simple mineral oil found in baby oils. All of the remaining ingredients are fillers, fragrances, and dyes.

The oil’s vitamin A content may help exfoliate the skin and encourage new skin cells to form. This accelerates the scar healing process. in many people and is found in Bio-Oil. According to beauty blogger Dan Thomas , there are no pros, and many cons to using bio oil for acne scars. Bio Oil is more commonly used on scars and shouldn’t cause acne breakouts on areas like arms, legs and lower body because these areas are not prone to acne and instead its helps keep skin hydrated and ageing skin looking clearer. Bio-Oil should not be used on broken skin or open wounds.

Aside from celebrity hype, however, vitamin A can promote cell turnover, and the plant based oils used in Bio-Oil may plump the skin. This may temporarily reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Bio-Oil moisturizes the skin, which can improve wound-healing. You may get the same scar-reducing effects from a number of other moisturizers check this out or oils. I’ve been on the pill for a month and half now and my skin has started to improve. I used bio oil to help with bad scarring. Within a day my skin broke out so badly ! It’s like I’ve not been on the pill at all! I would say do a test on a small scar for a couple of days before putting it in your whole face like I did.

Yes, Bio Oil is a scam in the skincare industry. The product contains vitamin E, which has not proven effective in helping to minimize the appearance of the scars. Bio-Oil shouldn’t be used if your skin is cracked, bleeding, or broken. Bio-Oil is generally considered safe, though there are certain risks and side effects associated with the product. The makers of Bio Oil market the product as a near medical treatment. However, Bio Oil is nothing more than glorified scented baby oil. Yes, because this oil shown me good results with my acne scars and it will show results on stretch marks, and other types of scars within weeks and definitely within months. The oil helps rebuild skin complexion and digs deep into scars to reduce inflammations, redness and help rebuilding scar tissue.

However, this study was done by the Bio-Oil brand on just 32 people, all between the ages of 14 and 30, and all of Chinese descent. More research is needed. Bio-Oil was developed to help prevent and heal scars and stretch marks. However if you suffer from dry skin or an adult suffering from acne, bio oil could be more beneficial for you because your acne is not caused by excess oil build up, this will help treat acne effectively and reduce scars. One of the most powerful skin care treatments on the market, AHAs are a leader in the fight against acne scars. The most commonly used AHA is glycolic acid. This acid speeds up the natural exfoliation process of the skin. AHAs remove dead skin cells and brighten the skin tone while also reducing the appearance of acne scars. Lastly, products that contain AHAs are available over the counter or through prescription.