Where To Buy Kindle Book Reader

With different eReaders on the market one has to ask which product is better and why. iPad has all the features in it that a hand held device can have. It is made as an all-a-rounder, with features like watching movies, listening to music, web browsing, checking mails, picture management, read maps and everything else one can think about. Amazon kindle on the other hand is strictly designed to accomplish eBook reading and excel in it. To have a comfortable and easy reading, the Eink technology on the kindle is excellent. 1) “Kindle Keyboard” model has 6″ display (comes with free 3G + Wi-Fi). Another option of this ereader comes with Wi-Fi only (without free 3G).

Despite these great features, Kindle is not without its limitations. If you’re a big gamer for example, Nook would certainly be a better way to go. Moreover, Nook provides more free options and allows e-book sharing among friends for 14 days. Nook is also a good alternative to the significantly higher priced iPad. Although even Nook cannot compete with all of iPad’s features, at well less than half the price, it provides a good value for those looking beyond basic e-reader functionality. About a year ago, I struggled to take a paperback book I had nicely designed using the powerhouse publishing program InDesign and convert it so I could sell it on Kindle. I tried three different conversion tools, and all of them produced grossly unacceptable results. Frustrated, yet not ready to shell out the cash to hire someone else to reformat the book, I put this project on the back burner.

8. Next the Hope page will load with the ebooks, audio books, and other media you’ve loaded onto your Kindle. Priced at $199, the Kindle Fire is pretty frugal on fancy features. It has no cameras, microphones, Bluetooth, GPS or 3G wireless connectivity. It also has only a couple of GBs of internal storage space with no option to expand it. It only has a MicroUSB jack, a headphone jack and dual stereo speakers. But the low price of the Kindle Fire makes these minor issues quite insignificant. Many people disparage the Kindle’s being locked into Amazon’s eBook store for DRM’ed ebooks. While this may be true to a large extent, the fact is that the Kindle store has more titles available than B&N and all of the online stores selling ADE format ebooks put together. In most cases Amazon’s prices are less as well, although Barnes & Noble has been trying to match their prices.

– iPhone users are offered iPhone e-book reader known as Kindle for the iPhone and that is available totally free. NOTE- the features discussed here are for the Amazon Kindle 1 device. The Kindle 2 device available after February 24, 2009 likely will have different keyboard accessible features. And last but worst reason, most probably the worst lowdown for the Kindle, the fact – It use it’s own and exclusive proprietary format of e-book. You will not be able to load any E-Book which is not from Amazon. But at the same time you can send the book to your Kindle and they will convert them free. Still this particular process can be tedious if have got lot of eBooks that you want to read but is not able to because it’s not supported by Kindle.

Kindle using the 5-way controller, you can toggle between items, so it is faster and easier to navigate and read the morning paper. Would you remember the newspaper or magazine article you just read? Clip and save full articles for later reading with a single click. Newspapers are auto-delivered wirelessly to Kindle before they went on sale. Having come out first, Amazon Kindle has several advantages over Nook. Kindle has a real keyboard and is easier to navigate than Nook. Moreover, Kindle has crisper text for easier reading, weighs two ounces less and even outlasts the battery life of Nook by four days! The Kindle screen is also well suited for reading even in bright sunshine.

The trademark feature of the Kindle reader has to be its Whispernet wireless service. So far, it’s the only eBook reader equipped with this facility. Readers are in constant touch with the bookstore and subscriptions plus synchronized with other devices associated with their Kindles through its Whispersync network and all this for free by Amazon. The service is powered by 3G technology so it doesn’t have to be within any hotspot zone to be functional. If your eyesight is not so good, Kindle allows you to adjust the text size to your own preference. No more having to hunt out large sized text books. It’s great keyboard also allows you to highlight parts of the books, clip text, edit and delete and to save parts of the text for later examination or study.

Also, I prefer the Kindle store. My reading tastes may be different than yours however, so I would suggest you make a list of books you want to read and make a price and availability comparison between the Kindle store and B&N’s offerings. Higher eBook prices can add up pretty quickly. The only problem is that there are lots of different types of eBook readers coming from different makers that each has their own unique advantages and support for certain formats. The e-reader craze started with the Kindle several years ago. When the first Kindle came onto the market it was very expensive and very basic. Since that time the Kindle has come out with the 3rd Generation Kindle that comes equipped with Wi-Fi as the standard, but you can buy an advanced Kindle that comes with an AT&T 3G bundle package.

7. Battery life. The battery life of the Kindle 2 is almost two times longer than its predecessor. With the wireless function on, the reader can last up to 4 days on a single charge. Without the wireless function, it can last up to 14 days. The design of Amazon Kindle is a pleasure to hold in hand. The user can read a couple of hours without feeling any pain or stiffness in his hands. This fact is even more interesting because the same thing cannot be said for the multipurpose Apple iPad: this device with its 1.5 pounds (25 ounces) weight is almost three times heavier than the Kindle (8, 7 ounces). This fact makes a really strong argument in favor of the Kindle.

You can search and shop the Kindle Store wirelessly right from your Kindle, which allows you to click, buy, and start reading your purchases within 60 seconds. The Kindle Store offers the same great customer experience at Amazon. com is used, including customer reviews, personalized recommendations, and low prices. We auto-deliver your selections wirelessly, so the next time you hear about a great book, just browse, buy and read. 8. Wireless connectivity. On top of the Whispernet connection, the new Kindle 2 also supports 3G connections (thanks to Sprint). The 3G connectivity greatly increases the speed of downloads.

There is even a small keyboard if you want it. Do you like to underline, or leave notes in the margins? You still can with Kindle. And all these notes can be stored, and downloaded on your home Mac or PC. More than 1.8 million pounds, out of copyright are available pre-1923 books to read on Kindle, including titles such as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice, and Treasure Island. Oh, just in case you didn’t know, Kindle is also a MP3 player and an Audio Book Reader. One other thing you can do to prevent Kindle 2 freeze-ups is to make sure your battery doesn’t fall below about 15% to 20% charged. The device seems to work better when the charge is above 20%. You don’t have to charge your Kindle 2 everyday – in fact that is NOT recommended unless you need it. Just watch the power indicator and give your Kindle 2 a charge when the battery level falls below 20%.

Some people prefer the keyboard over the touchscreen and the touch screen does take up more of the battery life of the Nook than the Kindle. The Nook is on an Android OS system and customer reviews point that the page turning is slower on the Nook than on the Kindle. It may take approximately a couple of seconds to turn a page-which can be a major downside for some readers. Finally, I must say that I was very pleased with the capabilities of Kindle to play music both with headphones and external speakers. This may not be the reason why someone would buy an eBook reader, but any extras are appreciated.

Apple iPad has better accessibility with libraries from iTunes, Amazon kindle book store, barn and noble library. Amazon kindle 3G has accessibility only to the Amazon library. Easily Access the Kindle Store by Using Your Kindle: You can browse the Kindle Store through your device. This allows you to wirelessly shop for you reading desires in just minutes. You just search for the author or title of your choice or you may find something new to read too. In other words, you just click, purchase and you are ready to read it.

The nook’s touchscreen is also used for browsing books in your library or for selecting books to purchase from Barnes & Noble over the wireless connection. A virtual keyboard is available on the LCD screen for typing. QWERTY Keyboard: Allows you to fully utilize all the functions of the Kindle to your full advantage. From shopping the Kindle store to annotating text to using the dictionary, just to mention a few. There is also the new WhisperSync feature which allows you to transfer the book you are reading currently to another Kindle 2, and it will cleverly display the last page read. Overall, Kindle 2.0 provides a smoother and more enjoyable experience for book lovers.